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Updated: January 21, 2013 1:58AM

The fog

I have something to be thankful for today. I’m still alive after driving Wednesday morning in the fog with all the idiots that will not turn on their headlights — at least 45 percent.

Tax breaks

I have to give credit to Grayslake for freezing their property tax for next year. When is the rest of Lake County going to do the same? They have more money than they know what to do with and they spend it like water on other ridiculous things. Give the taxpayers a break as well.

Skewed taxes

If President Bush’s tax cut were so skewed to the wealthy and if they were such bad policy for the middle class and the poor, then why are we facing a fiscal cliff if they expire? If we raise the taxes on the wealthy, then everyone else will do well.


Regarding what Romney called entitlements. No one seems to want to say what the entitlements are or who exactly is getting entitlements. They don’t talk about the people that are uninsured and live off the government year round. Stop giving people anything and let everybody bear their own burden and we’ll see who’s getting entitlements.

Blame first lady

I don’t understand why the Hostess union people are complaining. Michelle Obama has made her big push about obesity. Blame her for losing your jobs and pensions. Your favorite snacks are no longer sold in school vending machines. So bye-bye Twinkies and cupcakes.

Emerging truth

The truth is slowly emerging about Benghazi. In June, terrorists blew a 12-foot-wide hole in the consulate to test security. On June 15, there was an emergency meeting concerning al-Qaida training camps in Benghazi and the deteriorating security around the consulate complex. The only thing that’s missing is Obama’s admission to his role in this mess. It’s time for Congress to subpoena him and have him be on the hot seat and finally tell the truth.

Clear message

On election night, the American people sent the Republican Party a very clear message. They need to either grow up and govern or get out of the way.

Shirking duties

Instead of Sheriff Curran shirking his responsibility to the taxpayers, maybe he should work with his people and the courts to streamline the processes dealing with these types of offenses. I think people in general are getting pretty tired of all the pandering to illegal aliens that’s been going on in this country. Our immigration system isn’t broken — people are just ignoring the law. I don’t have sympathy for the people that are ignoring our sovereignty and our laws. I do have great compassion for those people who are waiting in line to enter our country legally, but have to wait because so many people have entered illegally.

Ignorance is bliss

The ratings for the evening new shows have declined, which is evident by the results of the last election. Why be an informed voter? It seems that if you’re a Democrat, then ignorance is bliss.

Know your species

I agree with Frank Abderholden’s column in the Nov. 17 News-Sun. If you’re a hunter, you should know the species you’re shooting at.

Christian beliefs

This country is becoming immoral. We need to go back to Christian beliefs like the country was founded. This country would get along a lot better.

Chased out

The Waukegan School District is asking for another property tax increase. Not for the children, since most aren’t interested in learning as attendance and test scores indicate. It could be for the 75 percent of employees at the Lincoln Center that don’t live in Waukegan or the vast majority of employees, coordinators, etc., who are paying taxes elsewhere. This school district is chasing the real taxpayers out of Waukegan.

Dereliction of duty

Now that we know the intelligence community informed the Obama administration that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, I’ve got a question: Why didn’t the Obama administration react and try to save the ambassador and the three Navy SEALs that came to his aid? If they knew it was a terrorist attack, why didn’t they go in and help or do something? Where were they? Why were they derelict in their duties to help protect American citizens on American soil?

The loonies

For democracy to work, the Democratic Party needs a loyal opposition, not a looney opposition.

Time limits

I’d like to know why they haven’t got a time limit on welfare like they do on unemployment?

Duck in Chicago

Hey, Chicagoans, how’s that Daley/Emanuel “stricter gun laws means less violence” program working out for you? You elected Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Now learn to duck.


Palestine sent 200 rockets into Israel and killed three. They must have been plastic rockets or the chief rocket man is Bozo. They need to stop their foolish, unfounded vendettas, grow up and get in step with the rest of civilization.

CIA cover

Now we’ve learned that the Benghazi Consulate actually was a front for the CIA to monitor the region. That’s as stupid as when Kennedy and Johnson used the Peace Corps to monitor Third World countries. When the Peace Corps volunteers were victims of crime such as rape, it was all put underneath the carpet so it wouldn’t blow the CIA’s cover.

County talk

Thank you, TOTC. Reading your Nov. 17, it’s the first time this year that I’ve actually enjoyed TOTC, not talk of the country.


Regarding the story about donating clothing for veterans. I want to donate, but I need to know where and how.

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