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Updated: March 5, 2013 2:59AM

Holiday cheer

Thank you to all the people who decorated their homes in Waukegan for Christmas, especially along Sheridan Road. Thank you for the holiday cheer.

Another Gurnee

Antioch is certainly not perfect and the present administration has done a pretty good job so far. The last thing I want to do is to make Antioch into another giant Gurnee. Does anybody remember the size that Gurnee was and what happened to that town? There’s nothing but fighting amongst everyone, massive construction and massive destruction of natural resources. Is that what our residents really want?

Beer subsidies

What is this big deal to subsidize milk. I don’t care if it doubles in price. Not one person in my family enjoys or even drinks milk. Why don’t we subsidize something we all enjoy. Like beer.

Blind obedience

What amazes me is the blind obedience of NRA supporters. As if no law restricting access to assault rifles could save a life. As if any law outlawing large-capacity magazines is incomprehensible. As if keeping guns out of the hands of criminals could not be improved by eliminating the “loophole” that allows nearly 40 percent of all gun sales to occur without background checks. There are reasonable changes to gun laws that could save lives. The NRA and its blindly obedient followers oppose all of them. It’s too bad there are not more NRA members with the sense to stand up to their extremist leaders and renounce their membership, the way President George H. W. Bush did. Look that up.

Their bodyguards

President Obama and Chicago’s mayor both talk more gun control, yet both have plenty of armed guards. If they believe gun control makes the world safer, they should get rid of their bodyguards. That would be leading by example!


I noticed in The News-Sun that there were 21 foreclosures on New Year’s Eve. This was only one day of foreclosures.

Helped with groceries

I’d like to thank the people that helped my wife at the Zion Jewel store. She has Parkinson’s disease. He stopped his vehicle and helped my wife bring the groceries to the front porch.

Tax the peasants

Taxation without representation. The congressmen are our rich, like our past English kings. They need money so they go to the peasants. Tax the peasants which is now the middle class. The middle class has no representation in Congress. Only the rich and corporate lobbyists are represented.

Packer backer

From one Bear fan to another Packer fan. Congratulations you guys. You’ve earned it. Goodbye, Urlacher and Lovie.

Digging deep

About the comment on the Milwaukee Avenue construction project. If they knew anything about road construction, they’d understand that they have to dig deep in order to find good ground or they might be lowering the road.

Your support

I am glad to see the national outpouring of care and concern for the 20 children murdered in Connecticut. I am also concerned that this has helped all of the pedophiles and child pornographers. There are 800,000 children that go missing each year in the United States. Most of these children are not murdered. Instead, they are condemned to a life of living hell. The perverts who take these children do so quietly. So while you are out cursing the evil gun, the evil one has taken 30 more children quietly. Since there is no hue and cry, there is little budget to find these children. I am sure the evil people would like to thank you for your support and keeping quiet.

Benghazi attack

It’s been nearly four months since the Sept. 11 attack on the consulate in Benghazi. We still don’t know where President Obama was or what he was doing during the attack. What was he doing for those seven hours while those brave men were being slaughtered?

Independent report

Hillary’s increasing bad health seems to coincide with the independent report stating that the Obama administration didn’t defend the Benghazi consulate properly. If Hillary can’t take the rigors of being a politician, maybe she should be an actress. I could just see Hillary laying on the floor and hollering out: “Help me, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

Sick of pols

Is anybody else sick of politicians? I’m so sick of hearing these guys talk about what they’re planning on doing and none of them know how to run any kind of business.

Missing Lovie

Goodbye Lovie Smith. Thanks for your wonderful years with the Bears. I wish you all the luck in the world and you’ll be sadly missed.

A close eye

To the person who says guns kill people, you are absolutely right. The other night my gun loaded itself and snuck out and shot two people. Luckily, no one was hurt and the kitchen knife went along just for kicks. Now I’m keeping a closer eye on both of them and also my scissors and screwdrivers, too.

Bears wizard

Everybody on the Bears is relatively healthy and they canned Lovie Smith. What? Is some kind of magical wizard going to fly in and fix the Bears? That was stupid.

High school volunteer

Kudos to Waukegan High School student Jose Pasillas for being a volunteer. Good job and we’re proud of you. Keep up the good work and hopefully others will follow in your footsteps.

Daily Splash

The Daily Splash is interesting and the fact that almost all contributors donate their fee to charity is great. However, Chicago Mayor Emanuel does not donate his fee and should not be invited to contribute in the future.

Armed leverage

Anti-gunners talk a lot about hunting and home protection as reasons for the Second Amendment, when nothing is further from the truth. America’s Founding Fathers made sure that American citizens had armed leverage against a government becoming tyrannical, such as the British government that tried to disarm Americans at Lexington and Concord. Any heavy-handed corrupt government would be foolish to risk the response of an armed citizenry. King George learned that lesson well, as have many dictators through time. Having a weapon for hunting and personal protection are secondary benefits of weapon ownership. Most armed Americans I know are patriots who would stand against another Hitler, Hussein, Stalin, Pol Pot or those who would subvert the United States Constitution.

Lights on

About 10 percent of drivers in Lake County refuse to turn on their headlights in the gloom of early evening, during snowstorms, in the fog or when it’s pouring rain. They either don’t know the law or don’t care. Maybe they think they’re saving electricity. Whatever the reason, they endanger everyone by rendering themselves and their cars essentially invisible to other drivers. So, I must ask, were any of the 95 arrests by Waukegan police over the holidays for failure to obey the headlight laws? A car that can’t be seen is at least as dangerous as one going a few miles over the speed limit. Then there are the folks who turn on parking lights when they should be turning on headlights, but that’s another story.

Bogus applications

If a person lies on a Link card application, and some alert government employee discovers it, the person should not only be denied the benefits, but also arrested for attempted theft. That may stop some of the applications that are bogus.

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