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Updated: January 19, 2013 6:10AM

NSSD bonuses

So now the North Shore Sanitary District has given $125 to each of its nearly 100 employees. This is a tax-supported body. If the NSSD has so much money, then why don’t they give the taxpayers a reduction on their tax bills? I’m wondering if this is even legal.

Curran’s job

Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran wants to run for attorney general. He’s not doing his job as sheriff by not prosecuting criminals who enter this country illegally, which is a criminal act. What makes people think that he’s going to be a good attorney general if he can’t do the job as sheriff? Don’t vote for a man like this who refuses to do his job.

Three favors

Can you grant three favors? First, stop running articles from Art Cyr because the guy is boring beyond belief. Secondly, stop the Daily Flop (Splash) because 90 percent of the articles aren’t even relevant to the concerns of Lake County residents. Lastly, can you have your editorial staff (Charles Selle and his minions) examined by NASA to confirm that none of them are from this Earth? Thank you and Merry Christmas.

What’s the difference?

Why is George Ryan in prison for giving out illegal drivers licenses which he took money for? Now the state wants to give out licenses to illegals for money for the state, voters and for the Democrats. What’s the difference? I don’t understand.

Patient’s interests

Seniors have just won a very important victory with Medicare. There was a unwritten rule called the “improvement standard” that said when a senior wasn’t making progress or was stabilized in their treatment, they needed to be discharged. Well, seniors, especially those with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, etc., don’t heal as quickly so it’s very hard to tell if they’re improving or not. Now this rule has been taken away through a lawsuit and the seniors are going to be able to remain in treatment until it’s time for them to go home. This isn’t going to be one of those where the doctor and the budget decides. It’s going to be where the best interest of the patient comes first now.

Chicago’s fight

Chicago is going to fight the “conceal carry” law that Illinois has to pass. Are they going to search every gangbanger in the city to find the illegal gun holders who are threatening people that need to be able to “conceal carry” to protect their families from them?

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