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Updated: February 10, 2013 2:03AM

Living nativity

Magnificent is the word. A live nativity at the St. Ignatius Episcopal Church of Antioch was presented Dec. 1 at the church. There were over 500 people that came through. It was unbelievable with live animals, children, adults and elderly participating. You’ll have to see this to believe it. Thank you, pastor and his helpers, and please know that we are blessed to have seen your program.

Pearl Harbor

No one seems to care about Dec. 7, the attack of Pearl Harbor. There was no mention of it in any newspaper. Where are all the patriotic Americans? It is pathetic.

Bennie Starks

Hats off to our Lake County State’s Attorney Mike Nerheim on the Bennie Starks’ case. He immediately got involved and found out that the man was convicted wrongfully. I’m happy to see we have a man that’s going to investigate and isn’t going to stop for any reason until he finds the truth and the correct punishment for the charges brought up against individuals. May Benny Starks get his freedom as soon as possible.

Trickle down

It’s all trickle down. Thank you to the low life that broke into my car and stole my Christmas presents for my family. Now I have to replace everything that was lost. Now I have less and less to give for a donation to feed the poor. It all trickles down and you just hurt everybody by breaking into my car.

Life sentence

I agree 100 percent with the person who complained that the taxpayers of Illinois will now feed, clothe and shelter Christopher Vaughn, the savage convicted of killing his wife and three kids, for the rest of his life due to the life sentence imposed on him. Dirtbags like this do not deserve to live — they need to be eradicated from the face of the earth. Those who show such little regard for human life do not deserve one themselves.

NFL owners

NFL owners are such hypocrites. Their favorite color is not red, or white or blue, but green. After the tragedies in Kansas City and now Dallas, they say the deceased would want the NFL games to go on. It’s the owners who always want the games to go on, no matter what. In 1963, all NFL games were played on the Sunday following JFK’s assassination in Dallas. The only event that might get games canceled is the end of the world on Dec. 21, but don’t count on it.

Tax freeze

We need a Waukegan property tax freeze. I guess the aldermen and the mayor haven’t had time to drive around Waukegan. There are so many homes for sale and boarded up. We need a tax freeze and no increase on taxes.

It’s a racket

They need to look into the offices that are providing these people with food stamps. This woman owns a store and she’s able to get $952 in Link benefits. I have a daughter that works 60 hours a week, I’m retired and I have to help her every month because the government won’t give her anything. It’s a racket. Some people do need Link cards, but there’s a lot of people who don’t.

Food stamp fraudsters

Regarding food stamp fraudsters. Why don’t they post an 800 or local phone number so we could contact someone in charge to tell them what we see? There is so much abuse in the system. One woman had three Link cards and a WIC coupon. When she left the store she got into a brand new Escalade. People, wake up.

Bunch of baloney

They can do whatever they want to Social Security, but it’s not going to be straightened out until our government gives back the money to the fund. There was more then enough money in Social Security to last for a long time and we even had a surplus. But our government decides they’re going to take it and now Obama decides to balance the budget. The people that have worked all their lives or became disabled aren’t entitled to anything and we’re just going to have welfare for everybody. That’s a bunch of baloney and I’m tired of it.

More handouts

Obama has already raided Medicare for over $700 billion and wants hundreds of billions more. His supposed cost savings are not going to improve senior care or to repay the Medicare fund. It’s to pay for Obamacare. These benefits were collected for the exclusive use of seniors, now and in the future. The Democrats are also talking about cutting Social Security. They complain that too much money is being spent to repay the fund and it would be better off investing in America’s youth. Code word for more handouts.

Fresh air

What a breath of fresh air in the State’s Attorney’s Office. Mike Nerheim accomplished more in three days than Mike Waller did in three years. Hopefully, justice will now prevail, morale in the office will improve and the public confidence will be restored.

Some ideas

In regard to all the Republicans in TOTC who are bashing Obama and everything he’s trying to do. I’ve got a suggestion for you guys: Why don’t you get a hold of your Republican counterparts in Congress and tell them to start cooperating. They should come to the table with some ideas on how to fix the economy. Stop sitting in your chair or on your hands and not doing anything.

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