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Updated: January 6, 2013 9:39AM

Three lawyers

Gurnee Mayor Kristina Kovarik is using three lawyers to try and get an agreement on that veterans memorial which she’s opposed. Can’t she find one smart lawyer in the entire town of Gurnee? Why is she wasting taxpayers’ money? Smarten up, people of Gurnee. Get a good mayor instead of what we have now.

A prayer

It’s my prayer and wishes that everyone had a blessed and bountiful Thanksgiving. As we look forward to this Christmas holiday season, remember it’s not fanatical to live for Christ when he died for us.

Raiding the fund

I disagree with Our View in the paper titled “Durbin’s plea.” Durbin and the rest of these politicians have to realize that they’re the ones that caused the problem with Social Security and Medicare. They keep raiding the fund for other things and never put it back. If there’s to be any reform, it should start with the politicians first. They need to cut their pensions, health insurance and their pay and put it back into Social Security. If they did that, they’ll find a way to solve the Social Security problem quick. Right now, they’re not affected by Social Security so they don’t care.

Waukegan taxes

No, no, no to Waukegan raising property taxes. What is Waukegan, crazy? We should have a referendum which gives the people the right to make the decision.

Details, details

About Jereme Richmond getting to travel for pro tryouts and his picture in The News-Sun again. What is it about him that The News-Sun has to put every detail about what is going on in his life when we have young men that have stayed the straight and narrow not looking for people to get them out of jams? What is it about this young man that The News-Sun feels they have to give us a day-by-day or month-by-month report?

Out of the sand

I read the article about Mike Waller where he stated that he was leaving the office “with his head held high.” I’m glad to see after 22 years he was able to pull it out of the sand.

The year 2012

When Americans elect liars and opportunists to run our country, you get America 2012.

Into the sunset

Former State’s Attorney Mike Waller now rides off into the sunset to enjoy a lavish pension. Wouldn’t it have been refreshing on his last day rather than consistently saying “no comment” to use two other words like, “I’m sorry”?

Fear government

Does your congressman or senator or president respect or fear you? Hell, no. They want you to fear the government and they have done an excellent job. Do the letters IRS give you the warm fuzzies? I would like them to respect us. I would much prefer that they feared us. Our representatives are not going to change until we force them to change. Like our soldiers and citizens, it’s time for our representatives to start to sacrifice for the good of the country.

Egg nog recipes

There are various egg nog recipes around for homemade egg nog. It would be nice if The News-Sun could obtain some of these recipes and publish them for people. Another good source is cookbooks.

Unhealthy Hostess

I truly can’t believe you people. You’ve blamed everything in this country on the Obamas. Everything from financial to health-related issues that has ever happened in this country. Now, Michelle Obama is being blamed for the Hostess bakery mess. That’s just unbelievable to me. Did it ever dawn on you that if Hostess had made something healthy some time ago maybe they wouldn’t have gone under.

‘Crook County’

The amazing “Crook County” voters elected Jesse Jackson Jr. knowing that he was being investigated. Then they voted for another politician that was under indictment at the time. They wonder why their whole system is falling apart. They’re underfunded, their schools are falling apart and people are shooting each other.

High tariffs

Instead of giving tax breaks to American companies to try and save the jobs here, just eliminate the tax cuts for these companies and impose very high tariffs on American companies who are producing products overseas and shipping them back here. Treat them as if they were a foreign company.

The set up

I am scared to death if Terry Link becomes the mayor of Waukegan. Oh my goodness, a man like that should not have that much power. Watch how he will try and set this race up as he set up the Democratic primary for Lake County state’s attorney’s race. Just watch, people.

Street corner charity

Did anyone ever look into all these people that are standing on the street corners and in front of stores. They just have coffee cans with a hole cut in the lid with a sign on there that says “Help the children.” I see this at almost every intersection and store. It’s getting ridiculous. I’ve never heard of them and don’t know what they do with the money. They probably just put it in their own pocket.

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