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Updated: January 14, 2013 4:49PM

Antioch’s red deer

There’s a farm on Wilmot Road in Antioch that raises red deer, not elk. That guy didn’t shoot an elk, they are red deer. They’ve been raising them for 20 years and some just got away on them.

More respect

About President Obama’s re-election not being on the front page of The News-Sun. He’s the president of the U.S. and should be on the front page. His picture should have taken up the whole front page, not just a little one-by-one-inch picture on the right-hand corner. President Obama deserves more respect than that.

Elk hunter

The bow hunter who was featured in The News-Sun who shot and killed the two elks a few weeks ago said he knew they were elks because he had hunted elk out West. I know he didn’t have an elk permit because there is no elk hunting season in Illinois, so he broke the law. I guess if a llama or donkey or someone’s Great Dane passed his hunting stand, he should be obligated to put them down, also. This guy is not a real hunter — he’s a butcher.

Little being done

It’s been almost three weeks since Sandy devastated many parts of the Northeast, but many are still not getting even the most basic help from anyone. Try to imagine if Governor Romney won the election. There would be protests from the left, possible riots and the biased mainstream media would have a ball. Before the election, Obama was so concerned and he has the photo ops with Governor Christie to prove it. But now that the election is over, very little is being done. A basic lesson in politics or what?

Obama’s mug

To the writer who was offended because The News-Sun didn’t feature Obama on the front page the day after the election. Local stories are the focus of a county paper. I would think that you would be satiated by seeing Obama’s mug in every other newspaper, magazine, celebrity event and talk show. The only place where you wouldn’t see him was in the White House attempting to solve our nation’s many problems.

Bigger fish

Regarding the push by a Mexican cartel to use Waukegan as a destination center for illegal drugs. I believe we are only nabbing the lower level dopes. Big shots don’t get caught as long as they have young idiots to actually do the field work. If they get caught, who cares. Pushing drugs appeals to dropouts and losers who can think they’re tough, make money, don’t have to work and hang with the boys. When they’re caught, convicted and jailed, only their mamas care about them and the cartels move on to recruit other dupes. After a year in jail, they’ll sing like canaries and we can then go after the bigger fish, which we should concentrate on.

Another four years

Here we go again. Another four years and nobody knows what’s really going on. It’s all about welfare and it’s everywhere. Link cards with people getting free food and everything else and they’re the ones that voted. Children should be 21 years old and not 18 before they can vote. The same thing with birth control ­— it’s like telling everyone to now go have sex. It’s all a bunch of crooks and they all stick together and they really don’t care about anyone.

Thanksgiving hours

Thanksgiving is a time for family except those who work for Walmart. Walmart is showing how heartless it is by pulling their employees away from their families on Thanksgiving to come to work because they want more profit.

The ground up

It’s seems to me we have turned into a country of: “We all want to ride in the cart, but no one wants to help pull it.” We all want to gorge at a buffet, but no one wants to clean up when it’s over, or reap the harvest, but not plow the ground and sow the seeds. It seems the only ones willing to work from the ground up and strive for better jobs are Hispanics. Give them a lemon and they’ll make lemonade. A lot of us want to start at the top or not start at all.

Crazy Illinois

They say that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is a sign of craziness. Hello, Illinois. More Democrats have been elected to the Legislature and now it’s veto-proof.

Juan Rivera

You plaster Juan Rivera’s picture in The News-Sun all the time. He was convicted three different times by three different juries. There are witnesses out there that know more about the story. The police department and county are being sued by him. Stop spending the Lake County taxpayer’s money.

Stop signs

I think the Zion police should hang out in the Walmart parking lot to catch all those drivers that are running the stop signs there. Somebody’s going to get hurt one day because they don’t understand the word “stop.”

Union label

I’ve paid union dues for 47 years and wouldn’t want it any other way. Unions strive to make it possible to receive a living wage with benefits. People forget unions were started for protection of workers, to stop child labor, to bring environmental laws into effect, to be able to work with honor and get away from sweat shops. Without jobs, unions will be extinct soon and only the sweat shops will survive.

Punched the ticket

I’d like to say thank you to the GOP after trying to damn President Obama for the last six months. I’m glad to see that when it came time to punch the ticket you did the right thing and voted the president in for another four years.

Media hounds

It looks like Jessie Jackson Jr. is going to be Blago’s roommate. Could you just see those two media hounds together? I don’t think their huge egos would fit in the same cell.

Down to work

What is Obama going to do with his time now that he’s through campaigning? Do you think he’ll settle down and do some work for a change? I have a better chance of winning the lottery than that happening.

The GOP fold

Obama had a Democratic Congress for the first two years of his presidency and somehow nothing got passed. Now, the Republicans have to fold to his wishes.

Dear leader

I’d like to congratulate all the Obama lovers out there for winning the election and putting our dear leader in power again. It’s going to be nice in the next four years to see $9 a gallon for gas, $3 to $4 for a loaf of bread and a major recession. I really appreciate it, but don’t worry about it because we’re still going to give you free phones, free money and everything else. You take care of your dear leader and we’ll see you in another four years. I hope the Republican Party will get their act together.

Dummy votes

Regarding the article “Four more years.” Well, maybe next election you’ll get a couple of dummy votes on your side and it’ll help you.

Republican spin

The Republicans are already starting to spin that Mitt Romney lost because of Hurricane Sandy. The reality is Mitt Romney lost because of Mitt Romney.

Cage match

In regard to “Two more years” in TOTC. It states that the Republicans should go back to their cage and we’ll see you in two years or so. We’re not the ones in the cage. We’re the ones out working everyday supporting all you lazy, no-good-for-nothings that want to sit at home and milk the system. You just found a president that’s empathetic to it. Unfortunately, it’s not going to last because we’ll be lucky in four years if there’s anything left of this country.

Bunch of hogwash

I surely would like to know why the gas prices didn’t go up during Hurricane Sandy. Any other time, gas prices are sky high. That’s a bunch of hogwash. They just find a reason to raise the gas whenever they feel like it. That Hurricane Sandy went through 18 states and you tell me gas is still the same.

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