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Updated: January 18, 2013 6:09AM

Food-stamp fraud

If the only punishment for taking $844,000 from the food-stamp program is 30-37 months in prison, what message does that send to others? It is unbelievable the number of people who are not eligible to receive food stamps, but are receiving them. There is a tremendous amount of fraud and this is but one example.

The nerve

North Shore Sanitary District elected officials have squandered millions at the sludge plant in Zion and then they have the nerve to hand out $125 holiday bonuses to district employees? How about giving some of that money back to the taxpayers? Voters should remember this outrage at the next election.

His view

Who is “Our View?” It said in the editorial about concealed carry: “We don’t think it includes a majority of Lake Countians.” Well, I live in Highwood which is in Lake County. Stop pushing this stuff down my throat. Let me make my own decisions. Don’t speak for me in your paper. I want conceal and carry. Also, I don’t want illegals to have driver’s licenses. At least, that’s what I think. Our people are on my train of thought. What do you think?

Out-of-state visit

Why did the judge lift the ban on that woman who killed that 5-year-old girl? She is going out of the state to visit her grandmother. The young girl’s grandmother is never going to see her 5-year-old granddaughter again.

Fiscal leadership

President Obama is demonstrating that he learned his lessons well in Illinois by leading the country into bankruptcy with trillion-dollar deficits every year while adding new entitlement programs. He also thinks that he is still on the campaign trail by running around trying to gain support for his socialist income redistribution scheme and refusing to discuss any spending cuts. He does not seem to realize that the rich are already paying the Alternative Minimum Tax and extra Obamacare taxes. The election is over and he needs to demonstrate some fiscal leadership.

Pet supplies

I was very disappointed to find that the Waukegan animal shelter is buying supplies from their WAGS fund-raiser (photos with Santa) at Woodman’s in Wisconsin. I am an animal lover, but will not support someone that does not support our local businesses. We have a new pet store that opened next to Target, plus many others that sell pet supplies. What a disappointment our animal control is for not supporting local.

Senatorial math

Illinois Senate President Cullerton rolls back $56 million of Quinn’s cuts to pay back his union supporters and then passes the insane idea of driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. The Illinois Senate cannot do math and does not understand the term “illegal.”

Zion Walmart

I participated with the Zion police “Shop with a Cop” at the Zion Walmart. The kids were wonderful and very respectful, but I wanted to say a big thanks to the Zion Walmart for everything that they did to make this a success!

His money

Social Security is my money. It’s money I put away for my retirement years. When I receive my Social Security check, it’s my money being returned to me. It’s not an entitlement given to me by the government. The government just handles the money I have given them over the years and is now returning it to me. To deny Social Security benefits to anyone who has worked and contributed into Social Security just because they are wealthy is wrong. I am not wealthy, but I’m against stealing from anyone just because they have more money than me.

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