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Updated: February 4, 2013 1:17AM

Curran’s flip

I love the way Mark Curran has flipped on the immigration issue. Is he serious? He wants to license undocumented immigrants? They don’t want to pay for insurance and they don’t want a license. They don’t want to be tracked because they are illegal, many of them repeat offenders in our judicial system. A driver’s license is a privilege, not a right. Why don’t we institute a stricter policy on people who don’t have a license and insurance who are undocumented? As they are not citizens, send them back immediately to their home county. Don’t put them in jail so we can continue to support them. Not only will I not vote for Curran when the next election comes up, I will campaign for whoever runs against him. This Sheriff has got to go.

Eunuch brigade

With the Petreaus scandal unfolding and national security possibly compromised, should we ban heterosexuals from the military? Do we have enough eunuchs to serve?

Durbin’s right

About the Nov. 30 News-Sun’s Our View, “Durbin’s plea.” I am not a fan at all of Dick Durbin, but what is in this article makes a lot of sense. This man is finally arriving at the fact that we have to work together to get something done in this country. Mr. Durbin has my attention, I hope he pursues and goes forward with this and I hope he brings a lot of his constituents and fellow senators with him. Great for Mr. Durbin and I hope he can do what he is talking about.

Easy egg nog

Here’s an easy recipe for egg nog: Go to the store, open the dairy cooler, pick up Dean’s or Oberweis egg nog, head to the checkout. Fast, easy and once you get home, ready for brandy or rum!

Recycling rage

I’m sick and tired of people who don’t recycle. Get off your lazy butts and recycle.

Hard to justify

I have been a Democrat forever, but I would like a person that’s not one of your over-the-top Obama haters to rationalize why the president leaves D.C. to talk about the fiscal cliff when the people he should be talking to are right there. I want to support his agenda, but taking the presidential jet and armada of vehicles, choppers and security army seems to fly in the face of logic. It just seems to show a lack of monetary responsibility to those of us who try to pay our bills and worry about our future. It’s really hard to justify, in my view.

Which schools?

Why didn’t the River Glen Capital Group, which is applying to build 155 townhomes with a Waukegan address, let us know what schools the children will go to? Will they go to Waukegan, Gurnee or Libertyville?

News flash

You don’t go to a movie to find out what history truly is. Look it up yourself.

Part-time senator

State Sen. Terry Link stated he’s able to run for mayor of Waukegan because being a state senator is only a part-time job. How many of us would love a part-time job that provides health insurance, a great pension, plus an annual salary of over $77,000 a year. Not bad , not bad at all. Is it any wonder why Illinois is broke?

District 187 transportation

I’d like to know what happened to the people that were involved in the money that was taken from the North Chicago High School. I think the taxpayers of North Chicago deserve to know what happened to these people. There’s nothing being said concerning this incident.


President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation not to free the slaves, but to save the Union. Please understand that.

Nog and pudding

Egg nog recipe: Two cups milk, two eggs beaten, one-third cup sugar, one teaspoon vanilla, and raisins or cinnamon on top. If you add two cups of bread and bake it for an hour at 350 degrees, it could be bread pudding.

Plea for votes

Next term, Durbin’s plea will be for votes. He won’t get mine.

‘Soup to poop’

Regarding The Daily Splash of Nov. 30, about “soup to poop.” As an honors English teacher, I wished for my red pen and students who are able to write well. I don’t need soup each day. Splash provides this function.

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