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Updated: February 9, 2013 6:10AM

MIA Hillary

Very clearly, Secretary Hillary Clinton said: “The buck stops here.” But after all these months, not a word from her about the four murdered Americans in Benghazi. She could have said something, anything long before she got ill and long before she had an “immaculate concussion.” She has been MIA!

Benghazi flu

After 20 years, conservatives are still smearing the Clintons. Hillary had a blood clot near her brain not “Benghazi flu.”

Bush’s bad tax cuts

When President Obama was running for office, the Bush tax cuts were the cause of the recession. Now, if we didn’t save them, if they are allowed to expire, they would have caused a recession. Tax cuts under Bush are bad, the same tax cuts under Obama are good. With this kind of thinking it’s no wonder we are going down the tubes.

Great Society

In the ’60s, Lyndon Johnson initiated the Great Society programs to help the disadvantaged join mainstream America through financial aid and preferential treatment. Many of those with ambition and desire were able to better themselves. Unfortunately, many others learned how to live off these government programs leaving us in some cases supporting second- and third-generations of families. We have many people who should be made to contribute to our economy rather than only taking our tax dollars.

The real world

We need concealed carry because I choose to take responsibility for my and my family’s safety. Police generally arrive at a crime scene after the criminals are long gone and the devastation to citizen victims is already done. It is foolish indeed to believe that our civil governments have the ability to protect us from the subhuman predators of our society. I live in a real world in which I recognize the dangers above are present. To do otherwise is to stick our heads in the sand and ignore an ever-present danger among us. I want to be part of what makes criminals wonder if the next person they choose to assault may be the one that ends their life. The more law-abiding citizens that are armed, the less sure criminals can be of the outcome of their actions against us.

Good riddance

Good riddance to the 112th Congress. Just to recap, this is the Congress that almost shut down the country over the debt ceiling, let the Violence Against Women expire, voted for Paul Ryan’s budget, voted 33 times to repeal Obamacare, created and then went over the fiscal cliff, wasted $1.5 million to defend the Defense of Marriage Act and voted 317 times against the environment.

More death

They did not take away all guns in Australia. They primarily took away semi-auto and pump action weapons. And violent crime is not up, it’s down. And the firearm-related death rate is less than one-tenth there compared to America. More guns means more death. It’s as simple as that.

Voters’ pleasure

Nancy J. Thorner of Lake Bluff should run for office. The longer she delays, the longer she cheats many Lake County voters of the pleasure of voting against her.

Trained and armed

President Reagan was surrounded by trained and armed Secret Service agents when he was shot. So those of you who think that arming kindergarten teachers is the way to take out assault-gun toting shooters, think again.

The real cause

Those supporting gun control say tougher gun laws would save tens of thousands of lives each year and those opposing tougher gun laws have their own set of compelling statistics. So who is right? Actually, neither is right because both completely ignore the real cause. If we are honest with ourselves, deep down, we should all realize that the cause of violence goes far deeper than whether or not people should be able to own guns, or how many bullets they can put in a gun clip. The real issue we need to address isn’t gun control, it is character control! America’s foundational, root problem isn’t guns, or its laws, America’s problem is people.

Greater crime?

Twenty-six children and teachers recently died in Connecticut. But 1.2 million American children were violently killed in 2011 at the hands of abortion doctors. Which is the greater crime? Where is the outrage? Judgment is coming to the USA.

The USS Titanic

The iceberg wasn’t Republican or Democratic. The iceberg started forming a long time ago. The worldwide economy started a collision course a long time ago and has lots of ingredients. It’s not affecting just the United States, it’s affecting the world.

Just a misdemeanor

We all can agree that illegal immigration is a misdemeanor. However, illegal immigration results in a host of felonies. Stolen Social Security numbers and identities, false applications for public assistance, false applications for free school lunches, false applications for waivers of school fees, unpaid emergency room visits, failure to file or pay state income taxes, and the failure to file or pay federal income taxes. Not much of a misdemeanor is it?

Be alert

As a police officer, we request that you contact your local police department if you see someone in your neighborhood that does not belong, whether they are on foot or in a vehicle. It is our job to come out and check things and people. If the neighbors are alert there will be fewer burglaries.

At home

Imagine if the government gave us the same support they give to other countries. Sad, isn’t it? What happened to the old rule, “Charity begins at home”? Another value we have discarded thanks to our elected officials of both parties!

Hurricane shame

In 2005, it took Congress 10 days to authorize $60 billion worth of relief to the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. After Hurricane Sandy, it took Congress 10 weeks to authorize $9.7 billion of relief. What a national shame!

Two-percent solution

Congratulations to our military men and women on your 1.7 percent base pay increase. Nice of Washington to give you a pay increase so the 2 percent increase on Social Security will only take .3 percent of your pay. Enjoy your .3 percent decrease in pay this year. Congratulations to Congress for getting a 1 percent pay increase. Good thing you don’t pay into Social Security, no 2 percent increase on your taxes; and 1 percent more for screwing over the American people. So I don’t have all the numbers and I’m no congressman, but I was going over a few numbers and found about $1,733,000 to help cut the debt, the 2 percent tax increase on Congress, vice president and president. We the people for the people. So step up and be for the people and do your part to cut the national deficit and take your 2 percent tax increase, too.

Aiding and abetting

The politicians call them undocumented immigrants when they are really illegal aliens. Now they want to give them driver’s licenses. All the politicians are worried about is the vote, no matter how they get it. If someone is doing anything illegal and you help them, isn’t that aiding and abetting which is also against the law.

Bean counting

I guess I don’t understand about Beach Park needing to circle their wagons. Yes, it is nice not to pay the property taxes other communities do and I find that we get a whole lot more than my friends who live elsewhere, but I am hoping TIF money gets some development going in Beach Park. If you look at those government bodies who are complaining, like the schools and fire departments, I’m willing to bet you will find they pay pretty good salaries to a lot of people who don’t even live in Beach Park, so it’s not reinvested. Those are where my taxes are the highest and I still see them go up each tax bill. “They” need to stop complaining and spending, and start their own bean counting.

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