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Updated: February 26, 2013 2:39AM

Ashamed in Illinois

I’m ashamed to live in the State of Illinois. Besides living in one of the most corrupt states in the country for many, many years with our governors in prison, now we are legalizing illegal immigrants to receive drivers’ licenses. Where does it stop? Our politicians are doing the same thing they have done for years — allowing their political ambitions to rule what is right vs. what is wrong. I will never understand how this continues. Speak up. Don’t just talk amongst yourselves. Our voices must be heard by voting these people out.

A special woman

I want to thank a special woman who came to my aid in the late afternoon on Dec. 21 outside of the Kohl’s store at Gurnee Mills. I parked my car in the handicap spot due to a disability and when I stepped out of my vehicle, it was a solid sheet of ice. I fell and severely injured myself. I had just had surgery on my hand and wrist, and the stitches were still in place. My hand started to bleed and I was unable to get up off the ice. This lovely woman came to my aid and asked me if I needed an ambulance. I told her I just needed help getting to my feet. With assistance of this beautiful woman, I was able to get back to my feet.

Great for families

We took our family to Kringle’s Kingdom in Zion. It’s located east of Sheridan Road off Shiloh Boulevard. It’s so great for families or even just adults and is open through Dec. 30.

Disappointed by Kringle’s

About the Kringle’s Kingdom comment. My husband and I took our grandson, his wife and his 2-year-old baby there right before Christmas. It cost us $35 and I was disappointed. The place was musty smelling. I enjoyed it so much more riding through it when it was outside in the warmth of our vehicle than having to trudge through that old abandoned building. I will never go back. For $35, I would have rather taken them to a movie.

Tax freeze

People should get an injunction against Waukegan’s mayor and aldermen regarding the 10 percent increase on our property taxes. Homes have lost their values and the taxes are still too high. I think they should freeze the taxes for another year.

Government haters

The fiscal talks have broken down because Republicans won’t compromise and accept meaningful concessions; the farm bill and the Violence Against Women Act are stuck because Republicans won’t vote on them; efforts to reduce gun violence face extremely long odds because Republicans are beholden to the NRA; a U.N. treaty on disabilities was killed because Republicans believed extremist conspiracy theories; the process of filling President Obama’s second term cabinet is stalled because of Republican smear campaigns; and another debt-ceiling crisis is under way because Republicans are threatening to hurt Americans on purpose unless Democrats pay a steep ransom. When you elect people who hate government, don’t be surprised when they set out to destroy our government,

Teacher’s gun

In response to “Bad idea.” Don’t you know that there’s such a thing called “conceal and carry” so that way the kids don’t know if the teacher has a gun nor do the bad guys. Think about it.

Mahalia Jackson

Why doesn’t the paper say anything about Mahalia Jackson? She was a beautiful singer.

Back from vacation

So what is the plan? Plan? There is no plan. Obama was on vacation.

The new Whigs

Have faith my friends. The Republican Party is going the way of the Whig Party.

It’s automatic

In regard to the article “Why the need.” Don’t you know the bad guys have the automatic weapons. Shouldn’t the good guys have automatic weapons?

High-tech weaponry

About teachers not having guns. They have the technology now that unless a gun recognizes the fingerprints it won’t go off. So, you don’t have to worry about the kids shooting each other.

Over the cliff

Why did Obama feel comfortable heading to an expensive vacation as we near the fiscal cliff? Because he will get a huge influx of dollars from increased taxes on everyone, not just the rich if we go over the cliff. Of course, he will blame the Republicans. Too bad we don’t have a leader as president who could work with both parties in Congress and get our economy on track. As long as he looks out for the interest of one political party rather than the citizens of this country, we are going to have a difficult time making any progress. In order to finance his agenda, I think he would be happy to jump over the cliff rather than waiting to fall.

Cocked gun

Regarding the article “Why the need.” We need automatic weapons to protect our families from break-ins by these gangbangers that are out to steal rather than work. I don’t want to have to keep cocking my gun because maybe they’ve got guns, too. An automatic weapons helps me get rid of them and save my family.

A good defense

In order to live the American dream, there has to be security. The only way to have a good security is to have a good defense. When the congressmen and senators start talking about how much it costs to defend this country, they need to get fired. We need to take their pensions and put it back into the coffers so we can hire more military people. Teach the kids that self preservation of the country you live in, if you want to live the American dream, can only be with a good defense.

Pension levy

I hope that the Lake County teachers’ union president, when he urges letting the school districts levy the taxes for pensions, reads all the foreclosures in the paper on Dec. 24. There were 18 pages of foreclosures.

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