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Updated: December 29, 2012 6:11AM

Jails or schools

I’m a school teacher in Lake County and I think it’s absolutely disgusting that Lake County can come up with millions of dollars to build jails and courtrooms, but they have no money to put into the school system and into the future of these children. They have no arts or sports until they get into high school, and at that point sometimes they’re lost. Why don’t we have more money going into the arts to support the children? You won’t need so many courtrooms and jails if children had a brighter future to look forward to.

Antioch fire, rescue

I was beyond happy to read that Antioch is looking into combining rescue and fire operations. With the communications recently of misconduct with the rescue squad, I continue to pray to never need their services, afraid of what treatment that I would be receiving. Adding more oversight and including the fire operations team, I feel a bit more at ease that appropriate behaviors will be in place. I pray this goes forward as an improvement.

‘Crankshaft’ fan

Your cartoons are great and I love “Crankshaft.” The one about Thanksgiving Day was a humdinger. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep buying the paper. Take care guys.


It appears that the national media is going to continue their brown-nosing of the Democratic Party. They continue their attacks on any Republican that might show their worth and want to run for president in four years. Now the national media is trying to attack Marco Rubio just because he may be a front-runner in four years. It’s really sad that this country doesn’t have a free, open and independent media.

Thoughtless people

I’m truly disgusted by the Nov. 22 article regarding the basketball game at the Warren Township High School. The fights that broke out and the behavior of the North Chicago and Waukegan students was despicable. It’s a shame something like a tournament has to be ruined by these thoughtless people.

More freebies

The “Out of touch” article in the TOTC was right. The Republicans are out of touch with the freeloaders who want more freebies from the government. Where will it end?

Basketball fans

Way to go North Chicago and Waukegan fans at the Warren and Mundelein basketball holiday tournament. If you can’t act right, then just stay home.

Court renovations

The Lake County Board has voted to fund new additions to the county criminal courts and renovations for the jail and juvenile courts. Be aware when the projects are completed there will be a need to fill new additional positions to hire more support staff including bailiffs, maintenance, personal and maybe even another judge or two. This will translate into higher property taxes for more salaries, pensions and medical expenses. Beware, people.

Keep it up

People keep voting for politicians who want to take away our liberties. Wake up before it’s too late. Or, is it already too late?

No handouts

America is changing for the worst. People used to work for anything they wanted to have. Today, people are no longer ashamed to receive handouts. The military has a code of justice where everyone is accountable for their actions. There isn’t any handouts in the military — you have to earn your own way. Civilians should also earn their own way. Hard work never hurt anyone. So, America, let’s all start working for what we get.

Four-way stop

Why does the village of Beach Park do everything backward? I’m talking about the new four-way stop at North Avenue and Beach Road. A four-way stop would be better utilized at North Avenue and Yorkhouse Road. Come on, Beach Park mayor and trustees, think things through before you make any more of your decisions.

Taxation crisis

Open your eyes, News-Sun. It is just not a pension crisis, it’s more of a taxation crisis. Illinois homeowners and working people are being taxed out of existence. Every week you report that another business has crossed over and is doing business now in Pleasant Prairie. Everyday you print dozens and dozens of homes that are in foreclosure or have been sold for taxes. Do you think after it shifted over to the homeowner and the property owners it’s going to get any better? These pensions need to be cut and that’s why the Republicans are not offering an alternative. Their stance is the giveaways stop here. That’s the way it has to be to protect the taxpayer, not the public workers who’ve got all the benefits in the world and just sit on their butts.

Political tragedy

You want the truth about Benghazi? It’s very simple. It was a secret CIA station, so the initial reports were less than full disclosure. Everything else, starting with the very day our ambassador was murdered, has been a shameful effort by Republicans to turn a tragedy into a political issue for their own gain.

Roman changes

When Rome sacked Jerusalem the Romans changed the name to Palestine. It was called Israel for 1,000 years before it was called Palestine. The Palestinians have no right to that land. They should sweep those people right off the Gaza Strip and tell them that it’s our property.

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