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Gerrymandered districts

If I had a 9 percent approval rating for my job, I would be fired. But Congress keeps getting re-elected thanks to gerrymandered districts.

Updated: February 8, 2013 6:09AM

No tax hike

No tax increase in Waukegan. I think the people of Waukegan should call or write and tell the mayor and aldermen that they should not raise property taxes. There should be a referendum where the people decide if there should be any increase in taxes, not the City Council.

Egg nog ’13

This is an egg-nog recipe for next year: Three cups cold water; small package of instant vanilla pudding, sweeten or unsweetened; one cup of dry powered milk; one teaspoon of nutmeg; four tablespoons of plain yogurt or sour cream. Blend in a blender to make one quart. It keeps for a week in the refrigerator. You can also add rum. This is from the “Copy Cat” recipe.

No problems?

I am quite sure that our Founding Fathers would have no problem with ordinary citizens possessing assault rifles, 100-round drums, cop-killer bullets and .50-caliber sniper rifles.

Gun reaction

In response to “Dangerous Guns” and “Cocked gun” comments in TOTC. I want a gun to protect my family like my father-in-law was able to do when two guys kicked in his front door at 11 p.m. You don’t have time to think, you only have time to react. If they’ve kicked in your door, then you’ve got the right to shoot.

No-smoking savings

I’m not a smoker and rather enjoy smoke-free environments. However, while there are probably reduced health risks because of the no-smoking rules, attributing an estimated saved figure of $1.2 billion to this legislation is ludicrous. Perhaps this type of accounting is what has got the U. S. in the fiscal problems we are facing. If this is a factual savings, two more laws like this will solve the state pension crisis.

Hounding the homeless

The News-Sun recently reported that a homeless man had entered Lake Forest Country Day School through an unlocked door and spent the night in the school to stay warm. He did nothing but stay warm and sleep. He was reported to the police and was arrested, jailed, went to court, had to post bond and will have to return to court and await the decision of the judge to see if he will be incarcerated and/or fined. What a shame he isn’t an illegal alien! We would have given him welfare, a driver’s license, medical aid and educated his children.

Ducks to water

Again, Springfield politicians have put off public-pension reform. Lame ducks scared in May will be flying back north to their lakefront hometowns. We all know how ducks take to the water, so I’m sure they will waddle down to the lake for a little R ’n R. But back in Springfield, the new session is going to be making budget cuts. Most likely to some of their pet projects which are usually environmental that we all know are the first ones to be cut. But being birdbrains, I’m sure they never thought of that.

Concealed firearms

About “Armed vigilantes” in TOTC. I just want to let you know that there are millions of Americans carrying lawful concealed firearms and they’re not putting anybody at risk except criminals. As far as using intelligence and taking a picture with your cell/camera phone, camera phones are one of things that are stolen by crooks. I have never known a camera to stop a determined criminal with a weapon.

Handicapped parking

Gas stations need to spruce up their handicap-parking areas. I’ve noticed a lot of people parking in areas that should not be there. It’s not their fault because at many of them, the markings have worn off the pavement. The one sign I saw was faded so badly you can’t even read it. I hope they do something to help handicapped people

Assault weapons

Sen. Kirk has stated he’s against assault weapons. This amazes me that a man, who claims to have been in the military for over 20 years, still doesn’t know what is an assault weapon.

A safety net

This is regarding the editorial on Mark Kirk, Jan. 3. You hit it dead-center right on. I would hope that Mr. Kirk learned from his stroke and how darn fortunate he was to have some kind of safety net. I applaud your editorial board.

Social Security taxes

Seventy-seven percent of the people are going to have a tax increase. Do you know what the tax increase is? It’s the Social Security money that used to be 6.5 percent. The bottom line is you’ve got to pay into Social Security. If you’re going to cut taxes, then you don’t take money out of that fund. If you want to save Social Security, then you’ve got to pay into it.

Stopped by the county

Regarding the comment about the person complaining that they were stopped by the county. If you didn’t break the law, you wouldn’t have been stopped by the county or anybody else. Stop your whining.

Enforce the laws

The North Chicago Police are doing a great job. They ride up and down the streets and see all these people violating city ordinances and they don’t stop to give them a ticket. They’re setting up a precedent where people feel they can do whatever they darn well please rather than follow the law. Why respect a department that won’t enforce the laws? Could we please have a list of what ordinances and what laws won’t be enforced by the North Chicago police so we’re not disappointed?

Got milk?

To my beer-guzzling friend who wants to subsidize beer. We do not drink any alcoholic beverages. It’s not against our religion, we just don’t like it. We have huge parties and all our beverages are non-alcoholic. Our whole family is the same. So guess what beer guzzler? There are some people who only drink milk.

Kudos for Boehner

I give John Boehner credit for trying to hold the line on Obama’s endless spending spree. Mr. Boehner has respect for a buck earned. He started working at his family’s small business at the age of 8. It must be difficult to watch Obama, who has been handed everything, spend hard-working Americans’ money. Mr. Boehner has had to bargain with both sides of the fence, never able to fully appease either side. I am glad that Mr. Boehner is watching out for my pocket. I know Obama isn’t. He’s enjoying spending my taxes relaxing in Hawaii. John Boehner has the hardest job in Washington.

Tough gun laws

I am a police officer in Lake County. With all the discussion of gun control, I am against further laws, as well as most officers are. The gun laws they are trying to enact will do nothing but affect the good-quality citizens. There will be no (or very few) criminals that will give up their firearms because there is a new law. Illinois (Chicago) has the toughest gun laws on the books and yet they have the worst violent crime with guns. Common sense indicates harsher laws will not work. A criminal is far less likely to attempt a crime if he thinks or knows the victim is possibly armed.

American violence

Someone commented in TOTC that if the president would secure the borders, the gun violence and drugs would basically stop. That is the most absurd thing that I’ve ever heard. There has been gun violence and drugs in the United States way before President Obama took office. And it’s never going away. It doesn’t matter who’s president.

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