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Updated: January 28, 2013 1:59AM

They failed

As a retired superintendent and long-term resident of Lake County, I’m appalled at the actions taken by North Shore School District 112 regarding their teachers’ new contract. Despite a huge retirement deficit problem in Illinois they, along with the push from the union, elected to continue to grant annual 6 percent bonuses to retiring teachers. District 112 teachers are among the best paid in the state, and country for that matter. The union claims the district will lose teachers if they didn’t pay better. Who does the union think they’re fooling? There will be 100 applicants for every teacher who leaves. The teachers’ union and District 112 failed the good folks of Illinois and should be ashamed of themselves.

Causing trouble

Beach Park closed Cruisers Bar on Sheridan Road, so now their customers come to our nice quiet family karaoke bar and cause trouble. Thanks a lot, Beach Park.

Video gaming

Antioch and the other communities that approved video gaming are ridiculous. We don’t need them.

Helping Hostess

All through the election, Obama portrayed himself as the great job saver and creator. Why didn’t he help Hostess and save those 18,000 jobs that just disappeared? I guess that only counts when you’re running for office. Now they’re going to be part of the abomination of food stamps and unemployment checks. What a plan for the future Obama has for us all.

Linked in

I still think Terry Link is running for mayor of Waukegan so he can control what Waukegan does about the new casino that will be going up in Park City that Terry Link is pushing for. He’s going to put Waukegan at a disadvantage so look out.

Terrorist warrior

My answer to “Dereliction of duties” is quite simple, it’s election-year politics. Obama painted himself as the big terrorist warrior. In the end, we found out it wasn’t quite true because one of the Navy SEALs who actually did kill bin Laden told the truth that varied from Obama’s story. Al-Qaida was killing our military instructors in Afghanistan so al-Qaida was not dead. Then, we find out that the Arab Spring was actually more of a empowerment of the Muslim Brotherhood which kind of shot that down. A battle over the Benghazi consulate didn’t play into the re-election, so it became a story of protesters and a video. How convenient.

Twinkie defense

A big thank you to Michelle Obama for removing all those Twinkies and Ho Hos out of the vending machines in the schools. We only put 18,000 people out of work and caused the demise of a company.

Special delivery

I hate to be critical, but my God, if a postal worker is supposed to deliver mail accurately and he doesn’t, then he should be fired, like most people working in the real world. But, these people don’t even seem to get a slap on the wrist. They just keep doing what they want and don’t care. I realize that isn’t everyone, but we sure have had, as my neighbors have, way too many missed deliveries.

Economic recovery

I have the answer to economic recovery for this country. The day our money becomes so worthless in the world market, it will be cheaper to make things cheaper here again if we have anybody who remembers how to do it. Just tell them to keep printing the money as fast as possible and it will come quicker.

Driving school

Regarding this whole debate over giving illegals a driver’s license, I have no problem with them having a driver’s license. Giving it to them is another problem. I think they should apply for a permit and, if need be, go to a driving school, but don’t just hand them a driver’s license. They must pay for all of the above. It’s crazy because if it costs them any money whatsoever, they’re not going to be involved in it, but if it’s for free then they will be involved.

Homemade egg nog

My sister made home made egg nog and I never got the recipe from her. Could someone tell me the recipe for homemade egg nog.

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