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Updated: December 27, 2012 6:14AM

Asian tour

With all the problems we are having in Israel and our economy, why in the world did President Obama take a tour of southern Asia?

Another pol

General Petraeus admitted the Benghazi attack was terrorists and not protesters and he believed that from the start. The next thing you know is Obama and Clinton have to take off for Asia on a “goodwill” mission. I think what they really worked on was their alibis and some way to cover this all up. I voted for Obama four years ago and I’m glad that I didn’t vote for him in this last election. I thought Hillary would be a great candidate in the next presidential election. Now I think she’s nothing but another politician.

Postal pensions

The demise of the U.S. Post Office is imminent and the fault lies squarely in the laps of House Republicans, who have steadfastly refused to take action to correct a situation created in the lame-duck session of the 2006 Republican Congress. Now, the post office is facing a loss of $15.9 billion for fiscal year 2012. Why? Because the 2006 Congress passed legislation requiring the post office to prefund retirement benefits for 75 years. Nowhere else is such a draconian requirement in place. Not in government, not in the private sector. In a sane world, the post office would be self-sustaining, and it wouldn’t take much to rectify the situation. The Senate has already passed a fix but House Republicans refuse to act on it, instead preferring to continue to require the post office to make a $5.5 billion annual payment into its pension program. Without the forced payments, the post office would have a $1.5 billion surplus. Instead it is facing bankruptcy and, ultimately, extinction. And that is exactly what Republicans want.

Numbers game

Congratulations to all of you blind-trusting people who supported Obama in this last election. You now have the privilege of standing behind some 420,000 new Link card recipients who purchase the best cuts of meat and other convenience foods that those of us who work cannot afford. These 420,000 new recipients were added to the welfare rolls in the month of October 2012. That is almost 8,000 new food-stamp recipients per state in the United States who now are part of the entitlement programs that the Obama administration has paid for by those of us still working or retirees on a fixed income from Social Security and pension plans or taking monies out of the Medicare program. These numbers were not released by the Department of Agriculture until after the Nov. 6 election. Guess who was behind not releasing these numbers?

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