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Updated: January 16, 2013 1:56AM

Voting wisdom

President Obama did not smear and slime Gov. Romney. He merely told the truth about the man. Romney has no integrity. He puts profits for himself above everything else. As for the youth vote, I am a 72-year-old white woman. I voted for Obama and I think I have a lot of wisdom.

Just say no

Watching another commercial on Viagra I’m thinking that between work, children and home, the last thing a woman needs is a husband on Viagra. Stop with the Viagra.

Circle of life

Regarding the “elks.” If you don’t kill these animals they do over populate and get diseases. Those diseases are passed on to other animals. It’s called the circle of life. May I ask what you eat everyday on your plate at dinner time? Don’t tell me it’s always fish or vegetables.

Rate increase

I would like to thank North Shore Gas for the nice Christmas present — a big fat rate increase. If you people haven’t gotten it yet, beware. It’s coming.

Try harder

Coming to work the day after the election was like walking into a funeral. All this sadness because President Obama was re-elected, or perhaps it was the big money donations given to the opposition’s campaign. I, for one, am glad the presidential election is over. Maybe it will give all the Obama-haters something else to write about. If you don’t like the direction the country is going, I advise everyone to flood their congressmen’s and senators’ office with their dissatisfaction. Perhaps, when it’s time to vote again, you can look up where they stood on all your important and or petty issues. If you believe our country is worth living in and fighting for, then try harder to be a part of the solution.

Walking away

The stock market dropped 300 points the day after Obama’s victory and has continued to fall. The U.S. wealthy are pulling their money out, taking profits and walking away. The wealthy can take their money overseas and invest it and never be subject to U.S. taxes. Just like U.S. corporations and the trillions of dollars of profits they are holding overseas. The point is, America’s small investor needs the wealthiest money to be invested into the stock market to prop up their retirement accounts. So in the end, the middle class loses their nest egg just so Obama can say that he raised the taxes on the wealthiest.

At the top

Don’t start thinking you are going to start raising property taxes when the homes haven’t gone up in price. Also, there are no jobs. Salaries have to be reduced everywhere — starting at the top.

Energy independence

The U.S. has the oil and gas reserves, the technology and the demand. There needs to be a comprehensive plan from the oil fields to the consumer with goals, time line and accountability. Green energy also plays in this because if we perfect those technologies we can export our over-supply of oil and gas, making our economy stronger. If Roosevelt could have taken us from an isolationist country to the nuclear bomb in five years, then Obama could have done the same to put us on energy independence. There’s just a lack of vision and desire. He wants to make traditional forms of energy so expensive that the unproven green technology wins out in the end, which isn’t going to happen because the economy will tank before that.

He’s open

I’m not an Obama-hater, nor a Romney-lover. I’m open to new, innovative approaches and ideas, and Obama is not it. He managed to fly in like a messiah to the Sandy victims because he wanted to secure their vote. As leader it’s his job to help those Americans. Where was our all-mighty leader during the murder of our ambassador at Benghazi? Gen. David Petraeus, the leader of the CIA, knew too much and Obama had to cover his butt so he removed him from the big picture. With affairs and misdemeanors in this day and age, Obama’s buddy Bill Clinton had the audacity to carry on his affair in the precious White House and he kept his job.

No nukes

This is for all the tree-huggers out there. Now that Obama is back he is going to tax the heck out of our utilities, industries for coal, oil and gas. It’s going to take forever to get nuclear energy up and running again.

No help

Has our country received any help or support from other countries regarding the Sandy storm that did so much damage to our states?

Winchester House

Obviously, the top administrator of the Winchester House, and the Lake County administrator, do not have a loved one at the Winchester House when their comments pertained to minor things that were wrong. Anything that’s being done wrong is a big thing to a senior or someone’s loved one. Have some compassion and fix what’s wrong today.

Dog run over

My dog was killed on Lewis Avenue. I had him for twelve years and it was a Shih-Tzu. Two cars ran over him and they didn’t even stop. A family from Beach Park stopped, they had a little Chihuahua, and took me to the vet where he was pronounced dead. I want to thank them a lot and I believe the husband’s first name was John.

Xmas decorations

My goodness, can’t the mayor of North Chicago buy some new Christmas decorations for downtown. If not, at least change your bows. They are all dull in color. Get some new bright red bows. I’m sure you have money to put some bows up there that look like bows. Make it look nice.

Two checks

For all the Republicans complaining about certain Americans wanting free stuff; George W. Bush sent everyone a check. Twice.

Mundelein vets

No thanks to the Mundelein American Legion for not having any event scheduled for Veterans Day. Nothing whatsoever. They didn’t even place flags at Memorial Park located on the east entrance to the village. Shame on them.

Join the team

In regard to the individual in TOTC who said President Obama was re-elected as a result of the youth of America, specifically, the unwise and inexperienced. I would like that person to know that I’m 53 years old and my parents are in their 70s and we once again voted for President Obama for what he stands for. As I saw the crowds of people throughout the country that supported him I noticed a lot of different aged people and a lot of different ethnic groups. This was quite different than the other party. As long as you continue to want to live in your own reality, you will hold back this country from being able to achieve the greatness that it’s capable. If you accept the truth and join the team, we can do marvelous things.


The day after Veterans Day and looking through the paper I didn’t find anything our president has done for the veterans. Where did he go and what did he do? Nothing. I know he loves the military because he’s taken care of all their benefits by taking them all away from them. Let’s find out where he went.

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