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Pols’ fault

I saw on the front page of The News-Sun on Dec. 22 that I personally owe $7,373 to the pension fund. Not only do I owe it, my wife, my three daughters, my brother and everybody else owes in Illinois. It’s funny because I never agreed to pay that. The incompetent politician didn’t put my money into that pension fund. The incompetent politicians didn’t pay into the fund and they spent that money, not me. They should be forced to pay and should forego their salaries until the pension fund is fully vested.

Updated: February 25, 2013 2:23AM

Rude shoppers

I could hardly wait for the Christmas season to be over. My daughter got her first job as a cashier and she came home almost in tears every night because of all the rude shoppers that she has to deal with all day long. It’s really sad. I had no idea that the Christmas spirit was so horrible.

No tip for you!

I live in Zion and this is for my delivery person. You sent me a Christmas card in my newspaper with your address on it so I’ll send you a tip for delivering my paper. I would be more than happy to send you a tip for delivery if you deserved it. I have a newspaper box. I find my paper in the middle of the yard, underneath the box and behind the garage door. Last year, I had two of them run through my snow blower that cost me $300 to get it fixed. You want a tip? Put the paper in the box where it belongs and maybe next year you’ll get a tip. Until then, I’m seriously thinking of canceling my paper because the neighbors enjoy my paper more than I do.

Right to work

If all 50 states pass right-to-work laws, no state will be able to attract businesses from other states, unless they cut business taxes the way Illinois did for Motorola. But states must be aware of the fine print. Motorola agreed to stay in Illinois, but they did not agree to stay in Libertyville. Gotcha!

Teachers inspire

I’d like to rebuke whoever wrote “Cover coverage.” They said “Readers don’t need a teacher on the cover of The News- Sun.” I guess winning a national award and being a role model is not newsworthy, but Link card abuse is. Just wondering if it would be OK with the breakfast group that if teachers in Waukegan were saving lives like the teachers in Connecticut, could they now be on the cover of the paper? Is that what it takes to win you over? Teachers can be heroes through inspiring children, showing bravery in times of extreme tragedy, etc. Hopefully, the breakfast group’s eyes have opened and they can consider a potential teacher’s cover story as “a hard news story that catches interest for discussion.” Can you now appreciate what a teacher can do after the tragedy that transpired at Sandy Hook Elementary?

Killer coverage

Just as the fan that runs onto the field at a Cubs game is denied TV coverage, the crazy individuals that commit these shootings should be denied TV coverage. The 15 seconds of fame is one factor in these tragedies so deny it to them. Cover the story, cover the victims, but do not explore the story of the killer!

In the system

I truly hope this judge who gave Jereme Richmond another chance doesn’t turn around and regret it. This young man is very disrespectful. In the paper, it stated Jereme told the probation officer his cellphone was his personal business. Once you get in the system, nothing is your personal business.

Aldermanic pay cut

Now that Waukegan has decided to increase property taxes 10 percent, all the aldermen should take a cut in pay. Also, we should cut their health, dental and life insurance and see how they like it regarding having their taxes increased.

Gurnee memorial

With all due respect to the Morris family, and deep sympathy for their loss of their beloved son, I never did think that Gurnee memorial was a good idea. Why have a memorial for the seven men who lost their lives while the war and killing are still going on? God forbid any more are lost. Most memorials are erected after a conflict has ended and is dedicated to all who have given their lives. It should have been a community memorial to begin with, not a private recognition of grief.

Guns and freedom

In Australia, they took all the guns away and crime tripled. If they take our guns away, they can control us just like Hitler did. Give up your guns and you give up your freedom. It’s as simple as that.

Zion water fund

To the citizens of Zion: The checks that you make out for your water and sewer bills are made out to the city of Zion rather than the city of Zion’s Water Department. That enables the funds that you send to be used for the defense for the obligations that have incurred by the investments in the Fielder’s ball park. Make sure your checks are made out to the water fund and not to the city of Zion.

McCain, war hero

What a creep to call John McCain, an American war hero, a bitter old man. You’ll find out how bitter you’re going to be when you continue to witness what’s going on in this country. You better wise up because the majority of the politicians are selling this country down the tubes. It’s in the tank.

Blame bullies

I’m sure there are a million opinions on gun control. I believe it starts with the bully in school who picks on a kid and the teacher doesn’t stop it. Then, the kid goes home, gets on his computer game and has a mode of combat. He starts projecting the bully onto the screen of his computer. These kids go home every day and think about shooting the bully with computer games.

Their problem

The front page of The News-Sun made me laugh Dec. 22 where it stated that I owe $7,373. I don’t owe the public retirees a penny. If their politician buddies didn’t put the money in their pension plan, that’s their problem.

Politicians owe

The front page of the paper is absolutely wrong on Dec. 22. It states that every man, women and child in Illinois owes $7,373 to the pension. They don’t owe a penny. This is what the politicians owe. They stole the money from the people. The people were putting the money into the fund; it’s the politicians that owe that. Take it out of their salaries and pensions. It’s the politicians who should finally suffer and have to bite the bullet. Get them, the past and present politicians.

Anti-gun groups

To all the anti-gun advocates: The NRA has finally broken its silence and suggested that all schools have at least one armed security guard. Not one mention of arming teachers or deans. All you can think of is the problem of more guns which is going to cause more problems. I’m a gun owner and I must admit that when the assault-weapons ban was lifted, shootings and deaths with assault weapons rose. I don’t need an assault weapon, nor does anyone else except for the military and police. Stop looking to pass laws that don’t mean anything to a criminal. Help the NRA and start coming up with ideas that will help keep our kids and everyone else safe. Be part of a solution, not the anti-gun group.

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