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Updated: December 6, 2012 6:08AM

Global warming

Global Warming is real. My family went through the dustbowl of the ’30s in Kansas. There was a yearly drought and Roosevelt stopped the farmers from over-farming land. Then, after WWII, the rage became oil. When the oil petered out, it was back to farming but this time they started to pump the aquifer to irrigate their fields. When you abuse the land and environment, it comes back to bite you ten fold.

Pay raises for pols

I’d like to know why the politicians get to vote themselves raises and increased pensions when they’re working for us? We should have the vote on it.

Singing the blues

I’m not voting for any Democrat, especially when you consider how the Democrats have ruined Illinois between Blagojevich, Madigan, Jessie Jackson Jr. and the rest of them. I’m voting Republican to keep my taxes low and hopefully won’t read about which next government official got indicted.

Birth considerations

If you still can’t decide who to vote for president, maybe this will help you. Obama is for late-term abortions and partial-birth abortions. Romney is for abortions only to save the life of the mother. You must remember that this isn’t about a woman’s body. There’s a baby to consider.

Devils in disguise

I really don’t like it when schools have team names like Blue Devils, Red Devils or Demons. It think it’s horrible and there’s a lot of better things to name the teams after. I think people should be much more creative.

Crying towel

This Democrat is hoping and praying that all you Republican Obama-bashers have something to cry about after the election. Mainly a big loss for your boy Romney.

What’s that smell?

To the caller of “Fine job” in the TOTC. I would like to know what on earth they’re smoking and if the present administration is paying for it.

The right to seek help

There sure are a lot of Republicans who are screaming for socialism right now with that storm. There’s an awful lot of government services coming in. Governor Christie is the first one with his hand out, as well he should be. The Republicans haven’t got the brains or the courage to realize it’s necessary that we need a shared responsibility between the private sector and socialism. Get over it Republicans.

Seeing the light

Regardless of who will be our president, he will be the president for all Americans, Democrat and Republican alike. So join together. If you’re for Romney ,turn you headlights on during the day. If you’re for Obama, turn your headlights off at night.

Old Chicago

How can Emanuel be out partying and campaigning for Obama when anyone can walk 10 blocks in Chicago in any direction and never be out of a crime scene.

Sad state of affairs

I’m from Waukegan originally and it was really sad on Oct. 31 to read in the paper and see another gang shooting. Back in the ‘60s and ’70s, before the population changed, we didn’t have gangs and gang incidents. You could walk from Lewis Avenue to Genesee Street, have supper, go to a movie and walk home again afterward with no fears for your life. Now, you can’t even sit on your front porch without worrying about your neighbor shooting you.

Wind some, lose some

The October surprise is here and her name is Sandy.

It’s Obama’s fault

How can people praise Obama? They don’t know what is going on, or they are the freeloaders that get the free cell phones, money and other entitlements and are just to lazy to go to work. We have to get our country back. Obama is destroying it.

Butter in the Big Apple

I feel bad for the people in New York but all I could think of was the commercial they had on years ago: “You can’t fool with Mother Nature; I can’t believe it’s not butter”.

Talking a good game

I sure hope that all the voters out there aren’t mislead by the babbling garbage with all these politicians.

A taxing situation

Even those working for ‘the man’ get shady when it comes to ponying up for the IRS. Federal employees working on Capital Hill owed $9.3 million in overdue taxes at the end of 2009. The federal employees nationwide owed about $1 billion. Remember that at the polls folks.

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