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Updated: December 21, 2012 6:09AM

Taxpayer strike

To all you people that think you’re going to keep living off the have-nots so you can keep having. Well, when they all go on strike there will be no tax money and then the whole thing will collapse.

Horrible things

I was reading TOTC and if all the horrible things said about Obama were not laughable, it would be tragic. Where are your brains, people? You wanted a religious fanatic to become president of this country. How sad.

Obamacare costs

For all the supporters of President Obama, I would like to hear comments from you folks after Obamacare is actually implemented and people actually figure out what they are supposed to do and what they are required to do. For instance, if you work for a small company and they had to cut back on help or just shut down the place completely because they couldn’t afford the insurance. Or you couldn’t afford to work there because what insurance would cost you. Let me know how that is working for you in about a year.

The Fielders

What’s happening with the baseball field in Zion? I’m not hearing anything about it. The taxpayers should not be responsible for it. The commissioners and the mayor should be responsible because they are the ones that made the deal. We haven’t forgotten about it. There has just been no talk about it.

Voter suppression

It’s amazing to me how people that have a liberal philosophy continue to talk about voter suppression. You need an ID card to do anything in life. But then again, if you have a liberal philosophy, it’s very easy and common place to ignore facts and history when you make your opinions. There’s an estimated 1.6 percent of the population that don’t have ID cards currently. Now how is that voter suppression?

Blame Bush

In response to “Nation of gridlock.” What gridlock? President Obama brought us out of a recession that we were in which was caused by the right-wing administration of the previous eight years.

Romney did it

Someone in TOTC said that Obama loved the poor and he created millions and millions more. He didn’t have to because Mr. Romney did that. Remember, Mr. Romney said that anybody making $250,000 a year is classified as middle class. I don’t make $250,000. Since I make less, then I must be poor.

Time to move

I hope TOTC isn’t going to be a replay of the election for the next four years. It’s over folks. Move on!

Radio one

I’m one of 89,000 plus people who live in Waukegan, the ninth largest city in the state, the county seat of Lake County. Why don’t we have an English-speaking radio station? You turn on what use to be WKRS and all you get is Spanish. What is wrong?

Half the country

This is for all you Obama braggers. There’s still one-half a country out there that didn’t vote for Obama. The Democrats just happened to have a few extra moochers on their side than the Republicans. Obama promised them everything and a lot of people are wanting to live here for free and use up all our benefits. Half the people in this country don’t like Obama.

Still stewing

This is for the people that are still stewing about President Obama getting re-elected. Evidently, he was the better man so get on with your life. Stop worrying about President Obama because he’s doing a fine job.

Benghazi incident

Regarding the president’s press conference which was the first one he’s held in eight months. I’m wondering why did he get so fired up over a question about Ms. Rice and her comments after the Libya incident? He got very upset and bullheaded. Is there more to the relationship between him and Ms. Rice? Why didn’t he get this darn attitude when those people were killed in Benghazi? All of a sudden he’s puffing up like a rooster in a hen house. I think it’s time that the public found out what the heck is going on in Benghazi.

African poachers

Hey people, wake up. Don’t you know that there was 25,000 elephants killed in Africa last year. Let’s get over there with our Air Force, Navy and whoever else we can get before these poachers come after us.

Taking the flag

After the election, I removed the American flag from the front of my home and looked into moving to Canada or somewhere else. This is no longer the America I grew up in and loved. This has become a nation of freeloaders, baby killers and homosexuals, and I’m not part of it anymore. Then they complain about his picture not being splashed across the front page. Maybe they would like to worship him in church, too.

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