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Updated: December 1, 2012 6:16AM

Election stickers

The last time I voted in an election I didn’t get a sticker because they said they couldn’t afford it. They couldn’t afford a sticker that said I voted? Are things that bad with this election? The people in charge absolutely better have some stickers to put on our chest and wear proudly that we voted. This is a big election and we have to make our point made.

Harbor study

It infuriated me to see the story “City commits to harbor dredge study.” Why is Waukegan spending another $25,000? Study after study in Waukegan and we still we have nothing in our city. Why don’t you find something better to do if you have all this extra money. A couple of years ago, they spent $18,000 for a study on a baseball team and while they were studying, the team went somewhere else. The only thing that I can figure is that they have extra money and they don’t know what to do with it.

Chicago style

Regarding the cheating with the Republican Party and voting. Go to Chicago if you want to talk about cheating. Watch the people go in there with no IDs and see how they’re working those boxes in there.

Common goal

You want us all to work together toward a common good? That’s socialism.

Time of conception

At what time period of conception is the federal government responsible for recreational sex of an unwed female and child support with taxpayers’ money? The more children you have, the more tax dollars you receive.

Worse than the Cubs

Obama keeps saying the economy is getting better. How come I do not feel it? I’m losing my home because I have been out of work for seven months; went through my savings and still looking for work. I did have it better under Bush. I was working and current on my house payments. Now, I have less money, gas prices are up, food prices are up, unemployment is up, cost of medical insurance is up and cost of utilities are up. Now, Obama wants four more years? Why? We owe Obama nothing. He has delivered broken promises and no hope. He is a failure worse then the Cubs!

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