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Updated: January 13, 2013 1:29AM

Veterans parade

Thank you, Waukegan. I enjoyed watching the Veteran’s Day Parade on Nov. 11. I especially want to thank the Waukegan High School Marching Band and the ROTC cadets for their participation. Not only did they look sharp, but they represented their school well. The program following the parade was very nice and I enjoyed listening to the speakers. Too bad The News-Sun only wrote that there would be “a moment of silence and rifle salute at 11:11”. The program offered much more than that. Thank you for remembering and honoring our veterans.

Lame ducks

Nice editorial News-Sun about “Ducks in a row.” Now, how about doing an interview with two of those lame ducks, Garrett and May, and see what they’re going to be doing in the lame-duck session. Are they going to stick up for the taxpayers or take care of their political buddies?

The socialism march

This election was about many factors, but the most important reason was to preserve our Constitution. Do we want to retain it or do we want socialism? The goal of the Obama administration from day one has had us on the march to socialism, complete control of your entire lives. You only need to look at what is taking place in Europe to realize this.

The proof

News-Sun, you’re a sore loser. The front page on Nov. 7 front page proves it all.

Re-election deserved

Unemployment was down again just before the election. Jobs were up for October, manufacturing was up for October. Auto sales were up. Home construction spending was up. Retail sales were up. Consumer confidence is up. Why would anyone have voted for Romney and his proven-to-fail policies? Oh yeah, President Obama is a socialist or a communist or Marxist or Kenyan or whatever other silly thing the naysayers want to throw at him. The facts spoke for themselves. Our president deserved to be re-elected.

Off the list

It would appear that the mayor of Beach Park, John Hucker, just crossed off another item on the list left by the late Mayor Jensen, this one to close Cruisers Lounge.

Voting suppressed

Talk about bad timing. In the wake of the worst voter suppression in over half a century, the Supreme Court will be hearing a case that would block key provisions of the Voting Rights Act.

Legal process

Many people are waiting to get into the United States and are going through a legal process to become citizens. Why are we making things difficult for those who obey our immigration laws and easy for those who do not?

Dollar for dollar

In response to “States’ rights.” That will never happen and not because of the reasons you think. The states that cry the most about spending get the most. Mitch McConnell from Kentucky cries like a little baby to stop spending, but he gets $1.51 for every $1 paid from his state, which voted red. On the other hand. Illinois gets 75 cents for every $1 paid. Sarah Palin’s state of insanity gets $1.84 for every $1 paid. Almost every state that gets more tax dollars than they put in voted red and every state that voted blue gets less than they put in. Texas was one of the few states that voted red, but gets less than a dollar for every dollar paid in taxes. It’s not because of blue states. It will not happen because of the red states that get more than they put in and they do not want to lose out on the free ride. The blue states just want a dollar for every dollar paid for their schools, roads and other programs.

Negative comments

You don’t have to be a political analyst to realize that the TOTC is obviously on the far right because of the one-sided amount or negative Republican comments compared to the Democratic comments. But good American people still voted the president back in office and that’s the end of that for four more years.

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