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Updated: October 2, 2012 6:06AM

Simple request

Lay the voter ID thing to rest. If you don’t want to show your ID, then what are you trying to hide? It’s a simple request to show that you are a resident/citizen of this country. Make the ID mandatory and that’s it.

It’s a gas

Bring back Amoco! When Amoco had gas stations, they didn’t dump stuff in Lake Michigan, ruin the Gulf of Mexico and sell bad gas. What’s wrong with BP?

Finger pointing

How can anyone call our president the worst president ever? He inherited two wars from President Bush and there was absolutely no reason for the war against Iraq. He knew there weren’t weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and we had observers there that said these weapons weren’t there. When you point the finger at people who are going to vote for Obama and call them stupid, three fingers are pointed back at you.

Drew Peterson

We’ve all seen and heard stories of children abducted by non-custodial or custodial parents. Is Drew Peterson the only divorced parent who thought to call a locksmith when his third wife, Kathleen Savio, didn’t answer the door promptly when he went there to drop off their kids? Were the kids with him at her house to be dropped off at that time? He just couldn’t go home and vent to her or her lawyers, like regular people do? Don’t give me that deal — it’s because he’s a police officer! He’s the only one that’s ever been heard of to do this! Even the children who ended up being abducted by a parent went throught the motions! They didn’t call a locksmith to enter the house to return the kids!

Four years

We are a nation under God. Obama is the first president to eliminate the National World Day of Prayer. We have all had good things happen in our lives through God’s love. That’s enough reason for us to vote for Mitt Romney! The second reason is the disastrous last four years!

Early mower

I didn’t have a chance to oversleep the other morning as my “Do as I want” neighbor was mowing his yard at 6:15 a.m. Is this not a no-no?

The boat dock

I’m a regular visitor of the Waukegan Harbor at the boat dock. The grounds are dirty and unkept with garbage laying all around and you don’t see any workers around there. It used to be maintained very beautifully. It was once a beautiful place. It’s a big turn off and they’re losing a lot of visitors that used to come down to the dock. I use to enjoy coming down there, but not anymore. I noticed a decline of residents from all over and I don’t even live in the area.

Voter cards

I was born in this country and have lived here my entire life. I’m a natural citizen of this country and have to show my voter card when I go to vote. Show proof that you’re legal, that’s all. If you’re not legal to vote, then you’re an illegal alien and we don’t need them voting for things that we don’t need.

Expensive wars

Now Republicans are telling us that Obama spent trillions. Yes, in Afghanistan, and the Republicans started it. War is expensive. How many wars have we already paid off?

Skeeter spraying

I wish the spraying company that has a contract with the city of Waukegan to spray for mosquitoes would please list the nights and areas that they are going to spray so that we can keep our windows closed and our pets inside.

DNC speakers

The Republican National Convention had speakers from many states, including two women governors, Condoleeza Rice and other prominent Republicans. Who’s going to speak at the Democratic National Convention? Sandra Fluke, the unmarried woman who wants everybody to pay for her birth control, and actress Eva Langoria. Think about that when you go to vote in November.


Have you ever read a movie review that says it contains sex, violence, bad language, and drugs or alcohol use? Then it ends up saying that it’s suitable for a 12-year-old. No wonder society has a problem with young people. Hollywood should be ashamed to put out such things all in the name of making money.

Prairie Parkway

Illinois has spent $21 million to buy 300 acres for the Prairie Parkway in Kendall County. That’s about $70,000 an acre. The 39-mile road was to cost about $1 billion dollars so that’s about $30 million a mile. The federal government has rescinded it. No wonder Illinois is broke.

Overnight parkers

Could someone tell me why the police in North Chicago are not ticketing cars that are parked on the streets overnight? Our ordinance says there should be no free parking from 2 to 6 a.m., everyday. I live on Jackson and there are cars parked up and down this street all night long. Come on, North Chicago. You’re crying for money so start ticketing these people who are breaking these minor violations. This would help people to realize that they can’t get away with what they’re pulling in North Chicago. Please do something about this situation.

Voting privilege

Voting is not a right. It’s a privilege for legal citizens of the country. If I cross the borders into Lithuania or Slovakia, do you think they’d let me walk up to the polls and vote? Of course they should show IDs. Fair is fair.

He sees dead people

The running joke is the corruption in Chicago and how many dead people vote in that city.

Vote fraud

With voting rights, there is no voter fraud. Last election, ACORN turned in hundreds of thousands of people registered to vote and wasn’t able to check them all, and they got into trouble for turning in fake registrations for voting. I call that voter fraud.

Lawsuit settlement

About the story of the lawsuit settlement with Elroy Reed. He got $75,000 for 35 hours of work. Everyone would love his job. Amazing. Teachers sure do care about the kids. Right.

Voting right

News flash. Voting is a right of the citizens of the United States of America.

New president

What a great name for our new president, Mitt Romney. He’s going to catch us from the financial cliff that Obama has been leading us down by spending too much money. God bless our new president, Mitt Romney. He’s going to catch us from falling down the abyss of socialism and communism.

Made his day

It is sad that Mitt Romney’s big speech at the convention was upstaged by Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair.

Social Security help

Like Paul Ryan, I was 16 when my father died. My brother and sister were 10. Unlike Paul Ryan, I didn’t use our Social Security survivors’ benefits to go to college. They helped pay for food and rent. Ryan’s father owned a successful construction business in Janesville. My father drove a truck in Chicago. My mother continued in her low-wage job at a small packing plant while I finished my final year at a Catholic high school with the help of a $100 loan from a favorite uncle. Six years later, when the twins graduated from high school I got married. To this day, I am grateful for the help Social Security gave our family. I never claimed that my mother and I got through those hard times independent of government assistance.

Grass mowing

It was a beautiful day Aug. 29 and the Fremont Township supervisor was out cutting grass in Behm Park. Nothing more important to do? Time to retire and get off the public’s dime.

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