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Updated: December 19, 2012 11:55AM

Football fashion

The game of football in the U.S. is a national institution where real men and some women play their hearts out. Why do we have to make it into a fashion statement with head hair flowing down some players’ backs to almost their waist? The long hair is fine, but can’t we keep it all under the helmets and not in other players’ faces. Some sideline benches look like a Miss America pageant is taking place.

Gurnee mail

My mail is also delivered after 5 p.m. in Gurnee. Also, when I go to the Gurnee Post Office, there is a long line of people waiting to be served and normally there is only two clerks working at a station that can hold six clerks. This is a definite problem and nobody seems to care about it. I talked to the postmistress and she said: “Tough. That’s the way it is.”

Chinese investments

President Romney will never stand up to China. He’s too heavily invested in that country.

Swing state

I think maybe I should have moved to a swing state so my vote would count on Nov. 6. It’s too late now. At least we’re not inundated with all the presidential political ads on television here in Illinois.

Spaying is the answer

In response to “Wild cat.” Just what is a native American cat? Is that an Indian cat or what? Do you think these cats like to be outside? No, they do not, and it’s not their choice. They are out there because somebody threw them out a long time ago, and they reproduce because people like you won’t get them neutered. Call Spay n’ Stay and get them neutered and feed them. Your neighbor must have been a very wonderful person and I’m sure the animals will miss him very much. Killing them is not the answer. Neutering them is the answer because they would live out their life and not reproduce. They don’t cause any trouble.

Debate review

I watched a debate between a commander in chief and a used car salesman.

Oil pipelines

Of course there is high gas prices when you have a president like Obama. He said in the debate that he didn’t support the Keystone pipeline because there was enough pipelines. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that the pipelines are going in the wrong direction and to the wrong areas. The oil fields that are being developed now were marginal oil fields years ago and with this new fracking method they are being developed to their full potential. Also, the form of transportation to transport oil is the same that was used 100 years ago, in freight car tankers. It costs three times as much to transport oil by train than it does by pipelines. Now you know why gas is so expensive and there is a shortage of gas in California.

He rocks

The president really put it to Romney in the second debate and I know Obama will rock it in the third debate.

It takes two

Elizabeth Escalona, 23, was sentenced to 99 years in prison for kicking her 2-year-old daughter in the stomach, beating her with a milk jug and gluing her little hands to a wall with Super Glue. Elizabeth had her first child at age 14 and has a total of five children. As a parent of two boys and one girl, and a vocal opponent of placing blame totally on a mother, I am voicing my opinion again. When will this stop? It takes two people to make a baby. Many biological fathers are out of the picture after sex, to be blunt! There is birth control for both sides and it should be a male’s responsibility as much or sometimes more so if the female is way younger. We all know that men are so much smarter! With DNA available, let’s make the responsibility of taking care of the child, 50 percent both ways before and after the child is born! This is enough! If we can teach them about sex education, teach them about consequences and responsibility after the sex! This should also help the economy!

Benghazi attack

The president claimed in the recent debate that he acknowledged the attack on Benghazi, which killed our ambassador and three other American citizens, was a terrorist attack the day after the attack. That was a misleading representation of his administration’s response. There is no way around it.

A contradiction

In regard to the comment about gas prices falling. Why would the wealthy oil companies and corporations want to drop gasoline prices as the election nears when that would favor Obama who is supposedly just for the poor? This is a total contradiction. You would think that gas prices would be pushed up to make Obama look worse. They want Romney who is another wealthy fellow.

Under the bus

Hillary was thrown under the bus while she was running all over doing Obama’s and her job. Obama was doing what is most important to him, which is being eye candy on TV.

High marks

Anybody that thinks President Obama and Vice President Biden are to blame for the way this country is should read “Blatant obstruction” in the paper on Oct. 17 under letters to the editor. The gentlemen that wrote this has got my high marks 100 percent and hit the nail on the head. Hooray for him.

Fireman aid

I was involved recently in an accident on Green Bay Road and the nicest young man, a fireman with the Great Lakes Fire Department, stopped to see if I was all right. He was kind, caring and calmed me down. He stayed until the police arrived and quietly slipped away before I could properly thank him or get his name. I hope he sees this.

Honest answers

Because of the election, the Obama administration cannot come up with an honest and straight answer regarding the murders of the American ambassador and three other Americans in Libya! He cannot admit he was wrong when he said al-Qaida was finished!

Media bias

If anybody would like evidence of media bias all you need to do is look at the recent presidential debate. The CNN moderator jumped in defense of President Obama when she had no business doing so regarding Benghazi and whether the president acknowledged it was a terrorist attack or not. Not to mention, President Obama got three-and-one-half minutes more speaking time than Mitt Romney.

Independence Grove tram

There should be a tram that goes around the lake at Independence Grove for handicap people so they can see the scenery. That sure would be a godsend for people that have a hard time walking.

Soup bars

Regarding grocery stores with soup bars. It’s a shame people can’t clean up their own spills around the soup pots. Usually there are napkins and paper towels in that area. Are people that sloppy at home?

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