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Updated: January 12, 2013 6:08AM

Basketball fans

In regard to the article about fans not being able to attend high school basketball games. How can you blame the North Chicago basketball team for a fight that happened between some people that’s not even part of their team? Not only had the North Chicago team already played and left when the fight happened, North Chicago was already gone on their way home. They can talk bad about North Chicago in The News-Sun, but you don’t hear them talking about all the other mostly white schools that got drug investigations going on and their kids dying from overdose off drugs, having parties and buying their kids and their friends alcohol and liquor. That’s the stuff they want to keep quiet cause they think their kids are saints. All you have to do is read the police beat everyday, all you see is those supposed-to-be-good kids in there getting pulled over for speeding, controlled substance, weed all at the same time — and none of them are from North Chicago. Take a look at your own kids before you talk bad about somebody else!

Fox hunt

I was driving down Hunt Club Road and saw a group of hounds running, probably a fox, and a group of 20 people on horseback all dressed up to the nines in their fox-hunting garb. How barbaric can you be to send a pack of dogs after a fox? Ridiculous.

Language classes

I read in your paper that at the College of Lake County people can learn English for free at specific locations and times. Why doesn’t CLC offer Spanish classes for free with the same options?

Waukegan’s off course

I’m disappointed in the Waukegan Park District. As most golfers fear, the park district board has picked a firm to run the Bonnie Brook and Greenshire courses. This was contrary to what we were initially told. We can now expect the fee increases and the gradual deterioration of the facilities. It makes no sense. I am hopeful that a new slate of commissioners can be slated to replace the current commissioners. I, for one, will not utilize the facilities in the future.

Egg nog recipes

This is to the person who wanted to know how to make homemade egg nog. There are millions of recipes on the Internet. Type in “how to make homemade egg nog” and many will pop up, but usually the first one is the best recipe.

Talk, but don’t listen

I stopped listening to talk radio two years ago and my life is much better. Talk radio is hot air and all they do is to get you excited over nothing so you can call in and give your comments. Talk radio is hot air, lies and BS.

Leaving office

I think when someone brags they’re leaving office with their head held high, there’s probably good reason to believe they should be ashamed of themselves.


I know that I had to take a lot of legal documents to show who I am to get a driver’s license, so I know damn well that these illegals better not even have to provide one bit less than I did. We will have citizens angry all over Illinois. Look out, folks. This might be the last straw.

Hall monitored

Former Lake County Judge David Hall made the front page again! How noble to walk a minimum of two miles per day to raise funds for the YMCA! Lake County spent four years on his court case in his lawsuit stemming from a 2008 DUI arrest. He surely never drank and drove before that incident! That is a lot of money that could have been put to better use or kept our taxes lower! On Page 2 of the Dec. 3 paper shows Jack Nystrom, a U.S. Army veteran, attended college, was a machinist who became homeless after losing his job when his company downsized and then lost his home to foreclosure because there are few living wage jobs out here. Even with several serious health issues and walking with a cane, Jack volunteers at PADS. Jack is just glad to be alive! Money begets money and David Hall has it. Jack is just happy to be living. But who makes the front page and who really gives more?

Garbage news

The Lake County News-Sun and the personnel responsible for deciding what is printed on the front page of the newspaper should be ashamed. On Dec. 7, the cover page was “Food stamp felons” and a story about a Waukegan history teacher who was chosen national history teacher of the year was buried on page 10. Why on earth wouldn’t Mr. Joshua Bill receive front page coverage over some food stamp felons? Here is a professional educator contributing to Waukegan High School and the entire community and his story is not printed until you get 10 pages into the newspaper. Come on! Enough of the garbage news on the front page. Stand up for the people doing something worthwhile. Is that too much to ask?

License to drive

So the great State of Illinois is giving driving privileges to illegals? Driving is a privilege, not a God-given right! Take the bus or a cab if you have to get somewhere. I drive to work everyday 6:30 in the morning and I can’t tell you how many drivers I see, or not see, driving without headlights on. In the fog and early morning on Monday, I stopped counting at 50 cars in a half-hour’s time. Will traffic signs be in Spanish and how much will that cost us taxpayers? Thanks Illinois.

Coffee and comics

I love “Pearls Before Swine.” Thanks for a comic strip that adults can laugh at. I save it to go with my first sip of coffee.

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