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High horses

I want to know where all these stores are that you can buy cigarettes or booze or jewelry with my Link card. I can’t even buy soap or toilet paper with mine. I worked all my life and I’ve already paid for my Link card in a way. Get off your high horse.

Updated: December 10, 2012 1:57AM

Traffic laws

In regard to Antioch and the new traffic ordinances for no through ways. I do sympathize with the people that live on those streets, but you have to take the repercussions of where you live. If you’re near a shopping center, a high school or live near somewhere that’s heavily traveled, then you’re going to have that. The roads are built by the taxpayers, so you can’t just legislate and tell us we can’t go through there. Other localities have signs stating that you can’t go through certain places at certain times of the day. Telling us we can’t go through that area at anytime unless you live there is insane.

Tax assessments

We see in The News-Sun that Mr. Sabonjian decides to raise the Waukegan tax assessment by 21 percent. I guess he’s just looking at more empty houses. Good luck to him. It’s not going to happen.

Says it all

Regarding “Rocking chair money.” I can’t speak for all the recipients, but I am a single parent with a medical condition, part-time student who works two other part-time jobs and does not get any child support. Anything else you care to know? If people are buying jewelry and cigarettes, then there’s something wrong with the businesses that accept the card. My buys are from the food pyramid: Dairy, grains, fruits and veggies.

Oooh, that smell

If you smell that composting operation in Waukegan, west of Green Bay Road and north of Belvidere, the Lake County Health Department wants to hear from you.

God and state

Separation of church and state should not mean separation of God and state. The nation that violates the moral laws of God will eventually suffer defeat.

Big snow ‘06

In Dan Moran’s article on Oct. 4 he didn’t mention the snowstorm of Jan. 20-21, 2006. We got 11 to 12 inches during that storm. The snow was so heavy that it broke a huge branch from a maple tree in our back yard. It hit our family room window, but luckily it didn’t break it.

The real poor

The Democrats are really making a big deal about the unemployment rate going down. They make it sound like they’ve gotten jobs for everybody in this country. No, the rate went down because all those people lost their unemployment benefits and are the poorest of everybody in the world. They’re probably living underneath the bridges.

Finding a wedge

We’re not moving forward under President Obama, we’re moving backwards. We’re not being lifted up, we’re being torn down. We’re not being brought together, we’re being torn apart. There is no unity, there’s class warfare. That’s what community organizers do, they find a wedge and they put it in and they get what they want by separating people and making them angry at each other.

Romney’s house

Face it, the White House, once it’s fumigated, will become Romney’s.

Where he stands

How can anyone vote for Romney who changes his message as often as his underwear? One day he says one thing and the next day the opposite. He’s going to cut taxes and then he’s not cutting taxes. He’s against Obamacare and then he’s for it --- at least some provisions. He will deregulate big business and then he won’t. Elect him and you’re in for a big surprise because nobody knows exactly where he stands and maybe he doesn’t either.

Jobless rate

Take a good look at Obama’s unemployment rate. Most of the so-called jobs are part time. That is not going to get junior out of his parent’s basement. Also, the full-time jobs are mostly government, which is only increasing bureaucracy. Where is the money going to come from? Higher taxes or more deficit spending. Look past the percentage and read the details. This is not an economic recovery.

Thank labor

The reason we are listed as one of the richest counties is because of organized labor.


Everybody that likes not having a job will vote for Obama, but he’s already ruined the country. Also, all the people that are on state aid should know there’s not going to be any because Quinn’s helping, too.

Big trouble

Electing Obama for another term is like giving your 8-year-old the keys to your car. Sure, they can get in and maybe start it and put it into gear, but after that there’s going to be big trouble.

They earned it

Regarding “Rocking chair money.” I hope when you made your comment that you weren’t talking about senior citizens. If you were, I beg your pardon, we earned ours.

Let them know

Regarding the item “Link card abuse.” You work at a store that’s doing this. I would start looking for another job and turn that store in for abuses. That’s how they stop it. They can’t watch everybody and it’s up to us to let them know. I wish they would have an 800-phone number we could call or a Web site that we could submit information. I’d be happy to leave my name and tell them what I see going on.

Wealthy gas

Can somebody please help me with these gas prices? I drive through Lincolnshire and all these wealthy gas stations and their gas is almost 50 cents cheaper. Why is it the low-grade, middle-class minority suburbs have the highest gas? We need to boycott the gas stations. It’s a shame.

Refresher course

Let’s have a refresher course. The military gets Link and WIC cards; many elderly get Link cards because low-interest rates have eroded their savings for years. This is left over from the Republicans.

Deadbeat fathers

The Lake County courts fall way short of collecting child support for many families. Wisconsin collected support from the fathers’ checks and it took Illinois years before they wanted to do it. Judges don’t ask these fathers for their income tax return so these deadbeat fathers say in court that they don’t work. These families need food while he gets himself a new family or girlfriend.

A big detail

Obama always says that Romney never gives the details of his grand plan, but Obama just lacks on his details. He talks about Obamacare and how 30 million Americans are going to get insurance that never had it, but he doesn’t tell them there’s not the 15,000 physicians available or even licensed to take care of them. I think that’s kind of a big detail to overlook.

A happy thing

I just have a happy thing to say about the Walmart in Zion. I really think that store is awesome. The people are very nice and the store is very clean. If you want an awesome Walmart store to go shop at, it’s on Route 173 in Zion. I’ll continue to shop there and everybody should give it a chance and see for themselves.

A good thing

It was a good thing that Obama bailed out the auto industry. In times of war, American auto plants are converted to make war weapons. Your freedoms do benefit by the bailout.

GOP policies

It’s because of policies like Bush and Romney that people lost jobs, houses and 401(k)s. They let the banks steal all that money. Now the Republicans call these people freeloaders. I’m one of them. I lost my job four years ago when Bush was in office.

Radical socialist — not

The Dow Jones closed at a five-year high the other day, proving once again that President Obama just isn’t effective as a radical socialist.

Both ways

Recently, a contributor to TOTC said, “If you expect the president to fix the economy, tell me how he can do it. He has no influence on the economy at all.” So, the president has no influence on the economy? OK, but I’ll bet you this same person will be one of the first to blame the financial woes that President Obama inherited on President Bush (even though, as he or she pointed out, the president has no influence on the economy). Now isn’t that interesting!


The question was, why does Waukegan need new firefighters? To pull you out of your house that is on fire since you were smoking in bed. To pull you out of a smashed up vehicle since you were texting while driving and many other reasons. To save your life when nobody else will.

Seniors remember

I am not better off then I was four years ago. I remember when Obama took three years of cost-of-living raises away from the Social Security payments for senior citizens. Do the rest of the seniors remember this?

The ‘oil baron’

When G. W. Bush was president and gas was over $4 a gallon, oil was more than $150 a barrel. And it was Bush’s fault. Now that Obama is president gas is over $4 a gallon, but oil is under $100 a barrel. Crude oil at over $150 a barrel made high gas prices understandable. Can anyone explain Obama’s gas prices with oil under $100 a barrel? Perhaps President Obama is the “oil baron” and not President Bush.

A huge task

Our next president has a huge task trying to end our debt crisis, so here’s a little help: 1. End all foreign aid until the savings pays our debt in full. 2. Trade California to China in exchange for canceling all current U.S. debt. China owns most of California now anyway. Let’s just make it official. The Chinese wouldn’t nuke their own country, would they? 3. Reduce all politicians’ time in office and their salary in direct proportion to how much the debt is raised each year. Disallow those politicians who cannot perform to reduce the debt from seeking re-election.

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