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Updated: January 30, 2013 1:15AM

Impressed with Waller

In regard to the front page on Nov. 27 concerning Mike Waller. The first time I met Mr. Waller was on the Robert Snook murder trial in which he was the prosecutor. I was very impressed with that man. He held himself personally responsible and held his staff accountable for everything. He’s very professional, compassionate and an outgoing man. I only had that one meeting with Mr. Waller while I was on that jury, and he was very informative and helpful to the jurors.

Barat College

I still can’t believe that the people of Lake Forest, who seem to be good stewards of history, are letting them tear down Barat College. It’s a gorgeous historical building and that beautiful historic campus would be ruined. There’s an old pillar back in the trees with mysterious words on it, which is an important piece of history that we can never get back. So many people’s lives have been changed in that building and they’re just going to tear it down.

It’s looming

The fiscal cliff is looming along with the double-dip recession. Obama supporters and detractors said that Obama needs to be a leader. He needs to be in a room negotiating a solution. What is Obama doing? The same failed approach which is flying around, making speeches and laying blame. Someone needs to tell this guy that only the House and Senate can vote on the budget.

Driving illegal

Regarding illegal aliens in Illinois getting driver’s licenses. The politicians say they want them to get driver’s licenses so they can get insurance. In reality, they couldn’t care less. All they want to do is get re-elected. So regardless of what we want, they’re going to give them driver’s licenses to drive on our highways. This would have never happened if they had enforced the immigration laws in the first place and didn’t let so many cross the border. This is a sign that the government is too big and it’s self serving. This is just another way for them to get votes. The public be damned.

Kids and guns

It’s time to call in the National Guard. A Humvee and a .50-caliber machine gun on the corner will stop these kids from carrying guns. I lived in a foreign country for a long time, and I’m telling you right now that kids don’t run around with weapons in a foreign country. We need to stop this before more kids and people get killed.

Lives ruined

I want to congratulate The News-Sun for putting Mike Waller on the front page. It states: “I’m walking out the door with my head held high.” Five years Jerry Hobbs sat in jail and was never brought to trial. Thank goodness Mr. Waller is no longer in a situation that he can ruin anybody’s lives.

Blaming Republicans

I keep hearing from President Obama and the Democrats in the Senate that the Republicans need to come up with a plan to avoid the U.S. from going off a financial cliff. How about this for a novel idea: Instead of President Obama sitting on his hands waiting for other people to do his job, why doesn’t he come up with an idea for once? Come up with a plan to avoid this fiscal cliff that he pretty much created, along with the Democrats. Quit blaming the Republicans for all the problems.

Worst states

The two worst states in the U.S. are California and Illinois. These two states are really bankrupt. Both states are ruined by liberal Democrats and progressive loonies. Even worse, we have a president from one of the worst states. People who are Democrats in these two states should go stick their heads back in the sand again till the next election.

GOP cooperation

About people bashing President Obama. He is our president and if you don’t like it, then leave this country. He’ll be here for another four years subject to how much cooperation the Republicans give him.

Medicare myths

The latest issue of AARP’s magazine delivers the truth about Medicare and Obamacare. Changes to Medicare will reduce spending by a total of $716 billion between 2013 and 2022. The largest portion of these savings come from changes to provider payments and correcting overpayments to insurance companies. Get the facts and don’t let Obama’s opponents keep the myths going.

Visitor logs

Why won’t the Obama White House release the visitor log of the names of people who visited the White House during his first nine months of his term in office. The Judicial Watch has been trying to get the information from the Secret Service under the Freedom of Information Act since September 2009. Don’t you wonder what Obama is hiding from us?

Book review

I recently read “Mountains Beyond Mountains” by Tracy Kidder and it tore at my soul. It’s an account of Dr. Paul Farmer’s work with the destitute of Haiti. It made me angry to read of this country’s misguided contributions to the sordid history of Haiti and yet be proud to be in America of Dr. Farmer and the generous people who support his work. A quote in the book reminds me of an old prayer: “Do not pray to God to end starvation he has already richly endowed the earth. It is up to us to share resources justly.”

Triple J

Jesse Jackson Jr. has resigned from the House of Representatives and he’s probably going to do some prison time as well he should.

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