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Updated: March 4, 2013 1:52AM

Doing damage

If a person actually wants to do damage and wants take out a lot of people, it will be done. Unfortunately, we don’t see it coming before it happens. There has been a lot of talk about gun control. So you ban automatic weapons. What is next? It is not the gun that does the deed, it is the person behind it.

Armed vigilantes

A contributor to TOTC stated that police chiefs should deputize citizens who carry guns. We don’t need a bunch of armed vigilantes running around putting us at risk. Use your intelligence. If you see a crime, take a picture with your camera phone and immediately call the police.

Good service

Regarding “No tip for you.” I agree, I don’t like playing hide and seek with my paper either. I live in Antioch and the person we now have delivering our paper, for over a year now, has been extremely good to us. She puts it in our newspaper box and for this service I sent her $20 because she, too, included a Christmas card in the newspaper with her address on it. I was willing to tip her because I enjoyed her delivery services.

Secure the borders

About the gun issue. It’s Obama’s inability or this country’s unwillingness to put back our darn borders. They’re letting dope and guns fly threw the borders and that’s why we have all this violence. Go down to any street corner in Chicago where they want to sell you dope. The other guy wants to kill the dope dealer because he wants to sell it to you. If Obama would do his job and secure the borders, believe me, the gun violence would go way down.

No problem

Regarding the article in The News-Sun, “Robbers hold up ATM users.” Conceal-and-carry permits would handle that problem.

GOP leaning

About “GOP prosperity.” If this person would look at the facts that the Republican-leaning states such as Indiana, Wisconsin, Virginia, Texas, to mention a few, are doing much better than the Democratic-controlled states such as Illinois, California, New York,and Nevada. The Republican-leaning states have unemployment numbers lower than the national numbers. So before this person examines the facts, they must first get their head back in the sun.

Dangerous guns

To the person that had the comment “Cocked gun.” I can understand that you want to protect your family, but you’ve got to think before you act. I own a shotgun and it’ll shoot five times and I own a .38-caliber Smith and Wesson special with a laser on it. I think before I do anything. I’ve never had to bring either one of them out on people. Guns are dangerous and you’ve got to think real hard before you act.

They’re special

Regarding the article “Tax freeze.” The politicians should cut 10 percent of their pay and put 15 percent of their pay toward their pensions, just like they want everybody else to do. It’s just like when all the companies downsized. If you want to keep your job you’re going to have to take less pay. That’s all fine for the regular person, but the people in office think that they are special.

Self defense

As to gun control for the people that want to defend themselves. I pray that will never happen because the good people — teachers and others — have to defend their rights! The bad people will always get their guns and will never follow the law! These laws will only hurt the good citizens, which is what this administration wants to do! They want to destroy and re-write the Constitution. A country without defense, without arms, will slowly become a socialist Communist country and we are headed that way!

Adopt Americans

About the Russians stopping us from adopting their children. We’ve got hundreds of thousands of babies and children in the U.S. that need adopting. We’ve been taking care of other people for generations and it’s time for Americans to take care of Americans.

Cheaper gas

Seems strange to me that I can buy gas cheaper in Lake Forest or Lake Bluff than I can in Beach Park, Winthrop Harbor or Zion. I think we’re being taken advantage of.

One little spark

I went to fill up my truck with gas and the vehicle behind was filling up his truck while it was running. Let me remind people it only takes one little spark and a lot of people could die.

Do nothings

We have a “do not do anything” government from the White House down to the lowest form of government. They put us in this predicament and they expect us to go ahead and pay for their mistakes or whatever they did with the money. Any lawyers out there? How can we stop this?

Energy policy

America’s energy industry is up for grabs. There has yet to be a comprehensive plan to drill, transport, refine and market America’s vast petroleum base resources. Oil, gas and utilities are the worst-performing sector in 2012 of all the stocks. We can meet our energy needs as long as we remain in a recession with 15 percent unemployment, millions of homes vacant from foreclosures and factories not running second and third shifts. Obama has never put together a comprehensive energy plan. Exporting products is very important because the U.S. can balance the trade balance. These higher profits from exporting helps subsidize and reinvest the billions of dollars needed to fully develop our resources.


I initially enjoyed reading the “Splash” features, but recently the same people are the contributors. How about some new writers?

Fiscal balance

Shame on the Republicans in the Senate and the House for voting for the fiscal cliff deal on New Year’s Day. They gave Obama his tax increases on the rich and got no spending cuts! What kind of a balanced approach is this? Then, Obama tells America that he compromised and needs more revenue before he agrees to any spending cuts! What? We need at least $600 billion in spending cuts from the New Year’s Day deal to realize the balanced approach that he keeps telling us about. The Republicans in Congress may be stupid, but the American people are not. We can plainly see that Obama intends to continue his out-of-control spending and lead the country into bankruptcy. I hope the Republicans don’t cave on the upcoming debt-limit discussion.

Five points

Here are five points to ponder: An armed man is a citizen and an unarmed man is a victim; there are 65 million firearm owners who didn’t kill anyone yesterday; teach your children how to shoot so their children will learn science, math, literature and art; the thug with a gun will terrorize, hurt and kill people unless you shoot him; when seconds count, the cops are minutes away.

Blaming firearms

Stop placing blame on firearms. It’s recorded that the majority of violent shooting sprees were due to the side affects from prescription drugs. Bridges don’t cause suicide, forks don’t cause obesity, cars don’t cause drunk driving and guns are not what kills people. Research the cartel running our country known as the pharmaceutical drug companies.

Goodbye, Y

The Lake County Family YMCA priced itself out of business. It can only blame it’s own greed. When I moved to Waukegan, I had seven months membership left on my previous location. I asked for at least a discount but the Lake County Y said no, full price. So I joined a fitness club elsewhere. I believe the greed will eventually come back to bite you. Goodbye, Y.

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