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Updated: February 23, 2013 2:19AM

Warm and fuzzy

If you really want to get that “warm fuzzy feeling” of holiday spirit, take a walk around Kringle Kingdom in Zion. It is a beautiful display of Christmas scenes that are sure to delight toddlers and mature folks alike. Some scenes are even animated. I was informed that this is only the beginning; the generous volunteers that resurrected this picturesque wonderland have future plans for this superb holiday display so that we all can enjoy it year after year. It is located indoors, so no need to worry about the weather. So do take the walk-through adventure through Kringle Kingdom.

Memories of Santa

One of the memories I still have are of Santa coming into our home and leaving presents. We’d leave cookies out, oranges and other things, all of which would have a bite taken when we awoke in the early morning hours. I work in a school and the other day I overheard a parent saying that they had told their boy that all the presents they receive come from them — not giving any credit to Santa. I butted in and asked why she does that, take away those memories. She said, “That’s the way I was raised.” What a shame. I can’t believe some parents — even though very, very few in number — don’t allow their children to enjoy one of the nicest presents they could ever receive — SANTA. All I can say to those parents that take it away from their kids is SHAME on you. Hang your head.

Stop giving

I just pray that the people of Illinois would wake up and see that Lisa Madigan has never even tried one case and she became attorney general. People like Quinn and Durbin are just draining the state to death and we’re all going down with it. It’s a Democratic state and all they want to do is give, give give. We don’t have any more to give. What are we supposed to do, because I’m out of money.

On vacation

So, Obama is spending Christmas in Hawaii again to the tune of almost $4 million taxpayer dollars. Seems like the economy and inability to reach an agreement on the fiscal cliff won’t affect his priorities. At least someone isn’t worried about it.

Moment of reflection

During this holiday season, take a moment to reflect on the fact that Scrooge was a Republican.

Less stress

Joggers prefer to run on blacktop versus cement because blacktop causes less stress on the knees.

Cheap removal

I can see why Waukegan is in the financial distress. It is because they only charge 17 cents a day to remove garbage and trash. No wonder they don’t have any money.

Another superstar

I understand Beach Park hired another superstar as village administrator. We change that position like I change my socks. I don’t know what the problem is. This is just more money and one step closer to having higher property taxes in Beach Park. They keep hiring all these experts and spending the big bucks.

Tax increase

I just read about Waukegan taxes going up 10 percent for the coming year. Do they really think the value of our homes are going up? We can’t sell our homes at their assessed values. My alderman, Lisa May, voted in favor of the increase. Gee, Lisa, thanks a lot. I haven’t seen you since you ran for office. Don’t come to my house again next time you are running.

Compassion for men

I don’t understand why the stores don’t have a men’s waiting area while our wives shop. All we need is a couple of chairs by the door, or at least a couple of benches, so we can wait peacefully. I think that is what all the stores are missing out on.

Poor rich

If the rich are forced to pay their share of taxes, they won’t have money to buy politicians.

Not the answer

More guns are not the answer. On Nov. 5, 2009, Major Nidal Hasan went on a shooting spree at Fort Hood, Texas. He was surrounded by soldiers who were armed and trained in the used of firearms, and that did not stop him from killing 13 people.

Keep calling

Zion School District 6 wants a higher tax levy and they want to raise the tax rate. You all better call Springfield and elected officials to stop this. You do have a voice, but you need to act now. Call now, call tomorrow, call every day.

Gun dangers

Gun owners are correct to say that mental illness was a factor in the Newtown massacre. The question is whose mental illness? Obviously Adam Lanza’s, but also his mother’s. What mother in her right mind, knowing her child’s mental condition, would have guns in the home and then take him to learn how to use them? And I have to question the mental stability of gun owners who rush out to buy more guns whenever something like this happens. Guns are dangerous for owners and their families. The danger far outweighs being without a gun. This is not the frontier or the Wild West. A gun owner may argue that his or her gun is stored somewhere a child can’t get to it. That’s good, but how quickly could the owner get that gun to use in self defense?

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