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Immigration benefits

Are the Illinois politicians for real? Now they’re talking about allowing illegals to get driver’s licenses. Don’t we currently offer enough free benefits to encourage illegal immigration to Illinois?

Updated: January 20, 2013 1:16AM

Immigration laws

Doesn’t Sheriff Mark Curran know that by not enforcing the immigration laws on the books that he is jeopardizing the citizens in Lake County and Illinois? He is also doing a disservice to our neighbors in Wisconsin. There is nothing stopping illegals from Illinois going to Wisconsin. This is a moral outrage. As long as we are paying Curran’s salary, we expect him to do the job he was elected to do. Otherwise, he can resign and be an outspoken advocate for the illegals ­— on his time.

Happy T-bird

I want to wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving and for giving us a wonderful newspaper.

Dem voters

The citizens of Illinois vote for anyone who is Democratic, no matter how bad. Like President Obama, our governor, Tammy Duckworth. Then the rest of us have to suffer for their stupidity. When are they ever going to wake up and check people out before they vote them in office.

Non-political unions

I have a statement to make about “Union label” in TOTC. Union people forget to tell us that when unions were started they were meant to be non-political.

Shallow, worrisome

I’m an independent voter who voted for President Obama. I wanted to vote for Mitt Romney if he gave me a reason to do so. He changed positions so often and vacillated on other issues as well. His 47 percent remarks were shallow and worrisome. I actually envisioned him at his inauguration wearing diamond-studded flip-flops. The man defeated himself. By the way, I pay plenty of taxes and I ask nothing from the government. I give more than I ever got and I’m a veteran as well.

Child support

I keep seeing all these signs “Feed the children.” What happened to all these fathers that fathered these children and why aren’t they supporting these kids? Why should people who are trying to get by today try to feed these kids?

Illinois pols

JoAnn Osmond of Antioch was one of the few Lake County Republican elected because Democrats like her idea of charging fees to state parks that we the taxpayers already fund. The Illinois politicians care, not for the state, but for themselves in order to fund their salary increases, their pensions and their expense accounts. Can anyone tell me what the benefits are to remain a taxpaying legal citizen in Illinois?

Pro tryout

Enough is enough. “Richmond wants to travel for pro tryouts.” Fine, if the judge allows it, let him go. But we don’t need to see his picture every time something comes up. I’m sure there are other young men that would like the opportunities that this man has been given. I’m praying that Judge Phillips will say enough is enough. He’s had his chance and now just follow the rules. After he serves his time, then he can go and try out for the pros.

Party of hate

All the TOTC is about anymore is the Republicans crying over their loss. Until they understand that they are the party of hate, they’ll never win another big election. They hate women, Latinos, blacks, Asians, gays and hate the research for cures of diseases. If Congress doesn’t wake up and start learning the word other than “no” in the next two years, I predict they’ll be out of here. I think the people will give them two more years to straighten up and learn how to say a three-letter word instead of a two-letter word and maybe they’ll have a chance. If they don’t get rid of people like Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump and the Tea Party, they’re gone. Maybe it’s good riddance.

Modern times

It’s not a question that the Republican Party become more moderate. It’s a question whether that party can become more modern.

Iconic hero

One minute General David Petraeus is an iconic American hero whose service to this country is immeasurable, and now he is fodder for tabloid creeps and late-night talk show buffoons. It’s so sad. Now his bright and talented mistress-biographer had her birthday/book party canceled by her prominent doctor husband, at which Washington notables were to attend. Me thinks that someone got a 40th birthday spanking she won’t forget.

The Grahams

Billy and Franklin Graham do more then preach and meet notable people. They have many outreach ministries. One notable one is the Samaritans Purse which has brought food, water, medical supplies and generators to disasters such as Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey. Other areas include the Joplin, Mo., tornado, Katrina in New Orleans, Haiti and the Japanese earthquakes.

Out of touch

To all you Republicans, listen up. You ran a nice campaign, but you’re out of touch.

Driving away

I work in a store in Round Lake Beach and I had to card a woman for alcohol and she gave me a Mexican driver’s license. I asked her if she had an American drivers license or one for Illinois. Then she got in her car and drove away. Does this mean she doesn’t have insurance either? Maybe Round Lake Beach police need to step up a little bit and check this stuff out.

Free money

This is to the winner. Let’s get something straight. Mr. Romney lost because of all the welfare voters out there. They don’t want to see all their free money go away.

Obama’s program

In response to “In the dark.” Are you saying if we don’t get with the program we are supposed to get on Obama’s program for freeloaders?

Stellar at NIU

In back-to-back days, two Waukegan student athletes have appeared on ESPN. Rashawn Melvin starts for the NIU Huskies and had an interception in the Nov. 14. He will graduate this year and is a professional prospect. Akeem Springs is starting for the NIU basketball team that appeared on ESPN on Nov. 13. Akeem’s team is rebuilding, but he is a key part of this rebuilding effort. Akeem is a true freshman that is a key player for the team. Waukegan and Lake County should have known about this rare event when two stellar student athletes from the area played on ESPN on back-to-back days. Many times it is so easy to talk to search and find the negative when the positive staring you in the face. Lake County, let’s go. News Sun, you should have been present to interview and provide a story on these gentlemen. Let’s do better!

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