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Updated: December 20, 2012 6:09AM

Holiday greetings

With Thanksgiving fast approaching and with Christmas and New Year’s just over a month away I would hope this holiday season we will actually get to hear some store employees say “Happy Thanksgiving”, “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” instead of the generic “Happy Holidays”.


Wish “Voices” would have asked me where I want to retire. Not in this state. The taxes our killing us and I doubt they’ll be reduced any time soon.

OK to shoot

You shoot a stray dog and they want to put you in jail. But, the guy shoots a herd-breeding red deer and her doe and they tell him it’s OK. If you’ve got a buffalo or horse or anything else that’s running loose when this guy is hunting, he can shoot it.

Almighty buck

You’re right Thanksgiving is a time for family, but Walmart is not the only business that only cares about profit. It’s greed. All anybody cares about is a buck.

Red deer meat

How many red deer can one hunter eat?

Tax discrimination

When our president wants to tax only the rich, this is discrimination. These people have gotten an education and worked hard to build a business or acquire a good, stable job. Why should they be the only ones taxed to pay for the 47 percent of the people that are lazy and want everything handed to them? If the lazy want something, they should get an education and a job.

Any better?

If those people that are yelling and screaming their heads off about President Obama think they can do any better then why don’t they run in the next election. I dare you.

Trickle down

There’s all this talk about rich people getting tax breaks so they can hang on to more of their money so that it will eventually trickle down to the poor. If people earn a decent wage they wouldn’t rely on what trickles down from the rich. The way things are going for the poor people now, it’s only a step away from slavery.

GOP loss

For all you poor, unintelligent Republicans, you lost. Pull your head out and get behind Obama and let him help America.

Love it or leave it

What a shame. After a second, rather convincing victory for President Obama, we still seem to have so many people that are unhappy with the leadership in this country. I’d just like to remind them all that we do have a country to our north and a country to our south that are just a hop, skip and a jump away. I invite them all to move there. After they’ve been there awhile I wish they would drop a line and let us know how everything is going.

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