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Updated: January 29, 2013 2:13AM

Few more pennies

Billionaires are going to be forced to pay a few more pennies in taxes. We are doomed, I tell you, doomed!

Get out more

The person who thinks Beach Park is going backward must not get out much. When you pay your water bill, you can see the maps in their lobby that show what they are doing. That four-way stop at North and Beach is so people can cross where the new sidewalk ends on one side of the road, to the new sidewalk on the other side. I for one am thankful the many kids I have almost hit who aren’t smart enough to get off of the road may actually use this. And I think you need to call Lake County if you want to get that stop sign over on Yorkhouse Road.

Remember pets

To all the animal lovers out there. If you can spare a blanket, a bag of cat or dog food or Christmas toys for a cat or dog in a shelter, that would be wonderful. The Waukegan pound and other shelters around the area take donations. It would be wonderful if everybody could give something because it all adds up. God bless you all.

Spectator problems

The recent spectator problem at Warren High School is a reminder that scheduling events between Warren, Waukegan and North Chicago is a huge gamble. There are many individuals out there just waiting for an opportunity to cause problems and these three schools gave them the perfect setting to create havoc. I am not blaming the schools entirely, however the decision-makers that created this tournament should have had major concerns about potential problems. There is an element out there that is connected to each of these schools directly or indirectly in a multitude of ways. While no one can predict what will happen at a sporting event, anyone who hasn’t had their head in the sand over the last 25 years should realize that putting these three schools together — for almost a week mind you — is creating a real potential problem off the court/field. If you have to have beefed up school security/police presence at a high school sporting event, I think it is time to re-evaluate things. These three schools should consider going in different directions next year, even if I have to drive a bit to watch the games. At least I’ll be able to watch them in person.

Theatrical content

History, particularly as it has been written in this country, is what those who were in power chose and agreed to record. The deciding factor to any historical controversy has always leaned toward: “When the facts meet the legend, print the legend.” Nothing could be more true in this case than the recently released movie, “Lincoln.” Hollywood has grossly overstated and glamorized historical context for theatrical content. Lincoln was a good president for the Union, a master of logistics and the ultimate politician. Stop portraying Native and African Americans as pitiful, humble and grateful for allowing us to have human dignity. These we already had and recognition in this society has taken its time. Be responsible to each other and the truth shall set us all free.

Romney lost?

There are many reasons still being discussed why Romney lost the election. He was not deemed to be an average middle-class American because he has too much money; he’s a 1 percenter and not a 99 percenter; then he picked Paul Ryan to be his running mate and all the Republican senior citizens heard he was cutting Social Security and Medicare so they stayed home during the election. They seem to have missed the part that takes $716 billion over 10 years out of Medicare and gives it to Obamacare. People didn’t want their freebies to end and believed they wouldn’t with “redistributor” Obama as president.

Nobody cares

I’m not saying this to down women, but all I hear about is breast cancer. What about the men that have prostate cancer? So many men have this cancer and they don’t seem to care about the men.

Cvengros tops

Special thanks to Laurie Cvengros for her 24 years of service as Beach Park village clerk. We appreciate all that you have done for us citizens. You’re tops.

Hug a tree

If we sold all of our natural resources of trees in the U.S., which is worth about $269 trillion, it would solve the national debt problem and also pay every American about $800,000 each. Think about it.

People worry

In response to the person that wrote “Asian tour.” President Obama is the president of the U.S. Why are so many people worried about where he travels. He has a big responsibility. It is our duty, whether we like him or not, to get behind him and support him. Leave him alone and let him do his job.

Bush’s policies

If President Bush’s economic policies for people were so terrible, then why is President Obama and his Democratic administration, and allies in the Senate, trying to keep 99 percent of those policies with the exception of raising taxes on the top 1 percent? Sounds like Bush’s policies were actually good for the people.

American aid

I worked hard for 33 years for the postal service and I believe I earned my retirement. In all kinds of weather, I always did my job for my customers. Our government could easily help fellow Americans in the postal service if we didn’t give a lot of money to countries that don’t like us, such as Egypt. Let’s help our own people. It would be a pleasant surprise to hard-working Americans.

Medical assembly line

One of the major business magazines had an article concerning Medicare payments. Under Obamacare, hospitals are now going to receive a lump sum for a medical condition no matter how difficult and involved the patient’s treatment. One of the North Shore’s most prominent cardiologists was asked about this lump sum payment system and his answer was simple: I can’t wait to retire. Obamacare is taking the doctoring out of medical care and trying to turn it into an assembly line.

Sheriff Curran

If Sheriff Curran can’t or won’t support our laws regarding illegal immigrants, let’s vote him out via special election. As far as I know, there is a process to accomplish exactly that! I can’t believe he’s taking the position he is on the issue. Vote him out. We have enough people breaking laws, let alone our own sheriff. We shouldn’t stand for it. Speak up, Lake County people.

Fiscal cliff

Regarding our financial cliff crisis. If we do nothing and a deal is not reached, 90 percent of Americans will pay more in taxes and our economy will suffer.

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