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Updated: January 22, 2013 1:37AM

Public transit

I don’t believe we should be handing out driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants simply because of the fact that they’re undocumented and are breaking the law. They can take pubic transportation like all the rest of us if they need to look for a job.

Covers them all

About the comment in TOTC about holiday greetings in the stores. I work at a grocery store and we’re told to say “happy holidays” because not everybody celebrates Christmas and New Year’s. You have your Jewish holiday, Kwanza, and other different holidays. That’s why we’re told to say “happy holidays,” because it covers them all.

Shambles and turmoil

Regarding the article in TOTC about Obama being the great hope. Let’s see how that’s working for you in a couple of years. This country is going to be in so much turmoil, and all you people thought that voting for this man was so great. What a lot of you people don’t realize is he can’t run for another term. This man is living off our tax dollars like a king. He sends his family and friends all over the country on vacations while telling us we have to tighten our belts. This man is going to turn this country into a communist country and the economy is going to be shot in no time. Watch and see and mark my words. Unfortunately, he has nobody to answer to, and when his four years are up. He goes away, but in the meantime he can run our country into shambles.

The new Ollie

General Petraeus made a human error which is done on a daily basis by millions of people. If President Clinton can be such a liberal hero in President Obama’s eyes, why did he accept Petraeus’ resignation for one misguided falling out? What happened to forgiveness, or is Petraeus like the new Oliver North, the guy who will be thrown under the bus for others’ misgivings.

Natural gas

About the North Shore Gas proposed rate increase. It’s interesting at the same time we are told that there’s so much gas in this country, not only does the price of gas go down and it’s going to make us energy independent, then the rates go up. No matter how you slice it, companies like North Shore Gas will charge as much as they can regardless of what the supply. It is absolutely outrageous and they shouldn’t be granted an increase. They have to learn to live within their means.

Next election

When is the next election so we can get rid of Mark Curran for sheriff of Lake County? Anybody who says that licensing illegals will make our roads safer has got to go. They won’t buy insurance as my son-in-law knows. He got into an accident with two of them and they didn’t have insurance, so repairing his car was his expense. Also, they drive crazy because they can’t read the road signs. Is that going to make things safer or are we going to spend more money for road signs in Spanish?

Vehicle insurance

Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran is supporting the fact that he would like to license undocumented immigrants. If he feels that way, why isn’t he mentioning they have to have insurance when they are driving now?

Senator mayor

I’m so surprised that Terry Link has decided to run for mayor of Waukegan. I thought that he just spent a considerable amount of time, energy and money convincing everyone how much he wanted to be their senator again. I must have misinterpreted all those fliers I received in my mail with the smiling people saying how much he wanted to be their senator. Good thing I wasn’t fooled.

That’s who

To answer the contributor who thought that TOTC was written by one person. A right-wing group’s SuperPac money funds it and Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich write it. You know that “small, stale, pale” group. No excuse me, that’s Pelosi, Durbin and Harry Reid.

Last big war

When America was involved with the changing of the country of Palestine to Israel, many people in America were very concerned about this action. It placed Israel in a very hostile environment. It was like placing a lit torch in a basket full of paper and asking America to put out the flames. I believe the country of Israel will involve America in the last big war.

Political favor

Obviously, Mark Curran has never been in an accident with an undocumented immigrant. He should ask those of us who have before he starts currying political favor with Latino voters.

Smoke screen

What a smoke screen and charade Obama and the press are orchestrating. This is post-sexual revolution 2012 and they’re trying to portray that General Petraeus resigned because of an affair. The real reason is because he had to testify before the Congress and explain why the attack on the consulate lasted seven hours and the military didn’t intervene until 19 hours later. The ambassador and staff were sacrificed for Obama’s re-election. The confrontation with the terrorists would open up another military front in this election and would have cost Obama re-election.

Economic narcotic

What people fail to remember is the Bush tax cuts and mass deregulation were like a narcotic to the rich people and the rich corporations in this country. To get a healthy economy again, we’ll need to wean people off the drug that they were given a decade ago. It’s time to get rid of the Bush tax cuts and solve the economy.

Scary four years

The only thing more scary than another four years of Obama is to think about the amount of people in this country to have voted him in again.

We’ll all pay

If you think that Obama raising the taxes on the ultra-rich isn’t going to affect all of us, think again. When Obamacare goes into effect and raising taxes on small businesses, what do you think is going to happen? The prices are going to go up on all goods and services and we’ll all be paying for it. So all you jackals out there that think it’s just going to be the ultra- rich paying for it, we’re all going to be paying for it.

He’ll bet

Regarding the article in TOTC, “Love it or leave it.” After four years of Obama in this country, I’ll bet that Mexico, South America and Canada will start looking a little better than what this country’s going to look like.

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