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Updated: January 24, 2013 4:46PM

Pick and choose

I was taken aback by the stance your publication adopted Nov. 20 by agreeing with Sheriff Curran on the subject of driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. In my humble opinion, Sheriff Curran is charged with enforcing the laws as they exist. I and many others are getting fed up with elected officials reluctance to deal with illegal immigration and not using the laws that are already on the books. We don’t, as a society, get to pick and choose which laws we want to obey and I don’t believe that your paper or Sheriff Curran should encourage this type of behavior. The fact that he readily admits that he has knowledge of thousands of unlicensed , uninsured and undocumented drivers on our roads is scary as well.

Twinkie time

Isn’t it time President Obama steps in and bails out the Twinkie company and its union.

Residents ignored

Why do Winthrop Harbor officials continue to ignore the residents on Mary Avenue? They tore up the road at the corner of Mary Avenue and 11th street and never finished repairing it. Now there’s a hole in the road that cars have to go through. They also don’t pick up leaves on Mary Avenue. We are taxpayers.

North to Alaska

To the person in TOTC who said he was taking down the American flag after the election and wanting to move to Canada. Why don’t you just move to Alaska?

One by one

I think the Waukegan Police Department is doing a wonderful job and I appreciate them doing that hard job. They are taking down the drug dealers and gangs one by one. I feel they are really making progress.

Just stay home

If you don’t want the stores starting their Black Friday on Thursday, Thanksgiving, then do what I do — stay home. Most of these specials are not specials anyway. It’s a way the stores can get rid of outdated, overstocked items from their stores. Just stay home with your family.

They’ll drive

Regarding the Nov. 20 article in Our View “Licensed drivers.” Why go through the headache, hassle and wasted funds to give undocumented aliens a driver’s license? We already give them everything else and they’re undocumented and they’re not supposed to be here. They’ll do down to the DMV once, try to take the test and if they don’t pass they’ll continue to drive without a license. Every time they move, do you really think they’re going to go down there and wait in line to have their driver’s license changed? Six months after you issue it, nothing on there is going to be valid. It’s just a waste of time. Do you really think that they’re going to spend their money to buy insurance? They’re too busy sending all their money back home to support their families and plan for their retirement.

A wish

For all the complaining in TOTC, I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and shopped till you dropped on Black Friday.

Stupid thing

Normally, I agree with most of the Our View opinions. But, the driver’s license opinion Nov. 20 is the most stupid thing I read in you paper in a long time. In this state we allow a vehicle for immigrants to come in, take our jobs, wreck cars on the road and other things. Why do you think if they get licenses they will get insurance? Are you kidding me? Now you are giving them another carrot for them to come here to create havoc which they have already done.

Not safer

Why do politicians and The News-sun perpetuate an outright lie by telling people by giving illegals driver’s licenses that it will drop your insurance rates and make the roads safer? It is not going to happen.

Honest game

The 49ers and the Bears football game was the cleanest football game all year. There was no head-butting and there was no one trying to snatch the ball. It was an honest game.

They report

To all the haters of Obama, I have some advice for you. Continue to listen to Fox News and continue to be misled.

Presidential policies

To the Democrats: Your wish for the U.S. to become a national socialist country is not and will not be achieved. I will continue to state that President Obama has added $6 trillion to the national debt. His Obamcare is wrong for this country and will add another $2 trillion to the national debt. President Obama’s policies have caused nine million people to lose their jobs. I will also continue to state that where was President Obama when those four men were being slaughtered in Benghazi when his national intelligence group was watching it for seven hours on videotape?

Dropping rockets

I’m so sick of hearing everybody criticize Israel. If people weren’t dropping rockets at them randomly they wouldn’t have to protect themselves. They should run everybody out of the entire area they call Israel and just keep it for themselves. The Muslims in the Middle East, now called the Arab Spring, can’t even live with each other, let alone anybody else. If you don’t think they poise to wreak havoc in the U.S., too, you’re wrong.

Learn from mistakes

President Obama barely got re-elected. Maybe in his second term he’ll learn from his mistakes he made in his first term. My advice to the president is to listen to his advisers more. It could be other people have better ideas than he does.

The McCain spiral

Sen. John McCain has been in a downward spiral ever since he lost the election to Obama in 2008. His charges toward Rice are unfounded. Remember, this is the man that picked Sarah Palin to be our vice president. McCain should retire.

Millions for others

Instead of giving millions and millions of dollars to other countries that hate America, why don’t we just keep our money for this year. Invest it in our own country and let’s try to get some stuff going here. We can’t take care of the whole world even though they want us to so it’ll drag us down. They use our own laws against us.

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