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Updated: October 1, 2012 5:08PM

Silver spoons

Both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were born with silver spoons in their mouths. What do they have to offer us working stiffs? Nothing but austerity programs, while they and their rich friends live high on the hog. This working stiff will vote for Barack Obama.

‘Giddyup and whoa’

When I was young, someone with high energy was said to have a lot of “giddyup and go.” For nearly four years, our president has made many speeches with TV sound bites about creating more jobs like a boy on a rocking horse shouting “giddyup.” At the same time his 30 some czars, energy secretary and EPA director have been issuing countless regulations putting reins on businesses like a cowboy shouting “Whoa! For the first time in my life, we have a “giddyup and whoa” administration that leaves our economy like the boy on a rocking horse tilting back and forth rapidly, but getting nowhere fast. Let’s hope the voters get rid of the “Giddyup and Whoa” gang in November and get America’s economy moving again.

Good change

After listening to John McCain’s “hawkish” speech the other night, I’m grateful that we have a diplomatic president. President Obama has not started a new war during his first term. The last Republican administration started two, largely financed by China. Obama’s change is good!

Get a room

How come lovers these days are too cheap to spend a few bucks for their bedroom recreation? Whatever happened to the tenet: “No money, no honey!” It is pitiful that the new breed wants the government to pay for their personal enjoyment! Ever heard of the old saying: “There is no free lunch”?

Unite, taxpayers

Please, no more complaining about taxes. The reason this country became independent was due to taxation without representation. Those people stood up and fought for their rights because they realized they were being ripped-off — just like we are today. The difference is we don’t stand up for our rights. We go about our private little lives and we let the horse out of the barn. Now we should chanting, “united we stand” instead of being divided. We all need to wake up and stand up.

Young minds

Obama wants everyone to go to college, but not for the right reasons! This is where many who teach are of socialist views and a young mind can then be molded into their beliefs. This is why the roots of education should start at home because if you don’t, anything that is told to your child, especially by a teacher, they will believe!

School budgets

We need to start over with these school systems it appears and put some individuals in responsible positions that know how budgets are set in the tough times that we are experiencing. After getting my tax bill, I intend to call my school systems and request more detail on why they increased their tax amounts over last year. Maybe the rest of you should do the same. They need to know that people are not going to stand for this any longer.

The division

Do you think that if Romney can spend $500,000 for a riding horse that he should pay only 13 percent income tax? Where is the division line?

Golf day

Lindenhurst taxpayer dollars hard at work: I went into the Village Hall on Aug. 28 and asked to speak with the village administrator or the assistance administrator and I was told they were both out for the afternoon. I went to the police department and asked to speak with the chief or commander and was told they were both out golfing with the village administrators. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed your day on me.

They know

Middle class share of America’s income is at the lowest level in decades was an article in the paper. Please write about current events! We, the middle class, have known about this for years! The Link card, free breakfast and lunches, school supplies, shoes for kids, immunizations and health care and all the other “help” given to people who never worked or make welfare or the new term, “aid” a career, don’t apply to the middle class unless we lie to qualify. And why are they getting Link when we’re already feeding their children at school? Again tell us, the middle class, something we didn’t know.

Helping a deputy

I was in the Lake County Building picking up some papers and I noticed there was a big picture of a deputy that had passed away and a big can asking for donations. Illinois has a 9 percent unemployment rate and here’s a man that worked until the day he died. Don’t get me wrong, may blessings be upon him and his soul as he rests in peace, but I’m sure as a deputy he had health and life insurance. So why are they setting up a memorial fund for him in the lobby of the courthouse? That’s double jeopardy. This man had money, everything he needed.

No respect

Regarding the “Option vote” with Gov. Quinn overriding the casino bill. Sen. Link is the sponsor of the bill in the Senate and Quinn didn’t give them enough respect to call. It seems like Link doesn’t have the respect or the fellowship of his constituents in Springfield. Quinn called Mayor Emanuel of Chicago who has nothing to do with the state Senate, but he didn’t call the senator. The senator should have a better relationship with the governor or put someone in there that can work with the governor.

An answer

Have read many, many times of people not acknowledging birthday, anniversary, wedding and other events. I think I may have an answer to this problem. When you send a card and check for some event, you can also include a self-addressed thank-you note and therefore, making it easy for the recipient to acknowledge the gift. How does that sound to you?

$93 billion

Boo-hoo for Terry Link. I have some crocodile tears for him. If he would’ve put the correct safeguards for the taxpayers in his bill then it might have passed. Also, did Mr. Link ever think that if he knew what he was doing that Illinois wouldn’t be $93 billion in the hole with this pension plan and Illinois wouldn’t need gambling statewide to balance the budget. I think it’s time for Link to just retire and let somebody in there that’s actually competent and is able to move the state forward.

United Way

I don’t want anyone at my work to come up to me and ask me to get a payroll deduction to donate money out of my paycheck for the United Way. I went by Greenleaf Avenue in Gurnee or Park City and there is a huge brand new, beautiful, perfect, two-story brick building that is the United Way of Lake County. If that is where my money is going then forget it.


Romney paid $2 million in taxes. That is more than you will probably make in your entire life. I’m also 100 percent sure that if he paid $6 million you still would not be satisfied.

Bused out

For years I’ve been riding the buses all over Lake County. You can board anywhere on the route except on 572. The last bus out of Waukegan, 565, the driver passed me by. It is also the last bus out of Gurnee Mills. Where are the attorneys? There is a plausible avenue for a class-action lawsuit. I can’t be the only one that this bus driver has ignored or passed by. It should be investigated.

A better party

The Republicans keep complaining about Obama, but they forget that a lot of people didn’t vote for Obama. They voted against Bush’s and Cheney’s policies. So if the Republicans were a better party, Obama would have never been elected. Also, I was not better off under Bush.

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