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Updated: January 11, 2013 6:08AM

Kringle’s Kingdom

I recently visited the rejuvenated Kringle’s Kingdom in Zion. I was awestruck at the intricate and painstakingly craftsmanship of all the window-box displays. Moreover, one did not necessitate the need to move quickly due to frigid weather as the new Kingdom is now indoors. I urge everyone to find time from their busy holiday schedule to visit the new Kringle’s Kingdom at the old Warwick building in Zion. It will be a memorable Christmas experience.

Free ride for illegals

Why don’t we just open all the doors to the stores and give it all to these illegals who are in this country because that’s what you’re doing now. You’re giving them everything including free breakfast and lunch at school, free schooling and now you’re giving them driver licenses. They’re going to go out and have wrecks and won’t have any insurance. I think it’s time that somebody should do something because we’re spending millions of dollars a day to keep them out of this country. Now, we’re giving them everything so why not come here to get it for free.

Kringle’s a gem

My family and I toured Zion’s Kringle’s Kingdom in Zion the other day. What a wonderful wonderland for all ages! Even our toddlers had a great time! One can tell so much care and planning have gone into putting on this annual Christmas attraction. This time, the displays are indoors on Deborah Avenue, so everyone can take their time to enjoy all the delightfully decorated shadow boxes and the numerous colorful Christmas tress in relative comfort. If you are looking for a family-friendly Christmas event to celebrate the season, don’t overlook this true gem of Lake County.

Par for the course

This is a question for the Lake County Forest Preserve and the Lake County Board. Lyons Woods Forest Preserve is located in a Beach Park community between Waukegan and Beach Park. We have a county golf course located between Zion and Beach Park. I just wonder if these two units would look as bad if they were located in Lake Forest, Deerfield, Vernon Hills, Gurnee or maybe even Antioch. I think they’d have a better appearance to them. Right now, they fit in with these Beach Park TIF districts as being blighted areas. They add a lot to help put the blight to the community.

Farewell Waller

I think the reason Mike Waller retired was that he saw the handwriting on the wall. When State’s Attorney Nerheim cleans up the mess Waller left behind, there will be empty cells in the prisons. Why not save some for the prosecutors who convicted these innocent men?

Traffic gridlock

Regarding the proposed River Glenn Subdivision at Route 120 and River Road. The builders surely put a very rosy glow on it. But I would like to know where all of the traffic improvements are that are noticeably absent in the proposed drawing. The traffic on River Road is at its saturation point at Route 120, particularly in the morning, and the site of too many accidents to mention. This project has failed twice in the past and it’s not a good idea. All Waukegan wants is revenue and this is clear. Please support furious opposition to this ill-conceived housing project which will further gridlock traffic in that area.

Broken promises

Mayor Kovarik of Gurnee has once again managed to avoid a jury courtroom case regarding the veterans memorial and it seems an agreement may be reached. What will stop the village from vetoing any agreement as they did in August after a judge ruled on it? This is a ridiculous waste of taxpayer money, particularly since it seems like it switched law firms in midstream and has a trail of broken promises. All the man wanted was to build a memorial with private funds and they took that away from him three years ago after committing to it. The village should be ashamed of itself.

Ego interference

I see where our esteemed state senator, Terry “The Missing” Link now aspires to be mayor of Waukegan. Does he think that he will endear himself to the voters if he again proposes — assuming he gets the OK from his minder, Senate President John “Porky” Cullerton — to place a casino in Park City? He’ll say it’s because the current mayor told him no casino about four years ago. He must hold a grudge, because the mayor has long since “evolved” (yes, just like his poker-playing friend, the “Obamanation” in Washington) realizing the benefit to the city of a casino on a spot owned by the city with infrastructure in place and easy access to 41 and the tollway. I don’t think the voters want a mayor who would allow his ego to interfere with the best interests of the city’s residents.

Recycling woes

If the recycle situation makes you sick and tired, then you need to get a life. Either that or get a stuffed animal to calm you down when you go into a recycle rage.

Planning to fail

Three weeks after the election and we are still waiting for the Democrats to put up an actual plan to avoid the fiscal cliff. Their only plan is to increase taxes on the wealthy. That isn’t going to doing anything to reduce the national debt, not to mention the $6 trillion that President Obama added in the last four years. The spirit of Christmas is being destroyed along with this country. The Democrats have to shut up, sit down and put up a plan.

Grin and bear it

Thought for the week: What’s the difference between a politician and a cow pie? The politician can ruin your life.

Which way Mitch?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, has already achieved quite an accomplishment by having 380 filibusters over the last six years. Recently, he achieved even more. He proposed a bill and then promptly turned around and filibustered his own bill. We have reached the moment of farce.

Vote for Hillary

Let’s hear it for President Clinton, Hillary Clinton that is.

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