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Updated: February 19, 2013 1:01PM

Christmas spirit

I was in line at the postal office in Zion and I mentioned to a lady that my hands were frozen because I forgot my gloves. She reached in her pocket and handed me a pair of gloves. I said I can’t take those from you and she said that’s OK and pulled out another pair from her other pocket. I didn’t get a chance to thank her and didn’t get her name. I thought it was a very generous Christmas spirit, and I hope she has a good Christmas. I wish everybody a Merry Christmas.

A Christmas story

For all you Splash bashers: Read the Dec. 18 column by Jim Belushi. A funny Christmas story and well worth the read.

Keeping us safe

I think it’s about time we recognize and appreciate the police, fire department and paramedics that help keep our community safe. From all of us, the people you serve everyday, I want to say thank you.

Urlacher’s fans

If Brian Urlacher doesn’t like the Bears’ fans, then maybe he should retire or be traded. If you gave the fans half the respect as the Green Bay Packers give their fans, I think we would have a heck of a team. I think maybe the Bear fans should head north so that we can be really appreciated.

Sad, bitter

Sen. John McCain has been on the Sunday news and talk shows a total of 21 times this year. Why do they keep inviting this sad, bitter little man back?

Stupid football

Seems to me there’s much more to be wished for or prayed for than who’s going to win a stupid football game.

Double dipping

State Sen. Terry Link wants to be Waukegan’s mayor and remain our state senator. Talk about double dipping!

Cartoon strips

I appreciate a couple of the cartoon strips in The News-Sun. “Crankshaft” and “One Big Happy” are my favorites. I love the crow in “One Big Happy.”

Entitlement society

Regarding the article “Three accused of killing pot dealer.” I’ll be willing to bet they live in public housing, Section 8. I’ll also bet you that none of them hold down a job, although they’re all old enough. They’ve had everything given to them in their entire life. This is called an entitlement society and this is what we’re breeding nowadays. You got it, I want it and I’ve got a gun and I’m going to take it because I’m entitled to it. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The more people on welfare and they’ve got nothing better to do but sit around their house all day and think of ways to make more money other than getting a job.


On the one hand, President Obama properly and sincerely offers condolences to the families affected by the Newtown shootings. But, on the other hand he consistently supports abortions which kills millions of innocent babies. I don’t know how he can reconcile his thinking.

Zion meetings

I attended the Zion City Council meeting and the mayor and the council members are so disrespectful. The mayor had the floor and another council member takes it over. If they don’t like what the public has to say, they cut them off after three minutes. If you’ve got something to say that they want to hear, you can talk longer. It’s time for us to get out and vote to get some people in there that really want to work with the citizens of Zion.

Garbage in the streets

After driving around Beach Park and Zion, I would say that we’re in need of management. We probably hold the record in this state for the most garbage on the side of the streets and in the gutters and the most rusty cars. This is ridiculous. We have two mayors that walk on water, but can get nothing accomplished.

Roadside trash

The way I see, it if we closed down fast-food drive-through service, we could eliminate about 70 percent of our roadside trash.

Weapons class

Here are a few questions for News-Sun readers: Does the National Firearms Act of 1934 ban civilian possession of fully-automatic firearms? Does a semi-automatic firearm shoot multiple times with one trigger pull? Do gun-free zones act as magnets for mentally unstable persons and criminals to commit mass murders? Do hunting rifles and so-called semi-automatic assault rifles fire identical caliber bullets with identical velocity and striking force? Does body armor protect a shooter from bodily injury? Does the National Rifle Association truly condone and contribute to the mass murders of children and adults by mentally unstable and violent persons?

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