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Updated: February 2, 2013 6:13AM

Feeling sad

The parents of all the children who were killed when Timothy McVeigh blew up that U-Haul in front of the day-care center in Oklahoma City should be able to talk with the other parents regarding the Newtown tragedy. It would likely help with the grieving process. Everybody feels sad.

Who says?

Anyone who says guns don’t kill people is lying.

Washington gangs

Gangs are not good for communities. In Washington, we have two major gangs. They are Democrats and Republicans. The American voters are nothing more than spectators. These two gangs control the media through newspapers, TV, internet and radio talk shows. These gangs, like most gangs, try to recruit members through lies and promises. We must rid our communities of gangs. Washington needs to be cleaned up. The time to start is now.

Back in power

Hillary Clinton should be leaving the State Department in disgrace after the Benghazi report. However, she gets a pass because she supposedly has a concussion and the Democrats want to run her for president. The thought of another Clinton in the White House makes my skin crawl given that Bill will be in the background trying to influence her. Don’t you Democrats remember that Bill caused the housing bubble which led to the 2008 recession. How can you possibly want these people back in power?

Antioch’s Marketplace

Before I vote for Mary Gaborek for mayor of Antioch, I want to better understand her plan for the 2008 proposed Marketplace. It has been a number of hard economic years since this was approved and then abandoned, so a better understanding of what her plan is will be needed. As a long-time resident, these last few years under Hanson’s care seem to have gone very well. We will have a new pool without missing a summer which is something previous mayors were not able to achieve. I have not heard of fighting amongst our Village Board at meetings and the like. Overall, I have been happy with this current team representing our town. I am all in for a fresh perspective, but will the economy support it. Does Mary have experience in talking with the big corporations and does she have a real plan?

Government aid

The taxpaying people are complaining about the Link card and what they buy with it . This is an expense I would like to eliminate from my budget. I have a job and still can’t afford to eat steak, but this is what I see the Link card recipients buying. As long as I am paying for it I will continue to complain and try to get the government to look into this and all the fraud that is involved with all the government assistance programs. This isn’t free money. I am paying for these peoples’ cellphones, education, rent, child care. And most of these people probably lied on the application to get it, just like the owners of the store on Sunset Avenue in Waukegan. Nobody is verifying the information on these applications.

Kerry’s medals

What will be Senator Kerry’s explanation be to why he threw away his medals? They may not mean much to him because, unlike most of us, he managed to serve only a few months in Vietnam. If sworn in as secretary of state, will he be credible and respectable?

American Talibans

Welcome to America where religious conservatives want God and guns in every classroom. Just like the Taliban.

Protection for all

As a senior flight attendant for a major airline, personal safety and security is a way of life. On a recent flight from Chicago to London, both the captain and first officer carried sidearms in the cockpit. On this trip, there was also at least one identified armed air marshal on board. These three individuals were armed to protect the 230 passengers and 10 crew members working the flight. Before any of us gained access to the aircraft we, and our luggage, were carefully screened by numerous TSA employees at the terminal. Keep in mind this was done to protect the 240 individuals aboard our aircraft. My son’s school has no such security. The 3,500 students and staff there have not one armed security official to detain or stop a terrorist from killing all the people they want in short order with whatever device they wish. This is an inexcusable double standard. Why are young students expected to be unprotected and expendable, and flying businessmen and vacationing families to have multiple layers of safety and security from the same terrorists? There absolutely needs to be the same protection for all.

Lame ducks

Regarding the article about the shortened lame-duck legislative session. I see a lot of Democrats mentioned in the article, but I don’t see two of the biggest lame ducks, Susan Garrett and Karen May. How are they going to help the taxpayers out of this pension debacle that they created? Same goes for Terry Link. He’s running for the mayor of Waukegan and shouldn’t hold two offices at once. What’s he going to do for the taxpayers? It’s time for these elected officials to own up to their mistakes and just admit that they promised way too much. The taxpayers can’t afford it now or even if we do get out of this recession.

Two-ton guns

A car is like a two-ton gun. Everybody has seen the tragedy that drunk driving could cause. Nobody is going to take anybody’s gun away. People have to be responsible and understand that you have something that could kill somebody. Keep the keys in your pocket and put gun locks on the trigger. Use some common sense.

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