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Updated: October 23, 2012 6:04AM

Students cheated

Each school district must prepare a calendar of 185 days and 180 days are must attendance days, five days are discretionary for bad weather, strikes, etc. All days beyond 185 must be made up with shortened vacations or extended school years. When Lake Forest holds school with less-adequate teachers, these days count and only the students are cheated.

Trash for cash

In regard to the recycling item, I agree with that person. But in our school system, we have what is called “Trash for cash” and we do very, very well with it. We take our recycling things to the school and they take care of it. We just received a $1,000 bonus to put to our school’s use. Our school happens to be St. Bede in Ingleside and it’s a very successful program, “Trash for cash.”

Above the law

About the “Bust Gone Bad” story in the Sept. 19 paper. Looks like some cops think they are above the law. Who really runs this MEG group? The county? If so, looks like another lawsuit coming taxpayers’ way.

Waukegan recycling

Every community, including Waukegan, needs to do more for recycling. It’s our responsibility to take care of the garbage and recycling is a keen part of that responsibility. The small containers do not hold enough. They are messy and the recycling stuff blows away. Waukegan needs the bigger rolling containers for a good recycling program.

Crash and destroy

After reading about the drug bust that went bad in Beach Park, it’s scary to know that the cops can crash and destroy your home and when asked who’s going to pay for damages can arrogantly say: “Not us.” Sounds a lot like the Gestapo.

Stabbed in the back

The mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, is a perfect example of how they want the unions to contribute money for their elections and then after they’re in they want to turn around and stab the unions right in the back. Everybody that’s a liberal should understand this.

The entitled vote

If you see yourself as a statistic, an entitled victim, vote for Romney.

Peace and harmony

If the Muslim religion is for peace, love, forgiveness and tranquility, isn’t it about time they start showing it?

Township needed?

With Waukegan being 99 percent incorporated, then what is the need for a township? What does a township provide that is not already provided by other private or public entities? So what do they do? There is no justification for having Waukegan Township.

Antioch gaming

With all due respect to the Antioch trustees and the mayor for all the fine work they do, the gaming question should have been presented to the residents as a binding referendum. In her non-scientific poll, Trustee Dominiak found that 62 percent of the residents questioned were not in favor of any sort of video gaming. I believe a disservice was done by forcing this culturally significant change upon the Antioch residents.

He doesn’t care

Now we know why the Republicans didn’t mention anything about the veterans. We are part of the 47 percent that Romney doesn’t care about.

No apology

Apologize why? I am very happy that when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt did not apologize to them for their sneak attack. Now we need a strong American president who is for America.

Filled with fear

The heartbreaking stories keep coming in. We live in a country full of hope and possibilities, as we rapidly become a nation filled with fear for what we say or do, by outside and inside intimidation. Our country founded on constitutional freedom of speech and expression, is being compromised. An American embassy in a foreign country is American soil. It is an international act of war to attack our embassy, or any country’s embassy. There is no acceptable reason to attack any country’s embassy. They murder other people, anywhere, anytime, for any reason, without mercy or apology, for whatever reason they feel is justifiable. Our government leaders were quick to apologize and accept blame. This reprehensible and despicable response by our government is unacceptable. Shame! Shame! Shame!

The new normal

Seventy-two percent of the U.S. economy is consumer spending. The reason the economy is in trouble now is because the American people have wised up. They are paying down debt and they are starting to save again at astronomical rates. This is the new normal and this is the way it should be.

The 47 percent

Romney hit it right on the head when he said that 47 percent of the people that vote for Obama are on government entitlements. There are people that really do deserve it, but the vast majority are lazy and just keep taking, while the people that are struggling are paying for it.

Organized people

The administration in Chicago with the Chicago Public Schools strike thought they were going to have the workers march to their drum. Sorry, Rahm Emanuel, you weren’t playing the right beat. You can’t take on organized people.

The education tax

Since our politicians are so bent on reforming pensions plans for public workers, I think it’s time that they reform something else, like property taxes. The taxes for schools, teachers and pensions should not be left as a burden just for the homeowners. People that don’t own homes have kids going to these schools. I believe it’s time to take the education tax off of the homeowners and split them between all the people. Not just the homeowners.

Government unions

As a government worker, I don’t think there should be any government unions at all. Government employees have decent pay and benefits. There is no place for unions in government. I’m not anti-union, and think there is a place for unions in our country, but in government, the public should demand that the unions be eliminated.

Pointing fingers

Everything is a distraction with President Obama. He points his finger at everyone else. I’m not worried about what Romney says, I’m worried about what Obama has not done. Unemployment is higher than ever and gas prices keep soaring.

Telling it like it is

Governor Romney is telling it like it is in America today. He is a breath of fresh air.

Veterans bill squashed

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate among veterans is almost 11 percent, well above the national average. The Veterans Jobs Corps Act was a bipartisan bill that would create new job-training programs to help veterans find work in targeted fields such as national park conservation, historic preservation projects, police work and firefighting, among others. The bill was fully paid for and didn’t initiate new spending. The vote was 58-40, so the Senate fell two votes short of the usual Senate supermajority they need to pass anything these days. At least four Republican senators, who cosponsored and worked on this bill, then turned around and voted against it. Now the Senate is on a two-month vacation and people wonder why Congress is so universally loathed.

Keeping score

For those of you keeping score, the president has never apologized for America, Israel does not feel abandoned by the U.S., Poland does not feel abandoned by the U.S. and Czechoslovakia has not existed for 20 years.

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