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Updated: March 6, 2013 2:15AM

Antioch water bills

I live in Antioch and I opened my water bill and what do I see? Higher water bills as always. It’s good for Antioch to collect the higher taxes and water fees so they can pay for all this stuff they’re doing downtown. Then I read in the paper about what a great job Larry Hansen is doing. That’s interesting because he’s a business owner downtown collecting higher taxes, higher fees so the downtown can look better while everybody else pays. It’s amazing.

Feeling better

I would feel much better if teachers, after extensive training and background investigations, carried guns (concealed) to prevent wackos from shooting up schools and killing our children. Arming oneself for the protection of others and yourself would prevent a lot of crime by the gangbangers and psychopaths.

Hillary’s illness

It turns out that Hillary Clinton was not suffering from the “Benghazi Flu” or a “diplomatic illness” to avoid testifying about the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Hillary had a blood clot near her brain. Faking an illness is an accusation you would hurl at a third-grader who wants to stay home from school. No matter what your politics, here’s a woman who has served her country as a first lady, senator and secretary of state. I am waiting for the Fox News commentators to issue their apologies.

Taxes up

I have lived in Waukegan all of my adult life. I live in the 7th Ward. I’ve heard rumors, but I didn’t know we had an alderman. This person voted for a 10 percent tax increase on my behalf. How come no one asked our opinion? Maybe a little door-to-door would have been the ticket. Reading it after the fact is unacceptable.

Bad examples

Some of the worst examples are set by our elected officials in politics. They obviously don’t do their jobs very well at all, they are no better than the common criminal out in the alleys. That’s the main reason the country is in such a bad way. And there are no checks and balances for them. They do whatever they want basically, right or wrong , then raise the taxes again.

New Gurnee school

I was wondering how does that new Gurnee grade school feel about being 3,000 feet west of a jet airport runway and 250 feet east of some busy railroad tracks? How’s that working out? Nice and quiet over there?

Circle the wagons

It is enviable that Beach Park does not levy real estate taxes to their residents. Beach Park has TIF districts, as does Zion and Waukegan. Their main purpose is to increase growth and development. The TIF districts take tax money from our educational system and our fire department to foster growth and development. The economic signs today suggest that it is time to circle the wagons, lay in the beans, and when the smoke and dust has cleared to forge ahead at a cautious pace.

Minority voice

In response to the item “Four more years.” You’re right, we are in a democracy and as a democracy the minority vote has a right to speak and object. Our Founding Fathers realized that the minority vote had a seat at the negotiating table. Though their positions may not prevail, their ideals would be crafted into law. If this was a winner-take-all government, it would be a dictatorship and would have fallen apart many years ago. When you have a president that’s dismissive of the minority and demonizes it, that’s how we’ve ended up in this gridlock.

Same-sex marriages

I just pray that Illinois doesn’t pass this gay marriage law. This is ludicrous. What is going on with men today? They always want to change the laws. Didn’t God say “Put no trust in man?” These knuckleheads are marrying same sexes and confusing our children. Because of this, the world won’t produce or be fruitful and multiply anymore because men are going to be with men and women with women.

Dash of class

I know everybody doesn’t agree on your column “Splash,” but to me it adds a dash of class to the paper and I do appreciate it.

Aldermanic jobs

In my estimation, the aldermen of Waukegan do an excellent job. That job is a part-time position and isn’t a full-time job. If you want to see your alderman, then go to the meetings. They’ll listen to you and answer your questions. Go to the meetings and express yourself and they’ll have the answers one way or another. Thank you to the aldermen of Waukegan, you do a good job. Fly the American flag.

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