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Updated: January 27, 2013 6:17AM

They have spoken

The wise men of Waukegan have spoken. They are raising the taxes 10 percent when people can’t afford their houses now. They say they are raising taxes to help stop the foreclosures. How dumb do they think people are? It’s time to get rid of the whole stinking bunch of them.

Out of the box

Here’s how to help solve two problems, taxes and guns. Treat guns like cars. Part of the fees we pay for our cars are used to fund police. So treat guns the same way. Institute a gun transfer fee just like cars. Now we know who sold and bought and is the new owner. Just like cars create a yearly license fee, same with guns. Now we know they still own the gun, how many and type they own, and we have some revenue. Where does the revenue go? First, to the police. Second, to the schools to better protect, monitor and safeguard our children and grandchildren. If anything is left over, it goes to a general school fund in the county the funds were collected. Come on legislators, think out of the box for a change.

Go for broke

I have a tip for Obama that he doesn’t seem to have learned in his first four years in the White House. You can’t spend more money than you make or you will go broke.

Assault weapons

Americans need to grow up and take action to control and ban, yes ban, assault weapons. How long are we going to allow the innocent to pay the price for our inability to work together as a nation to solve this problem?

Blame Obama!

In light of recent violent tragedies, the president is quick to point to firearms as the cause. When people become despondent and hopeless due to an economy he promised to revive through his “hope and change” socialist redistribution plans, people reach the end of their ropes and resort by reacting violently as a symptom of their hopelessness. How many acts of mass violence have occurred on his watch as president? Yeah, go blame Bush, the Tea Party, the ambitious wealthy, guns, teachers, etc. Decriminalize the drugs, unnatural marriages, illegal aliens, the 1.2 million annual U.S. abortions — what do you expect?

Culture of violence

In the wake of the horrible tragedy in Connecticut, liberals and Democrats are once again declaring war on gun ownership and the NRA. You might say it’s another case of “” They’re refusing to deal with, or even acknowledge, the real issues that lead to these deadly assaults: Things like how we deal with the emotionally impaired and how we get rid of the culture of violence that has become so pervasive in this country. While liberal movie critics are praising the new Tarantino film, despite its violence and racism, while we continue to raise the level of violence in the videogames our children play; while we let our kids watch sadistic television shows aired during “family hour” (e.g., “Criminal Minds”); while the music industry cranks out rap and hip-hop music that is violent and misogynistic, we take the simplistic approach by declaring war on guns. It’s time to deal with the real causes of violence, not just put more Band-Aids on the symptoms.

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