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Updated: February 27, 2013 3:11AM

State proposal

In regard to the article “Waukegan officials say they can’t afford state proposals.” Make sure people are actually registered in that school district. Beach Park did it and they saved millions of dollars. It’s time for Waukegan to follow suit.

Everybody’s fault

About the two children that died in Chicago from a house fire caused by a hot plate and a space heater. The two sisters were charged with child endangerment. They decided to out and party rather then stay home and take care of the one sister’s kids like they were supposed to. The mom can go out and party and leave their kids at home unattended, but she can’t pay her gas bill. These two women are trying to blame the landlord stating that it’s was his fault because their gas was cut off. It was their fault because they didn’t pay the gas bill and the landlord tried to intervene. According to these women, it’s everybody’s fault but their own.


What was The News-Sun thinking in its Splash article on Dec. 18 with a picture of Jim Belushi and a photo of his Christmas card with him in a Santa Claus suit with an assault rifle? What is the matter with you people?

Off their butts

I wonder when Congress is going to get off their butts and get a deal going on the fiscal cliff? They’re sitting back in Washington acting like a bunch of domestic terrorists, which is what they are.

Stricter gun laws

President Obama and a lot of other people want stricter gun laws. You can disarm every and all gangbangers and then maybe we can have a dialogue about stricter gun laws.

Beach Park taxes

To “Another Superstar”: I had to go back and check my tax bill for Beach Park because I have lived there over 25 years and I don’t see where I pay any taxes to Beach Park. I pay taxes to the schools, libraries, fire departments, but not Beach Park. I have no problem with what they are doing with restructuring as long as we do not end up in shambles like Zion or Waukegan. It appears that our local government is doing their best to keep us from getting there and I’m OK with that. You could always move to those cities if you really want to see your tax dollars wasted.

Raising taxes, fees

In regard to “Out of the box.” It states that yearly license fees for guns should go first to the police and secondly to the schools. Everybody talks about raising the taxes because of the schools and that we need more money. What happened to the lottery money which accumulates billions of dollars a year? I thought all this money was supposed to be going to the schools. Are they using that to pad their pockets now? What the heck is wrong with this country? Nobody’s accountable for all of our money. I for one will fight every new tax that’s put forward because it’s unconstitutional.

Waiting for a call

I noticed the letter in the paper from the mayor of Waukegan. It states he makes every effort to answer phone calls. I’m still waiting for mine to be answered. I’ve heard the same complaint from others, too. He’s just not big on answering phone calls.

Fire department pensions

I read “Our View” about municipal pensions. I know a little bit about them. I’d have to say that whoever researched this really doesn’t know one thing about the states statues that cover the fire department pensions. This is terribly misleading to the general public.

Street thugs

Poor upbringing breeds poor upbringing. The worst role models are the freeloaders that represent laziness and apathy toward work, responsibility and education. They’ll never be considered as strong support and protection for their families. They’ll never know the proud feelings of accomplishment and respect that goes with self-discipline and hard work. They’ll never have honor and this what their kids will see and follow. Street thugs exhibit to the world what a poor job their parents did.

Unstable people

I am a mentally stable, law-abiding citizen. I own a gun and will never give up my right to protect myself. New gun laws are a waste of time. Criminals and the mentally ill will not follow any law. How about reopening the mental health facilities that were closed to save the state money. Can’t wait for “right to carry” to pass. After Florida passed “right to carry,” the crime rate sunk to an all-time low. If the principal in Newtown, Conn., was carrying, the shooter would have been stopped right there. Think about it. How many lives would have been saved by “right to carry”? Guns don’t kill, unstable people do.

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