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Updated: December 22, 2012 1:56AM

Pants on fire

Don’t look now, but I think the president’s pants are on fire.

Part-time workers

About the comment that businesses were going to part-time employees instead of full time to avoid health-care costs. Well, I have a fractured back and would love to be able to get a part-time job. As far as health care goes, I don’t want it and have been avoiding it for so long.

State pensions

In response to “Pension vote.” This election, there is an amendment to the Illinois Constitution and if you do vote “yes,” you are increasing the required vote to three-fifths majority to change the pension benefits in Illinois instead of just 60 votes. These pensions are out of control in Illinois, so vote “yes.” Get it right.

Cushy pensions

The biggest problem in Illinois is unfunded pensions. The Republicans have a much better idea than the Democrats that want to switch the burden onto the homeowners and property owners. It’s time for some real reform, for some cuts and a sustainable pension system so that the taxpayers don’t go broke trying to provide a cushy pension that no one in the private sector would ever get for the same comparable job.

Real story?

Yes, they are safe at home with their dad, the children of the Volo mom who decided she needed connection with childhood memories. She is in the hospital for treatment, so what is it: bipolar, depression, postpartum blues? She wants a divorce, orders of protection, no wait, I will take my baby and two-year-old to the woods near the Dells to connect with a time past, and we will live in the car. This was not the first time she disappeared according to reports. What about all the concerned people, hours and money spent searching for her? How many times does she cry wolf? The anguish for her family and, of course, her children were not in harm’s way, as this unstable person knew what was best. Might we conclude this is a selfish attention-seeking woman? Count your blessings, hug your babies and take your meds!

Show respect

The gall and audacity of Mitt Romney to say to Obama you will get your turn in a minute was blatant disrespect for the President of the U.S. Romney and everyone needs to respect the office of the President.

Unfair debate

Romney won the most recent debate. Two against one and Romney still won. The moderator let Obama ramble on, but kept interrupting Romney, and let Obama talk for over 23 minutes more. Then she stuck her foot in her mouth when she defended Obama regarding Benghazi. She lied right along with Romney. She is supposed to be a neutral person without any comment and that didn’t happen.

Keep mail moving

It seems like the postal service has a big problem with their finances. The easiest solution is to return every prepaid credit card offer that you receive. Just write a big “No” on the application and return it in their prepaid envelope. They send out million of these offers every year. Imagine the postage charges they will get which could save our postal service.

No entitled

This is regarding the truck bomb in front of the federal building in New York and the guy that pulled the trigger at the Colorado theater. The taxpayers should not be put through the punishment of paying for these bums. They should be taken out by lethal injection or a bullet to the head. Let them write down on a piece of paper how they want to die because they should not spend one month in jail. It’s an outright disgrace that these people are using our laws against us.

Pitiful record

The Democratic party has a pitiful record with their lying, deceiving and law breaking agenda. Their plan is to bring down our great country by bigger government and bankruptcy. Why in the world did that clown Joe Biden have to laugh about it? Surely it wasn’t the fact that Obama is sending our tax dollars to China for the mandatory abortions. This is among so many, many other disgusting things the administration is doing that you never hear about in the liberal media. Please do your homework before you vote. Even though some thought Joe Biden sounded intelligent, so much of what he said were pure lies.

Same team?

After watching the Democrats try to explain the Libyan crisis, I learned some important facts. President Obama and Susan Rice both explained two different reasons for the crisis. They might be on the same team, but I have never seen two quarterbacks call the same play in a game.

Make a decision

To all you undecided voters as of now. Do you want our country to be a capitalist country like your Founding Fathers meant it to be in the Constitution, or do you want it to be a socialist country like France, Spain and Greece? You better start making up your mind of which way you want to go because our Founding Fathers would be very disgusted over what’s happening today.

Late mail

This is in regard to “Snail mail” for the person living in Gurnee. I live in Lindenhurst and used to get my mail by noon, and now I get it around 4 p.m. I called the post office and they said for the last two weeks they’ve been counting every letter and that’s why it is late. I think they’re cutting back on the workforce and they don’t have enough people to deliver the mail.

Overseas holdings

President Obama has been bashing Mitt Romney about his overseas holdings in the Cayman Islands and other places. But what Obama failed to say to the Americans is that so does he.

Human beings

I’m not taking sides in the FIST debate, but I think the person who spoke against them should be totally discredited for calling members filth. They are people, human beings who made mistakes, paid the price and are now trying to become productive citizens.

Flaky leaves

All these foolish people are raking their leaves and pulling them to the curb. All they have to do is wait for a dry, windy day and run your lawn mower from the outside in and you have corn flakes. The idea is not to let them build up too deep that they don’t dry up. You just grind them up.


Someone said they want a competent person in the White House with a finger on the nuke button. I,, for one want a competent person there who knows better than to have their finger on the nuke button. I doubt that’s Romney. He wants to go to war with Iran. Give us a break since we are still at war after ten years. The complaints against Obama are mixed with so many lies they’re ridiculous. It’s gotten so bad that if the gray cat down the street has yellow kittens the Republicans will blame Obama.

Wrong facts

There was an article about a home invasion in Waukegan on Grove Avenue. My house was the house that was robbed. It wasn’t a neighbor that detoured them, it was my 12-year-old grandson that did that. He was very frightened and I’m very angry that these thugs got in my home.

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