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Updated: January 16, 2013 6:05AM

Go, Bears, go!

Come on, Chicago Bears, we need you to win. Go, Bears, go! Win, win, win! We need this win for Sunday. Give us our Christmas present early. Merry Christmas.

Page 1 walker

As the saying goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” That’s how Dave Hall got on the front page where it states “Oh, I’ll walk.” Why didn’t he walk the night he got pulled over in Vernon Hills? How about that? Don’t bother walking now, it’s a little too late.

Timing light

In regard to resurfacing Beach Road at Sheridan Road. Since its been resurfaced, the timing on that light at Sheridan and Beach roads is way out of sync. It gives too much time to Beach Road and not enough time to Sheridan Road. It’s a big bottleneck in the morning. Maybe somebody could take care of that and get it adjusted right because the timing is off.

Holiday egg nog

It’s recommended when you make egg nog, you should not use raw eggs. They may contain bacteria that could cause salmonella poisoning. There are plenty of great egg nog recipes online. Just Google “egg nog recipes.” Make it a safe holiday!

The real reason

The real reason Romney lost the election is because he was trying to create jobs in a world/society where people don’t want to work. They would prefer things just handed to them!

Support Israel

Regarding the fiscal cliff. Why don’t we just keep all the money that we’re planning on giving to all the countries with people that hate us and give it to Israel? It’s American taxpayers’ money so let’s just keep it. It doesn’t belong to anybody else.

Welfare for life

I saw a bumper sticker that said “The government is not your baby’s daddy.” This is so true. Just because you have a baby out of wedlock doesn’t give you the right to be on welfare for life. One year should be enough and if you get pregnant again, that’s your fault.

Basic rules

OK conservatives, if you want to be treated as grown-ups there are four basic rules that you need to follow: No. 1, Barack Hussein Obama is an America citizen. No. 2, Mr. Obama has been legally elected president twice. No. 3, the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is a law. It has been passed by Congress, signed by the president and declared constitutional by the Supreme Court. No. 4, global warming is real.

Party down

Does the Republican Party think they won the last election? People are tired of them saying “no.” If we go off the fiscal cliff, that will probably be the end of the Republican Party. They don’t care at all about the country. All they care about is their party and I think they will go down with their party.

Blatant disregard

I found it interesting that 31 criminal aliens were arrested, but the Dec. 12 article stated that ICE works tirelessly to identify violators who show a blatant disregard for our immigration laws. There are millions here who have shown a blatant disregard to our immigration laws. They have all broken the law which makes them all criminals.

Feeling sorry

Regarding the Dec. 12 letter to the editor “Bye, Waukegan.” The couple had to leave Waukegan because nobody would help them. Well, that sounds just like Waukegan. I’m really sorry about that and I feel real sorry for them.

Curran for AG

Mark Curran wants to run for attorney general. Is this a joke? Since Curran has already agreed to giving illegals driver’s licenses, if he becomes attorney general, what happens if he personally doesn’t like certain laws and refuses to prosecute? The citizens of Illinois would like to know what laws he will refuse to enforce. Then The News-Sun can print them and we can be informed come voting day.

No license, insurance

Regarding illegals getting driver’s licenses in Illinois. Protect yourselves, citizens. Add uninsured motorist to your policy to protect yourself because they’re driving without a license or insurance.

Gangs of Illinois

In regard to the TOTC item “Life sentence.” The reason that the government in Illinois decided no more death penalty is because the gangs in Illinois can continue to do what they’re doing outside and the same thing inside the prisons. One for the gangs and zero for the citizens.

Into the ground

It was funny to read that Republicans should get behind Obama. He’s got us $5 trillion in debt; California, Michigan and Illinois are all broke because they have Democrats running the states. If people started using their head and vote for the right people then maybe people would get over this support Obama. He is running this country right into the ground.

Lucky in Beach Park

I’d like to think as a Beach Park resident I’m pretty lucky now. With Zion and Waukegan falling apart financially and looking to raise taxes to keep their mayor and aldermen paid and suck the life out of their residents, I still don’t pay a property tax in Beach Park and our elected officials don’t throw money away on pie-in-the-sky ventures and we’re still in the black.

Feeling safe

Rahm Emanuel is going on television again stating that we shouldn’t have “conceal and carry” laws because every single police chief in America is against it. I guess he’s forgetting that every police chief in America wears a gun. If we just go by the judge’s ruling that we can have “conceal and carry” it would be like deputizing the rest of the nation so we can feel as safe as the police chief. I noticed Rahm doesn’t carry a gun himself, but he’s got enough thugs around him each and every day, and I guarantee over half of them are carrying guns. It’s only those who have guns around them to keep them safe that don’t want the rest of us to have them.

Hurricane help

It’s tremendous how the politicians, celebrities, and just ordinary Americans came together to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. It’s too bad that spirit wasn’t there to help the people of Hurricane Katrina. Instead of spending so much time bashing President Bush and the efforts of FEMA by the Democrats, it is too bad they couldn’t have stepped up. They couldn’t even step up and put all that effort into helping the people of New Orleans. It’s really sad that the Democrats had to waste so much political energy on their attacks on everything when there was a Republican in charge.

Just a pol

Now we know why Sheriff Curran changed his stripes, now supporting driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. He wants to run for a state office. He’s just another pol, seeking votes.

Smell detection

Does the announced “smell training” for select employees of Park City in the Dec. 11 News-Sun include the ability to detect BS when they come across it?

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