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Updated: February 5, 2013 2:11AM

No stopping them

I thought maybe four years ago when the national debt hit $10 trillion the fools in Washington would actually stop spending our kids’ money. Now that the national debt is $16 trillion plus, they continued to spend in the last three to four years. They are destroying this country and there is no stopping them.

Honoring Christmas

I believe that the various governments who put up Nativity scenes, crosses, etc., are not promoting a Christian religion — they’re honoring it. I think that people who object to any sign of Christmas are jealous of the camaraderie and good feelings of those who celebrate Christmas. These people should refuse the pay they receive for the Christmas holiday. They should put their money where their mouth is.

Social Security money

Making changes to Social Security and Medicare will not help the deficit and the national debt because already the retirement age for future retirees is 67 for full benefits. Medicare is paid for by payroll deductions and Social Security would pay for itself if the payroll deductions were returned to 6.2 percent and the government would pay back all the money it has taken from the trust fund. Politicians just want to cut benefits so they can continue to spend Social Security money on other things. We must not let them get away with this.

Getting rich

Nobody is getting rich off of Social Security. Does anybody in either party understand what’s going outside of Washington, D.C.? The way to balance the budget is to stop the waste, fraud, pork and repetitive government services. One hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing. Where does the $1.4 trillion go that the government spends and has to borrow every year?

Very strange

During the election, President Obama criticized Mitt Romney for his plan to fix the economy. I find it very strange that after the election President Obama has called upon Mitt Romney for a White House visit to help him with economy issues. Maybe the wrong person is in the White House who can fix our economy.

Concierge doctors

Obama said he wanted to revolutionize American health care service. That’s exactly what’s happening. Many doctors are becoming concierge doctors which are doctors that no longer accept insurance. You would make a payment like if you belonged to Sam’s Club and they take a limited amount of patients. So far this year, the percentage has increased 30 percent over 2011. This is the hottest new trend with family doctors that are going to become concierges so they’re not going to be able to treat people that are enrolled in Obamacare. We are going to have a medical crisis in this country because of Obamacare.

Our money

Regarding the fiscal cliff and us going over it. Stop giving our money to all these countries that hate us. It’s the stupidest thing we’ve ever done. I don’t understand the whole idea that if we give them money they’re going to be our friends. If we kept our money instead of giving aid to these countries, we would have the money to take care of ourselves.


My stomach is queasy to see Obama hosting like he’s some comedian, making jokes. Can’t he take the job seriously for at least a little while. He’s not on the campaign trail anymore and can’t get re-elected again. People are losing their houses and jobs. China’s getting more jobs, but we’re not.

High water bill

Regarding the Waukegan water bill. Why is the Waukegan water bill so high? My bill has doubled and they keep telling us it’s a leak, but it’s not a leak. They need to check this out.

Joyful day

What a joyful day to read TOTC on Dec. 3. Not one hateful Republican comment. Congratulations.

Beach Park intersection

I’d like to thank Mayor John Hucker of Beach Park for the intersection at Sheridan and Yorkhouse roads. That is a quality picture of our community and the way things should be in Beach Park. I know you’ve got a real story to tell, but I would just like to say that’s the quality of leadership we have in this community.

Housing proposal

The River Road townhome project would be the first housing proposal since the Traditions at Glen Flora in 2004. We all know that has been a disaster and the developers went bankrupt.

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