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Updated: December 14, 2012 6:08AM

Oh, deer

Many of you may have noticed all the big changes in the Waukegan airport, one of them being the fencing they now have all the way around. More than one of the neighbors have spotted female deer on two occasions within the month on the south side of Beach Road inside the fence and a buck was spotted on the north side recently desperately trying to get out. We feel certain there are more as they are common there every fall and spring. They can’t get over an eight-foot fence with three strands of barbed wire on top of that. In that regard, not only will they starve to death, but more important, they will certainly be a hazard to the planes if they indeed get onto the runway. There must be some way they can remove them besides shooting them. What do you think? There hasn’t been an effort to remove the deer at this time, but for now the humane society has been contacted regarding the situation.

No glory

Is anyone else sickened by the photo that accompanied the Outdoors column in the Nov. 9 News-Sun? I don’t get the thrill of hunting and never will understand it. Having said that, why would Ron Mulholland bag two elk, a bull and a cow? Because they were there? Because he could? Isn’t one killed elk enough to satisfy his desire to kill an animal? There is no glory in what he did. Please, no more photos or stories like this one.

Elk sausage

What’s with the guy shooting the elk near Antioch? Couldn’t he have left well enough alone? Hope he gags on his smoked elk sausage which he undoubtedly has turned the poor creatures into.

Democratic option

Where does it say that Republicans have to win every election? We Democrats have the same option as anyone does. We won this one. Maybe next time, the Republicans will win. But for the next four years we got the ball, so for now, stop your whining.

Serious crimes

Congratulations to ICE working in the Chicago area for finding, arresting and removing illegal immigrants, most of whom committed serious crimes. We need to do more of this type of thing. If you see anything suspicious, report it. We need to rid our area of these people.

Christie’s revenge

It was the right thing to do to thank President Obama for all the support given to the devastated state of New Jersey, but Gov. Christie went overboard when he praised Obama for his so-called leadership considering he showed none during the last four years. Christie gave the independents an impression the president is doing an excellent job during the hurricane. Hurricane Sandy stopped Romney’s momentum. Christie’s action can only be summed up as a betrayal and that is too harsh. The truth is Gov. Christie was upset Romney didn’t picked him as his vice president. Was this Christie’s way of taking revenge?


As a conservative I would like to be among the first to congratulate the Democrats and liberals for their election win for President Obama. They did something spectacular. The president himself said if he didn’t deliver, he would be a one- term president. He said he would cut the deficit in half, get unemployment under 6 percent, close Guantanamo, and lower our insurance rates, just to name a few. In reality, he did not deliver. He raised the deficit, unemployment was higher than when he took office, did not close Guantanamo, my insurance went up and 17 million more people are on welfare. But with the help of all the loyal Democrats and liberals, they were still able to get him re-elected. So please pat yourselves on the back for your accomplishment. I truly hope and pray that each and every one of you get to share personally in what is about to take place in our country. You richly deserve it.

Nation of gridlock

Thank you for everyone who voted for President Obama. You have just assured us of another four years of gridlock in the Congress due to the inability of getting anyone to work together as some presidents accomplished in the past. The stock market doesn’t like the fact that he was elected again. Immediately on Nov. 7, the market slid down almost 300 points. A big thank you — for nothing.

Mapquest it

Now that the election is over, I wonder if the president will be able the find the Capitol building and do some work. Air Force One is in need of an overhaul with all the world trips and vacations it has traveled to in the last four years.


God doesn’t need to send a hurricane to punish America. He’s already sent Barack Obama.

Benghazi scandal

It is regrettable that Governor Romney did not speak about the Benghazi scandal during the presidential debates. He is too nice! It would have wiped out the credit President Obama earned during the photo ops he had with Governor Christie in the midst of the disaster created by Sandy. And instead of a tight race, it would have been be a cakewalk for Governor Romney to win the election.

Poor creation

Obama so loved the poor he created millions upon millions more!

Trump’s offer

Sandy has left many people in need of much aid. The charities, as well as the politicians, are asking for money that is much needed to help these poor people. I have a great idea that will help all these people and will allow the president a great opportunity to show his support for America: All he has to do is accept Donald Trump’s offer, which is a large amount of money and could help a lot of people. All he has to do is release his college transcripts that Trump is willing to pay for. These documents should be easy enough to release and look at all the people President Obama would be helping. What on earth is he hiding that he is being so secretive? Kind of makes you wonder why he has to hide this information. Come on Obama, let’s see your support.

Picture IDs

Everyone is so bent out of shape regarding picture IDs for voters! But not a peep about voting by mail, e-mail or early voting at polling places out of your area! I’m sure the election judges know that people who vote this way are who they are! They could even send you family photos! If you vote out of your precinct, can you vote at lots of others? Who is keeping tabs? You could show your picture lots of times, but who’s making sure you didn’t vote somewhere else?

Common sense

Only in America you can be president for four years, fail and get re-elected. People of this nation are not only stupid, but they ignore wisdom and common sense.

Ryan’s seat

Where else but in America can a person run for two political offices at the same time. It looks like Paul Ryan wants to make sure he is a government employee for the next few years as he ran for his congressional seat in Wisconsin, as well as with Romney for a vice-president job. Hopefully, he will work on becoming part of the solution of the problems Congress has put us in.

The 10 percenters

If a really rich person gives 10 percent to charity, is that the same generosity as a poor person giving 10 percent?

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