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Updated: March 3, 2013 2:40AM

Part-time jobs

Why are we paying aldermen a full salary and any benefits? They have a part-time job. Enough is enough.

Two-parent families

I read the article about Mother’s Trust. It stated, “More than 70 percent of our cases are single mothers, fathers and grandparents.” Of course, we want to help these people, but our society needs to start working on two-parent families and making marriage important again. As the family breaks down we have more and more poverty with people having to do without and relying on the government and other people for help. The family is not strong in this country and it needs to be built up.

Teacher coverage

The News-Sun is a newspaper, not a church bulletin, and it’s also a business. So, it’s going to lead with stories that have the most impact. The News-Sun has had teachers on the cover. For instance, when they went on strike during this terrible recession; when they molest their students; and just recently concerning their unsustainable teacher pensions. These stories are important and that’s why they’re on the cover. Keep up the good new stories, News-Sun.

Four more years

We live in a democracy. The people have voted for President Obama as our leader for four more years. Some people can’t accept that and act like they won the election. If you don’t like a democracy there are many socialist countries out there. Looking at history, all democracies have failed for the reasons we are going through now.

State pensions

Regarding the article about the $7,373 that each and every one of us owes because of the pension plans. I’m a state worker that retired after 23 years. I’m not eligible for my pension yet and every year I put money into my pension. It wasn’t just given to me. Money was taken out of my paycheck to go into the pension plan. Even though I’m a former state employee, that will be eligible for retirement soon, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I screwed up and shouldn’t be getting my own pension. For those of you who don’t understand this, maybe you should talk to people that work for the state and are not corrupt.

She overcame

Mahalia Jackson was an orphan at a young age, but was able to overcome adversity and poverty. She was a civil rights leader who worked with Dr. King. She sold million of records, performed at Carnegie Hall, the Newport Jazz Festival and “The Ed Sullivan Show.” She also had many successful businesses in Chicago. She broke the ground for other talented black women such as Oprah Winfrey, who followed her decades later.

Congressional pay

The politicians get to vote themselves raises and the administrators of schools are paid way too much. They never complain about their pay. I will bet that if we go over that fiscal cliff the next morning all of the congressmen are still going to get a limousine ride to work. Not one of them is going to have to walk to work or take the bus.

Enough control

I believe we have enough gun control, but we don’t know how to enforce it. Also, not all murders happen with guns. Some are committed with bombs.

Everything free

Whatever happened to the phrase, “Remember the Alamo”? What’s with this everything free bit anyway? Can we all apply?

Stopping cars

I’m a citizen of the U.S. and Mark Curran and his Gestapo are stopping cars for no reason at all. I was driving home from work and I wasn’t speeding and I had my insurance. Mark Curran will stop citizens whenever he wants, but refuses to do anything to the illegal immigrants. He wants my vote? I wouldn’t vote for that man as a dog catcher.

Less violence

In the 1900s there were more guns than there are now. There was less violence because every family had the right to discipline their kids without the courts sticking their nose in it.

Making billions

I’ve heard all this hype that the government made billions on selling the AIG stocks that they bought to help them out. I wonder where is this money going? Is it going to pay off the principle of the debt they have received? I’d be interested to know whether it’s going into somebody’s hand or if it’s actually going toward something good.

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