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Updated: February 1, 2013 6:09AM

Culture wars

Join me in the continuing Republican war on science, math, physics, human biology, economics and common-sense gun laws.

Baking for the boys

The Antioch Piggly Wiggly bakery staff once again provided sweet rolls for the famous Oak Ridge Boys and their crew for their annual Christmas show at the Wisconsin Dells. The bakery has done this for nine consecutive years and the Oak Ridge group is very grateful to the bakery girls at the store. Girls, we’re proud of you.

Sense of empowerment

At one time, the Republicans were known for wisdom and restraint. I feel the new Republicans that were voted in now have a sense of entitlement and power. Instead of wanting to make the country better, they want to assert the fact that they can stop the country and they are doing it. God knows what the next year will bring. If people want to vote Republican, vote someone in with brains and a sense of duty instead of a sense of empowerment.

Milwaukee Avenue

Regarding the Milwaukee Avenue road construction in Libertyville. It doesn’t make any sense at all. The government is broke and the guys are not finishing the project. They’re digging so deep, it is as if they were building a swimming pool. It makes no sense at all.

Gun-free zone

Some person in TOTC said that armed soldiers at Fort Hood were unable to stop Nidal Hasan from killing 13 soldiers and wounding 29 during the Fort Hood massacre. Here’s the truth: According to testimony from witnesses, the soldiers were unable to carry weapons since the base was designated a “gun-free” zone. It just drives me crazy when liberals invent facts to bolster their phony arguments. The truth is, no one was able to fire back at Hasan until base police arrived on scene. One soldier tried to charge him and was shot dead. Another threw a table at him and was shot in the hip.

Throwing money

No resolution in the budget talks or a solution to avoid the fiscal cliff. All Obama wants is to increase taxes and believe me, his increases will affect middle-class workers as well. Anyone who doesn’t know this is dreaming. He just wants to take our money and spend, spend, spend. Any talks about reducing spending involve cuts to Social Security and Medicare. I have an idea. Why don’t we quit throwing money at Link cards, Section 8, free child care and free cell phones? If you look around, you will see the people using these are driving luxury cars and have salon nails and fancy weaves. Let them do their own hair and nails, and do a little work for a change. Spare the cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Most of these people have worked their entire lives and are only receiving what they have already paid for. If Obama didn’t increase our national debt exponentially every day, maybe these worthy people could receive some of their money back.

Processing center

If you’re against gun ownership and the Second Amendment, so be it, but at least educate yourself and try to tell the truth. In the Fort Hood shootings, Nidal Hasan was not “surrounded by soldiers who were armed and trained in the use of firearms.” The incident, in which 13 were killed and 29 wounded, took place at the Fort Hood Soldier Readiness Processing Center, where personnel receive routine medical treatment immediately prior to and on return from deployment.

Gun ignorance

I guess people who’ve never been in the military think that soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines walk around carrying weapons all the time. Guess what? They don’t! I’m absolutely amazed that anti-gun people tend to know nothing about the military, don’t know the difference between an automatic and a semi-automatic weapon, call virtually every rifle an “assault rifle” and generally display a surprising level of ignorance about anything related to handguns and rifles.

Weak law

Waukegan’s ordinance of having a vehicle sticker while living in the city limits is a joke. It is the largest scoff law that I know. Waukegan has no way of checking if you have a vehicle sticker or not. I know of 12 residents on my street that do not have a sticker and keep their cars in the garage. Business vehicles from other cities park in town all night with no stickers. Why don’t they have to have a sticker if they are in town all night and use the streets the same as everybody else does? Waukegan has a law that is very weak and no way to check if it is enforced.

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