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Updated: February 12, 2013 2:17AM

We remember

We do remember Pearl Harbor Day, Dec. 7, 1941.

Season of love

It’s Christmas time, and in this season of love, let’s stop criticizing the political party that we don’t like. Let’s start praying for our country and wisdom for our president, and all the men and women in government, to make wise and moral decisions that help to solve our major, major problems.

Da Bears

This is to the Chicago Bears’ players. What you should do for Christmas for your wonderful fans that have so much faith in you is to give us a great Christmas present by beating the Packers. Please beat the Packers come Sunday and show the fans how loyal you are to us all.

Cover coverage

Readers don’t need a teacher on the cover of The News-Sun. Our breakfast group goes through three or four papers each morning. It’s the hard news stories that catch our interest for debates and discussion. We don’t even remember reading about a teacher, and don’t care. We all think the issue concerning the Link card fraud, as well as the other crime stories, make the paper worth purchasing that day and reading. Keep up the good work, News-Sun.

Expensive rescue

After seeing the article on the Antioch Rescue Squad treasurer having allegedly stolen $12,000 dollars from the company, I realize now why they charged me $325 dollars just to drive two blocks. That’s expensive. They needed that money to pay the treasurer.

Zion taxes

Taxpayers of Zion are encouraged to attend the Zion Grade School District public hearing on their proposed tax levy on Dec. 17 at 7 p.m. at Zion Central Middle School, 1716 27th St. The school board is considering approval of a property tax levy increase of $2,629,446. This represents an increase of 13.66 percent over the previous year. In addition, they are planning to approve an increase of 60.23 percent in the property tax levy for debt service and public building commission leases for 2012. Is this school board not aware that Zion already has the highest tax rate in Lake County? At the same time, I see that the city of Zion and Zion Township are actually slightly reducing their property tax levees.

Waukegan taxes

So they are going to raise our property taxes again. When will this end? I am so sick of the homeowners having to take the brunt of all things financial. We pay high taxes on our property, we can’t pour cement without paying a fee, we can’t make any kind of additions without a fee, etc., etc. There is an entire element living in Waukegan who don’t contribute to anything and are given everything while I work like a dog to pay for my everyday living expenses. I am so sick of the unfair treatment to those who obey rules and pay the taxes. This city protects the slackers and looks to the honest ones for support. Come on, Waukegan, leave me alone and go after the “others” to contribute their share.

Cheating the system

Once again we see how easy it is for these people to cheat the system. That grocery store on Sunset Avenue in Waukegan made front page news for cheating. The welfare system is too easy for these kind of people to cheat on. How many people getting Link cards are abusing them? You hear all the time of people selling their Link cards and abusing them in other ways. Most of the people I see in the grocery store are not buying the necessities or even buying healthy food, They buy a load of junk. It is no wonder that the children of today are so overweight. I am tired of seeing my tax money being wasted like this. The government needs to step up to the plate and really investigate where all this money is going.

Crime and punishment

Here’s an idea. Seeing that the prison system is so overcrowded, instead of putting these criminals back on the street and giving them the opportunity to re-offend, why doesn’t the government send them to defend our country? We are losing too many good men and women. Give them a deal. If they survive the war, put them on a remote island with no transportation to the mainland. I don’t believe I am alone with my feelings. Why should people be able to commit crimes and then get free room and board? Make them pay back their country.

Say yes to Michigan

President Obama took another campaign-style trip to Michigan to whip the rank-and-file autoworkers into shape. He must have been dispatched by his labor bosses because the workers aren’t fighting the “right to work” legislation that’s going through Michigan right now.

They’re lucky

To all the citizens of Beach Park. Get ready, because we’re in luck. We have common-sense government coming to our village.

The Full Moon

Full Moon Restaurant is a nice restaurant. Those people gave me and my auntie a free turkey meal on Thanksgiving and it was delicious. They gave it to us to take out because my auntie is 84 years old. The restaurant is clean and the people are very warm and friendly. People should check it out. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all!

Union label

More blatant hypocrisy from President Obama and the Democratic Party. President Obama shows up in Detroit backing the unions and saying how their collective rights to bargain should not be messed with by the state of Michigan. Isn’t that exactly what the president and the Democratic Party have done to those of us who are non-union laborers?

Their fair share

Republicans and Democrats caused us major job losses due to bankers ripping us off and planning to fail. It doesn’t matter what party it is. The rich need to pay their fair share, which they haven’t been doing. They have put everything on the backs of the middle class and at the same time have not given us jobs. The money belongs in the hands of the people, not in the hands of the rich. As long as you want to have a plutocracy, that is exactly what you are going to have. I don’t care about parties, I care about people.

Setting sail

We have the same president and the same Congress that were re-elected. All we did was move around the chairs on the Titanic.

‘Our 6’

The saying “I’ve got your 6” in the military means I’ve got your back. That’s what we want out of the president and Congress.

Made in U.S.

There are three words that people look for when shopping for an item. The three words are “Made in America.” I think that would create more jobs here and maybe companies could see the light about supporting our own people.

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