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Don’t hate, appreciate the greatness of President Obama and four more years in office.

Updated: December 13, 2012 10:22AM

Feeling good

Republicans are feeling what Democrats felt during the eight years of the Bush administration. Doesn’t feel so good, does it?

The youth vote

President Obama gets a second term, swept in by the youth of America ... mostly by young college kids and people with no experience in life. There are many things great about youth. Wisdom is generally not one of them.

States’ rights

The time has come to abolish the United States of America and establish the United Red States of America and the United Blue States of America. Americans would be much happier living in states that exclusively reflect their conservative or liberal laws, lifestyles, and values. There would be no need for a federal government as a state’s rights would prevail.

They stepped up

Congratulations to all the candidates who stepped up and took a chance to be vulnerable to run in an election and become a public servant. All of you did an excellent job. However, one candidate who won I’m real disappointed with. She expanded on her opponent’s background of being an ex-convict. I think that was very wrong.

Wall Street speculators

The president does not set gas prices. The Wall Street speculators set the price of gas. Also, what president would approve a pipeline running beneath the thousands miles of land and possibly contaminate all the freshwater reservoirs.

Econ class

Now that Obama has been re-elected, it might be wise for him to take a junior-college course. It’s called Economics 101.

Open minds

Non-wealthy never made it by being closed-minded. Take Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. These two inventors and innovators took opportunities that others would call risks and built two of the most successful corporations. It’s not just hard work, it’s the ability to visualize future needs or solutions and make them realities.

Still time

America is not an oligarchy yet.

Country spoke

President Obama rocks. We did it again my friends. I notice a lot of people don’t like it, but it is what it is. He will be in for another four years. All these extreme right-wing haters in TOTC, where are you now? I know you guys are pretty sad, but this country spoke. All you extreme right-wing people can sit down and it would be a good thing if we could all get along.

Election consequences

Elections have consequences. Gay marriage, marijuana, abortion. The coal industry is going to be taxed out of its wits with higher gas and oil costs. Jessie Jackson Jr. and Derrick Smith — one of them has already been indicted and the other one is going to get indicted — get re-elected for defrauding America. The country doesn’t care about integrity anymore. Obama smeared and slimed Governor Romney for over a year to define who he was before he had a chance to come out and show the American people who he really was. He’s a man of integrity, far more so then President Obama. In the Obamanation, perception is reality.

Success excuses

There was a group of my peers who grew up poor. We went to CLC to learn skills to go into business to form a foundation for professional careers. We were energized, hard working and ambitious. Some of us became very successful with six-figure incomes, along with all the other rewards of hard work. Then there was the group that went to the bar and worked on stories and excuses of why they weren’t successful.

GOP demographics

Think about this. It wasn’t demographics that slew the Republican Party. The last election, John McCain got three million more votes then Mitt Romney did in this election. If Republicans who didn’t vote this time would have turned out in the same numbers that they did for John McCain, we would have won this election by a razor-thin margin of about 200,000 votes, if my math is correct. Every Republican who voted for McCain and didn’t vote for Romney needs to crawl in their hole until the next election because I don’t want to talk to you.

Drug cartel

The Mexican Cartel is trying to get meth distributed from the Waukegan area. Do you think they will have a hard time finding any countrymen around here to be their drug dealers? Parents need to keep a close watch on their children every day.

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