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Updated: February 17, 2013 1:41AM

Bonus time

I’m not getting a holiday bonus this year, unlike North Shore Sanitary District workers. How can I get a job there?

Guns and criminals

Criminals have guns and innocent people don’t. It’s about time we even the odds. I have bullet holes in my shed from people who carry guns around and they get these guns illegally. If somebody breaks into my house, I want to be able to retaliate and shoot them before they shoot me or my wife. This is what the Constitution is for.

The Fixer

We see “The Fixer” is leaving. I love to read that column and how she helped people with their problems. I’m sad to see her go. I wish her good luck in her new ventures and maybe she’ll bless your paper with her presence again someday. That’s too bad, but I wish her well.

What’s really important

In regard to the shooting victims in Newtown. I saw a woman carrying an empty child car seat. It reminded me what’s really important at Christmas and always. It’s family. At this time of tragedy, I think we all need a hug. Don’t take your family for granted and tell them you love them everyday.

Gun laws

My heart goes out to the parents of those children that were killed. I don’t think the gun laws should change because of this tragedy. It’s not the gun that killed those people, it was a crazy person with a gun that killed those poor kids.

Terrible tragedy

Our condolences go out to the families who lost their children and loved ones in this terrible tragedy in Newtown. I pray that we all support them as they mourn. Let us not jump to simplistic answers and politicization of this problem, but take time to support and mourn and encourage the families and friends of those with lost loved ones. God bless them all.

Inhuman behavior

Laws attempt to regulate or control human behavior. They work for the majority of the population. However, no law can predict or control inhuman behavior. Try as we might, we still have murders, robberies and drunk drivers. Try we must.

Time to talk

Another month another massacre. When is the right time for this country to talk about sensible gun control?

Forgotten veterans

I feel sorry for the survivors of Pearl Harbor. Naval Station Great Lakes and the VA hospital didn’t have any programs for Pearl Harbor. I think it’s a shame. The Pearl Harbor men are very active and they’re all pushing 90 years old now and they have been forgotten. The veterans of the Korean War, which celebrated its 60th anniversary, were also forgotten.

Weapons bill

Regarding the children and adults being slaughtered by some person with a gun. Someone needs to have the guts to stand up to the NRA people and these people who have cowardly voted for the “conceal and carry” weapons bill.

Gun control

It’s time for gun control. Other civilized countries have it and their societies and democracies don’t seem to suffer for it. We’re not going to be invaded by the Russians, Taliban or the Chinese, nor are we going to be taken over by a dictator. It’s time for the gun lobbyists to compromise. Otherwise, there’s going to be a national referendum where I think the average American citizens would just vote to prohibit guns all together.

Kill, kill

It’s not about the guns. It’s about every movie and video game that these kids get that have something to do with violence. Why don’t they make movies anymore like “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “Armageddon” with Bruce Willis where somebody saves the world. Not all this kill, kill.

Teachers and guns

I want to know why on God’s green earth didn’t one of those teachers in Connecticut have guns. Do you see the problem with law-abiding citizens not having the opportunity to defend themselves away from their homes?

Troubled gunman

In the Dec. 14 issue of The News-Sun, there were 80 couples divorced in Lake County. Now, multiply that by thousands in the U.S. Then multiply that again by the thousands of how many innocent children are involved. I address this to the married and unmarried parents of children. The young Newtown gunman was the child of divorced parents. Too many innocent children are so scarred inwardly for life due to their hatefulness in divorce. Those emotions are kept hidden until they explode. Wake up, parents, and grow up. Children didn’t ask to be born and you owe them to live in peace. Get the family involved in a church to grow up knowing that God lives in them, in each of us and loves us all. Anybody can make a child, but the test is will you raise that child in God’s peace? My Christmas message is that God’s peace come to our children, their parents and, yes, to the soul of the sorrowful troubled gunman and his family, too.

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