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Updated: January 14, 2013 6:54AM

Park City casino

Why would anybody want to vote for Terry Link for mayor of Waukegan? He wanted a casino for Waukegan and then turned around and gave it to Park City.

Giving it away

When are the politicians going to quit giving this country away and start enforcing the law?

Ripped off

I can’t blame store owners for ripping off the food stamp program. The government makes it so darn easy and with no punishments.

Senior health care

Heroes don’t take a trillion dollars out of senior health care, call it a savings and then spend it on programs just so they can get re-elected. Visit any nursing home. They are filled with elderly people who have worked all their lives to pay for Social Security and Medicare. It’s the only thing between them and the street.

Lifestyle laws

The idea of same-sex marriage is as dumb as giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. When is the idiocy with the politicians ever going to stop? Just because these people chose a lifestyle, we’re suppose to change our laws? Just because the people that get into this country, we’re suppose to give them a hand up? No, you have to abide by the laws and that’s it. Quit trying to twist and bend everything to fit your perspective. Send it out to the people and I bet it gets put down just like the driver’s licenses.

Ideology symbols

Major political parties should rename and use new symbols to reflect their ideology, political goals and practices. National socialist, a red flag with the pictures of Marx and Lenin in the background. Conservatives, a red, white and blue Minuteman as depicted at Concord. You figure out which is which.

Written exams

Regarding the state Senate approving driver’s licenses for illegals. Are they going to have to take a written exam like we citizens of the U.S. do? Are they going to have to show proof that they have insurance like we the citizens of the U.S. do? If they have to follow the same rules that we have to do, no problem. But if the state Senate is approving the illegals to have a driver’s license and not have to follow the rules, then that’s wrong.

A savings plan

Regarding the item in TOTC “Elderly poverty.” I don’t care who it is, Republicans or Democrats, you’ve got to leave Social Security and Medicare alone. That was funded by myself and everybody that worked. We put into that plan, our employers put into that plan and that money is ours. It’s not for the government to decide anything about that money. That was a savings plan basically for the working person. Everybody’s got their fingers in the pie. If you want to cut entitlements, then cut welfare because Social Security and Medicare are not entitlements. Get those deadbeat lazy people off their butts and put them to work somewhere to earn their money. There’s plenty of work picking up debris if they want to earn their entitlements. Also, if you’re on public aid and entitlements, you should be required to take a drug test. Enough is enough.

Part-time jobs

I see in the paper how many thousands of new jobs there were in November. I wonder after the Christmas rush how many of those were part-time jobs? They’ll all be back in the unemployment line again after the day that comes after Christmas. I bet there’s going to be a lot of them that are still going to be unemployed. Too bad.

Undocumented licenses

Do not give undocumented people driver’s licenses and insurance money. They won’t keep it and it’s not a good idea. Call all your people and tell them not to let them have it.

No brainer

In my career as a police officer, I shot and killed two dogs. One was vicious and loose in the neighborhood, and the other was coming at me. Kill or be bitten, that’s a no brainer. Even a small dog could tear an artery. I also arrested the owners of the dogs and they each had to pay a fine and pay for dead animal pick up. Your reader who collectively accuses Chicago officers, all 14,000 of them, as being out there just shooting dogs and beating women needs to stop his own yelping and criticizing until he engages his brain first.

Water bills

Our water bill in North Chicago is so high that a year ago we were paying every three months and my bill was approximately $90. Now, they’re making us pay every two months and my bill is $110.

Real estate market

I was glad to see the Property section in your paper on Dec. 1. There were several pages of many sales of homes. Hopefully, that’s indicative of the real estate market improving in the Lake County area.

Don’t judge

Please don’t judge all Chicago policemen or any policeman on the actions of a few. If you do, then go to school, train, put a badge on your chest and go to work in Chicago or anywhere else. Just be thankful that the 99 percent of the policemen are doing a good job that you won’t do.

New blood

I’d like the Waukegan community to be aware that the school board elections are coming up and are going to be very important. It’s time for a change. It’s time for some new blood on the school board. Please pay special attention to all the school board actions that are taking place.

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